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BS-1266 -- DECEMBER 2, 2010

Destroying Mind Control
Part 1: Identifying Mind Control


The subject of mind control can conjure up images of government controlled experiments or the sinister work of intelligence organizations but the truth is mind control is also taking place in homes and most people don’t even realize they have been “programmed” against their wishes. Pastor John looks at how people can be brainwashed at home by those we love. He uses the example of a mother who was involved in witchcraft and Pentecostal churches, and had a daughter that she did not want to grow up to become independent, so she set up an elaborate scheme to place mental blocks in the daughter and cripple her mentally. The daughter eventually left home, married and had four children but was incapable of just doing regular household chores. Her children also became mentally unstable and struggle just to cope with life. Listening to this teaching will give you an awareness that many people are under a mind control program without even knowing it.

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This is an excerpt from Christian Dynamics Course 1 Lesson 7: Demon Possession (pages 170-172)



All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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