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Christian Science (Eddyism)
Founder: Mary Baker Eddy

The only thing Christian about Christian Science is the name itself. The beliefs of Mary Eddy are so far removed from the Bible that it seems like she is in her own world.

The idea of Christian Science came in 1866 when Mary said she discovered the "Science of metaphysical healing". She organized it in 1879 and it was founded on her book, "Science and Health (with Key to the Scriptures)" the last part of the title was added later. She claims to have received divine revelation in writing this book but not believing in a personal God; it makes one wonder how could she then get divine revelation? Mary simply took eastern mysticism (e.g., Hinduism) and pantheism (all is God) and called it Christian Science. The lure to draw people in was to call it "Christian" Science because people living in the United States even if they didn't like Christianity, still had strong roots to it.

Mary Eddy said at one point, "I have marveled at the press and pulpit's patience with me, when I have taken away their Lord."

Cult Beliefs

  • Christian Science claims to be a Christian church and sings evangelical hymns and reads the Bible – HOWEVER, they read the Bible in light of "Science and Health". If they read something in "Science and Health" and it contradicts the Bible, it automatically overrides it.

  • The believe there is no such thing as sin, it is an illusion.

  • They believe there is no such thing as sickness, it also is an illusion.

  • They believe that sick people must be convinced that they are not sick, then they will get well, since sickness is an illusion and doesn't really exist.

  • There is no such thing as death, a person gets old and dies because they believe that is what is supposed to happen. This stems from the fact that they believe that the whole universe is an illusion.

  • Their god is not the personal God of the Bible. Everything is god and god is good. Therefore, there is no sin, disease, or death because all is god and god is good. The whole universe is falsehood - an illusion.

  • They claim that there is healing from Christian Science. Their method of healing is denying the disease itself, e.g., "I am not sick. I do not have cancer." This is not prayer but simply talking out loud to yourself. In fact, Christian Science says that prayer to a personal God is a hindrance.

  • The believe women can become pregnant by a supreme effort of their own minds, a man is not needed for procreation.

  • Man is not made of the dust of the earth as in Genesis 2 because matter doesn't exist - therefore Mrs. Eddy calls Genesis 2, "a lie". They take her word over the Bible.

  • They believe that Jesus is not God, he was the highest human concept of the perfect man, but not to be worshipped.

  • They believe that Jesus was never tempted by the devil. Eddy says, "He was tempted by the false beliefs in His own mind."

  • They believe that Jesus never died because death does not exist, He just thought He was dead.

  • They believe the blood of Jesus has no atoning value and since sin is an illusion we are not guilty.

  • They believe that salvation is deliverance from delusion and entrance into Christian Science.


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