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John S. Torell, Harold Camping, Craig Hulsebos, Family Radio, money, May 21 prediction, contingency plan, daily pep talks, dishonest, false teachings, the church age is over, caravan outreach, maxed out their credit cards, radio network

May 11, 2011

Driving home from church after prayer meeting on May 10th, I listened to Family Radio, since they play music at that time of the evening. I was extremely surprised when Craig Hulsebos came on with his usual pitch for money at the hour break with since it was only 11 days before “Jesus comes back,” and he was asking listeners of Family Radio to send in more money! If the world is truly coming to an end on May 21st, why does Family Radio need more money? Does Harold Camping plan to take some money with him to heaven? If the time is up as Harold Camping believes and the end of the world is here, then Camping and his devotees should not need any more money given to them.

I again decided to call Family Radio and speak with Craig Hulsebos. As usual, I was routed to his secretary, Judy, who told me that “Mr. Hulsebos was not available.” That has been her standard answer every time I try to call and try to talk to him. I asked if he would return a call and she was not sure he would call me back. When she asked the reason for me calling, I told her that I have been a Family Radio listener since 1969 and I like the music and some of the other programs. I shared my concern about Family Radio due to the prediction that the world is coming to an end on May 21, 2011. If that is true, and we are now down to ten days, why does Mr. Hulsebos still ask for money? If the world is coming to an end, why does Family Radio need more money? She replied that Family Radio has ongoing bills and therefore cannot stop asking for money. I then changed the subject and asked her what Family Radio was going to do May 22, 2011. She refused to answer the question and asked for my name and number to give to Mr. Hulsebos, and after that the conversation was over and she hung up.


1.   As I have stated before in my earlier reports, Harold Camping has a contingency plan ready. It is obvious that not even he believes that the world is coming to an end on May 21, 2011. Part of the contingency plan is to have Craig Hulsebos “clean” and not talk about the end of the world. In my last conversation with his secretary, she told me that “Mr. Hulsebos is walking a fine line and cannot comment on the event of May 21st.”

2.   Harold Camping has given Hulsebos orders to continue pitching for money and act like the world is not coming to an end.

3.   Programming has been prepared to be aired after May 21st. Conferences and other special meetings have not been canceled.

4.   On May 22, 2011, Harold Camping is going to come on the air in a special pre-recorded program to tell the listeners that God in his mercy has postponed the judgment day and that, he (Harold) is working to calculate how long the extension will last. He is going to state that God is in control, he is just a man, and if God wants to give mankind more time, there is nothing Harold can do about it. It will be a very convincing presentation. I believe that not only has Harold worked on this speech, he has already recorded it and ordered it to be aired one minute past midnight on May 22nd. Then Harold will state that it is more important than ever that the listeners continue to give money to Family Radio so that the extension time can be used to win more people for Christ.

5.   Craig Hulsebos will give daily pep talks and try to undo the damage Harold has done and try to convince the listeners to stay with them, to have faith in Family Radio, because Harold Camping is studying very hard to find out how much time there is left before the next prediction of the end of the world.

Harold Camping and Craig Hulsebos are being extremely dishonest! They are vigorously continuing to perpetuate the lie that the end is coming on May 21st and yet they have made contingency plans to continue like nothing has happened after the fact.


Come clean before May 21st and confess that you do not believe in the prediction of Harold Camping. Ask the people listening to Family Radio to forgive you for going along with the false teachings of Harold Camping.

Unite and force Harold Camping off of Family Radio and the Board of Directors. You cannot rebuild Family Radio until you remove him from having anything to do with the station.

Renounce the heresy that the church age is over and that the Holy Spirit has left all Christian churches. Ask all pastors to forgive you for the insults on their ministries. Destroy all of Camping's writings and bring in some fundamentally anchored ministers who can begin to teach sound doctrine on Family Radio.


These are some difficult questions that need to be answered:

  • How are you going to compensate all of the people who sold their homes, quit their jobs and joined your “caravan outreach?” What are you going to tell them?

  • What are you going to tell all of the people who refinanced their homes and used all the money because they didn’t think they would have to pay it back?

  • What are you going to tell all of the people who maxed out their credit cards so that they could give to Family Radio for a final push on this earth?

Avoiding these questions will only delay the inevitable when you have to stand before God and answer them at the Great White Throne Judgment. There you will not be able to wiggle out of responsibility and you will get the justice that was withheld on earth.


If you have been following my writings on Harold Camping and Family Radio, you know that Camping does not take advice; he is the only wise and knowledgeable person and all pastors are from the Devil. He only respects one thing, money! If all the listeners who support Family Radio would withhold their support and write letters stating, “There will be no more financial support as long as Harold Camping is in charge of Family Radio and allowed to be on the air,” then we could have an effect on getting him off the air. If thousands of supporters took this action, Harold Camping would be gone in just a matter of days. Pray for this to happen before God shuts down the radio network for good and we lose all of that good music and Bible reading forever. You, the listeners are the key! 

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