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Harold Camping: Family Radio Going Down In Flames - by John S. Torell


April 21, 2011

I listened to Family Radio at 11:45AM on April 21st and could not believe what I heard as one of Harold Camping’s devotees read a statement in defense of the coming judgment day on May 21, 2011. I was told some time ago that some of the staff at Family Radio really believes what Camping is telling them about judgment day on May 21, 2011, and it is because of this very devoted group that the rest are not able to rebuke Camping and stop him in his folly.

In a previous update on Family Radio, I told you that Camping has a contingency plan which will be implemented on May 22nd. Craig Hulsebos is the official voice of Family Radio when it comes to asking people to donate money to the corporation and he has kept a low profile when it comes to talking about May 21st. I was told by his personal secretary a few months ago, that he is “walking a fine line” and my prediction is that Camping is keeping Hulsebos clean so that he can be part of the recovery effort.

It is obvious that Camping has been hammered for his book 1994?, and the man that read the statement on April 21st defending Harold stated that since the book had a question mark after its title, it was proof that Harold Camping never actually predicted that Jesus would come back in 1994. Whoever was responsible for this statement is a very slick spin doctor because he used Scripture taken out of context to defend Camping.

According to the reader of this statement, all people prior to 1988 who predicted a certain date for the return of Christ were false prophets. But then in 1988 God released the revelation on the exact date of Jesus’ return and Harold Camping is the only one to understand that. Looking at the evidence that Harold gives in his book, 1994?, and the books, “I Hope God Will Save Me,” (2007) “We Are Almost There,” (February 2008) and, “To God Be The Glory!,” (October 2008) it becomes clear that Camping does not have a special revelation from God, instead, he is rehashing all the previous calculations and speculations over the years.

All of the dates and events he refers to as his reference points have been in the Bible for thousands of years. This isn’t a new revelation from God but Camping’s own speculations. The man reading the statement on April 21st lied on several occasions and here are two of the lies:

1.     Prior to 1988 there was no information given to man as to when Jesus was to return, but after 1988, it was revealed to Harold.

2.     Harold never stated in his book 1994? that Jesus was to return in 1994.

Let me now quote from Camping’s book, “1994?” in which he stated on page 495:

“We must conclude that the return of Christ will not be in 2011 A.D. but some years before this. How much earlier than 2011 A.D. Jesus will come depends entirely on how much God shortens the final tribulation period.”

On page 505 Camping wrote this:

“Because God’s timetable for the existence of the earth is tied to the time required to save all the elect, the world will be brought to an end seventeen years earlier than 2011A.D. This avoids the possibility of the earth continuing beyond the time required to save the elect. For the sake of the elect the perfect 7000 years will be reduced by seventeen years because there will be no one left who is to become saved during those seventeen years.”

On page 531 Camping also wrote the following:

“Last Day and return of Christ sometime on or between September 15, 1994: Beginning of 1994, is Jubilee year and September 27, 1994 Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles.”

Harold Camping and his spin doctors are banking that most people listening to Family Radio in 2011 do not have access to his book 1994? Therefore they are misquoting his writing in order to say that has never predicted a certain time when Jesus was to come back.

The truth is that Harold Camping is a false prophet who erroneously predicted the return of Jesus in 1994 and same will happen on May 21, 2011.

The man reading the statement on April 21st echoed Camping when he said, “We know for sure that May 21st, 2011 is the final day on this earth.” Camping was also sure in 1992 and he told his audience just so. Most likely the majority of the listeners he had prior to 1994 are no longer with him and he has gathered a new group in the last 17 years.


The man reading the statement then began to tell the listeners not to pay attention to pastors who have rejected the date of May 21st. He said that there are two groups of people, God’s elect and the unsaved. Everyone who has rejected the date of May 21st was labeled as “unsaved,” these are people who are blinded by the Devil. Only Camping and his enlightened followers have the truth. In closing he asked this question:

“What can you do? First of all, cry out to God for salvation, and secondly, be ready for May 21st. Life on earth will cease on that day.”

Harold Camping and his devotees have boxed themselves in to a corner with no point of return. The propaganda is steadily increasing as Camping is down to the last 30 days and there is no way that he can recover on May 22nd with integrity, but you can rest assured that he will come back with that droning voice that there was a change in heaven and he has been given more time to get more people saved. A new date will be set and many of the devotees will fall for yet another lie.

According to my source, Family Radio has millions of dollars on hand from sales of stations, so there is no need to ask for money if they really believed that the last day of broadcasting will be May 21st, and yet Craig Hulsebos continues to come on the air every day to ask for more money. It is sad that the devotees are so blinded that they cannot see the charade.

To top off the madness, someone has composed a song with a Hebrew style of music where a man and later a woman sings that May 21st is the last day on earth and that Israel must prepare for judgment. This song was played shortly after the man reading the statement was finished. I wonder if Camping is going to tell the staff to play this song May 22nd?

Harold Camping and his devotees are burning their bridges as they state daily that there is no doubt, May 21st, 2011 is the final day on the earth.

Will the radio listeners rally around Craig Hulsebos on May 22nd when he tries to save the burning wreck of Family Radio?

Where will Camping and his followers go when they find they are still on earth and Jesus didn’t show up?

What will the devotees do who sold their homes, quit their jobs and traveled around the country in motor homes and trailers proclaiming that Jesus is coming back on May 21st?

What will the devotees do who maxed out their credit cards, falsely believing they will never have to pay them back?

What is Harold Camping going to tell them?

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