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You are looking at the possibility of getting married. This is an important step in your life, second only to salvation through Christ, which is the foremost decision a person must make on this earth. 


Marriage was instituted by God. It is a covenant between a man and a woman. (Genesis 2:20-25)

God never intended for a marriage to end in divorce. (Matthew 19:1-9)

God never intended for a believer to marry an unbeliever. (Exodus 34:12-17; Deuteronomy 7:1-5; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; 7:1)

Thus, a born again believer in Christ should not even consider dating someone who is not born again.


Examine the following questions and answer them truthfully:

  1. Is it God’s will for you to marry this person? Is it for sentimental reasons?
  2. If there is no marriage, what will that do to your life?
  3. Do you believe that you will be happy if you marry this person?
  4. Do you argue often with your future spouse?  How do you settle arguments?
  5. What is the vision that God has given you for your life?
  6. What is the vision that God has given you for a future marriage? How does your calling from God fit into your marriage?
  7. If your spouse is called by God into some kind of full-time ministry, will you support them in that endeavor?
  8. List in order the priority that you feel is correct: You, Spouse, Children, Relatives, Friends, Others, Church, God.
  9. List all the positive things of your future spouse.
  10. List all the negative things of your future spouse.
  11. What do you plan to give to your future spouse?
  12. What do you expect to receive from your future spouse?
  13. What is your view on sexual intercourse?
  14. Are you willing to become one flesh with this person and submit to each another in Christ?
  15. Do you plan on using birth control?
  16. What is your position on children? Are you planning on having children?
  17. If the wife becomes pregnant and she does not want the child, are you in favor of an abortion?
  18. Who will be responsible for raising the children?
  19. How will your children be educated?
  20. If you are told that the unborn child is going to be deformed, are you in favor of killing the child?
  21. What is the role of the wife? Should she be a homemaker and take care of the children? Should she work and put the children in a day care center?
  22. Who will be in charge of the checkbook and the finances of the family?
  23. Will the family be involved in church activities?
  24. What is your view on divorce?


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