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Volume 16, Issue 2



Darl Dinger



There is a battle coming
The Spirit is telling me so
Many people will be afraid
for they have no place to go.

But I am still their God
I look upon the whole earth
I will protect mine
all who receive their 2nd birth

My Word has been written
It is written in stone
read my word
You will not be alone

In 2nd Kings
read verse seventeen
Elisha servant's eyes were opened
so that my angels were seen.

My Spirit is now moving
throughout all of this land
for my Spirit will not stay
with a fleshly man

Seek me today
while you still have time
for my coming is soon
to gather all of mine.

Wars and famines
they have been decreed
my people must look to me
for what they will need.

Soon Ezekiel chapter 38
and Ezekiel chapter 39
will soon come to pass
it will happen in this life time

Then all of the earth
will look with wonder and doubt
as I Jesus your God
will thrust the enemy out

Only those who repent
and show me their love
will be constantly protected
by my angels from above.

My Word is being fulfilled
before your very eyes
you must look to me
for soon my Spirit will rise

Pray to me for wisdom
and have no doubt
pray for your families
for I want no one left out.

Fear not wars
nor famine or flood
for I Jesus Christ will protect you
with my shed blood.

Trust in me
and not your sight
for I will bring you
through your darkest night.

My Words have been spoken
they have been decreed
for I Jesus Christ
will fulfill all your needs.


Volume 16, Issue 2



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