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The Dove magazine is published one or two times a year when finances and volunteer help permit. We do not charge a subscription price but we do ask that those who can, send a donation of any amount to help defray the cost of production and mailing. For those who cannot contribute, we ask only that you write at least once a year to let us know that you still want to receive The Dove. We never ask for a donation from prisoners, it is our outreach to them.


2004 The Nazi-Zionist Connection


The Birth of a Visible World Government
Spring 2001 How God Defeated the Devil in the 20th Century
Autumn 1999 Infiltration in the Church
Spring 1998 Exposing The Counterfeit Anointing
Spring 1997 Collector's Edition
Spring/Summer 1996 The Identity Movement
Winter 1995 Showdown in Jerusalem
Summer 1995 Events Leading up to the Present Time
Summer 1994 Strongest Warning Ever
Spring 1994 The AIDS Virus
Autumn/Winter 1993 The Question of anti-Semitism
Summer 1993 Has peace been removed from the Earth?
Spring 1993 There is a Spiritual War raging
Autumn/Winter 1992 Politicians & Preachers
Summer 1992 The Nightmare that the Bible warned about
Spring 1992 The Formation of a One World Religion
Winter 1991-92 The United States of Europe
Autumn 1991 The surrender has now been completed
Summer 1991 John discusses Deception
Spring 1991 Many current issues are discussed
Autumn/Winter 1990 False Prophets
Summer 1990 Ted Turner and the Glasnost Award
Spring 1990 John talks about Ezekiel 37, 38 and 39
Autumn/Winter 1989 JST Addresses Anti-Semitism
Summer 1989 Loss of freedom that so many Christians suffer is discussed
Spring 1989 JST compares pre-war Germany with the USA today
Winter 1988 Now that the elections are over, what can we expect?
Autumn 1988 The Manasseh Spirit
Summer 1988 Why we need to re-evaluate our thinking
Spring 1988 What's happening to the U.S.A. in 1988




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