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November 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Instead of commenting on current events, the Lord Jesus Christ is directing me to talk to you about your health this month. For many years I have been telling the people in the church where I am the pastor, "If you lose your body, there will be no ministry." As believers in Christ we cannot carry out the commission given to us in Matthew 28:18-20 unless we have a physical body that is healthy. Most people living in the United States today are afflicted with some kind of ailment. It can be clearly seen from the advertisements on television, where drugs are being peddled for everything from an upset stomach to arthritis. Many of the ads are directed not only toward the elderly, but people in their mid thirties. As a pastor, I have seen that in most churches all people over the age of 40 have some kind of ailment which becomes more severe as people get older. There is an epidemic of cancer among men and women, beginning to afflict them in their late thirties. Is there any remedy?

As the pastor of Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in Sacramento, I had the joy and privilege to host a three day seminar with Pastor Wright. We started the meetings on October 31 and finished them on Saturday night around one o’clock in the morning. This was my second time to have Pastor Henry in our church, the first time was in 1997. This was a more mature man that came to us, and the spiritual growth that has taken place during five years of preaching and teaching was very evident. We also had the joy of having his wife ministering in some of the meetings; five years ago she was tied up with their very small children. And he also had his son-in-law, Scott, with him. Scott is a very powerful but gentle man who sold their material and also helped out in praying for people.

Our Church facilities were too small to accommodate the seminar, so we held it at Pioneer Baptist Church with our good friend, Pastor Andrew Duty.

To my knowledge we did not have very many unsaved people attending, instead it was a gathering of a large number of sick Christians who wanted to be healed. We also had a good number of Christians who had previously been healed through Pastor Henry’s ministry, and they returned to learn more and to help out. The age ranged from young people in their 20's to many who were up in their 70's and 80's. Approximately 60% were women.

They came from all kinds of church backgrounds: Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Calvary Chapel, and many more. They all had one thing in common, they were sick, doctors and medicine had not healed them and the prayers in their home churches had done them no good. Many of them were looking for some kind of "Benny Hinn action," where Pastor Henry would wave his hand on them, slay them in the Spirit and give them an instant healing. Since Pastor Henry does not operate like that, some were disappointed and did not come back after the first meeting. The promises in the Bible had not materialized for these sick Christians, and many were discouraged. They were no better off than the unbelievers in the world. Yes, through Christ they had been saved from hell, but they were experiencing hell on earth in their sick bodies.

Their diseases ranged from allergies, cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, nervous disorders, digestive disorders, insomnia, fear, depression, anorexia, over weight and many more. Some were on heavy medication, others were under the care of psychologists. But they all had the same thing in common, no one had been able to cure them.

Pastor Henry stated over and over again that 80% of all sickness has a spiritual root, and the remaining 20% is caused by some kind of accident. He also stated that when ministers or healing evangelists try to pray for people in a healing line, only 5% are healed, while the remaining 95% go home disappointed in God and the Christian faith. Thus Pastor Henry did not want to pray for a person unless the root problem had been diagnosed and dealt with. Most Christians do not want to hear this kind of teaching. They are looking for a quick fix, without any change to their life style.

I have been preaching the Gospel since 1967, and from 1970 have cast out demons and prayed for the sick. My experience agrees 100% with Pastor Henry on these points. Pastor Henry gave a very simple spiritual formula that is a mathematical summary of Chapter 28 in Deuteronomy. Here it is:


The first cause we want to look at is our intake of food and drink. God has spoken loud and clear in His Word as to what is and what is not food. You will find his food laws in Leviticus, Chapter 11. If you want to argue about that and say that since this is in the Old Testament it should not be adhered to, all I can tell you is this, keep your diseases, walk in disobedience and keep seeking doctors and preachers to heal you, but you will not find any cure!

Man has been able to design and build automobiles, airplanes, ships and all kinds of equipment. Each item built will come with a manual from the manufacturer, telling you what kind of fuel to use, what kind of oils to use in the different engines, and what kind of maintenance is required in order for the product to function according to design. If you refuse to follow the manual, all warranties are voided. God designed man and wrote a manual called the Bible. Disregard the manual, and all warranties from God are null and void.

Note this: God’s food laws, which are part of the Practical Law in the Bible, have nothing to do with salvation and never will. But if you as a Christian disregard them, your life on this planet will be shortened by disease and you will enter heaven before your appointed time by God! The works which God had lined up for you to finish on this planet will not be done and you will hear about it at the judgment seat of Christ! II Corinthians 5:9-11

People in Africa and in parts of India and other third world nations are dying of starvation. People in America are dying because they are too fat. Giving the babies junk food loaded with the wrong kind of salt and saturated with white sugar, washed down with cokes and other soft drinks does not build health in a child. Add to this all the pork dishes and other scavengers like lobster, shrimp and clams and you have a diet designed by devils. You will hear preachers say, "We are saved by grace and when we pray over our food, God sanctifies it." This is bordering on blasphemy! God does not go against His own Word. Why should we expect our heavenly Father, who is the creator of all things, to bless toxins that His children want to consume for food?

The food industry is adding preservatives to all their products and thus the American people are being embalmed while they are still living. The bakeries produce a bread, made from white bleached flour, which, when it enters the intestines of a human being becomes glue and sticks to the walls of the colon. Years later this will cause colon cancer and the Christian will be screaming out to God, "Why God, are you letting this happen to me if you love me?" Well, God did not cause it; you worked hard on it for years with all your junk food, and now you are reaping what you have sown! Galatians 6:7-9

Is it a coincidence that the people in third world nations did not have the modern diseases of the West until we started to export Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and set up fast food restaurants like McDonalds, etc?. Once we make them sick with our terrible diet, we then have to build them hospitals and sell them drugs to offset the junk food.  Add to this the usage of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs and it should now be clear for the reader to see that sickness can and is caused by the things we put into our bodies.

People living in the United States have been spiritually damaged for the last 300 years. The Revolutionary war, the Indian wars, the Civil war, World War I and II, the Korean war, the war in Vietnam and the Gulf war have taken their toll on the fathers in America. Men have gone to war and come home spiritually damaged, not able to give their children the proper love a child needs.

When Pastor Henry taught the second night on the subject "The Father’s Love," he asked the people in the audience to raise their hands and keep them high in the air and for all to look around, if they had never heard their earthly father tell them "I love you," and "I am proud over you as my son/daughter." Ninety five percent of the people raised their hands, including myself. Pastor Henry then ministered by doing an anointed teaching of the correlation between the love of an earthly dad to a child, and the love of God toward his children on the earth. If a believer in Christ has never experienced real love from his/her dad on this earth, that Christian will have a hard time to receive love from our heavenly Father. It will cause insecurity and inferiority in the person, which in turn will lead to a breakdown of the immune system, thus opening doors for sickness to develop. At the end of the teaching, Pastor Henry asked all those who had never heard their father tell them "I love you" to line up for a special prayer. So many people had this need, that it had to be done in stages. He then asked the men in the congregation to follow him, and Pastor Henry and his son-in-law Scott started at each end of the line, going from person to person, and asked for forgiveness on behalf of their fathers, for not having told them that they were loved. Then they spoke with the authority from the Word of God, that the person was loved, a was child worthy to be loved, and then a man would step forward and just hold the person as a stand-in for their real father. No music was played and there was a stillness in the air until you began to hear people sobbing from the very debts of their beings. More and more people began to cry, just like little children who are hurt and looking for daddy to comfort them. The Holy Spirit did a deep work in hundreds of people that night as their souls were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Never have I seen so many women telling about their hurts from fathers, brothers, and husbands. I realized then that the women of America have been abused from the time they were little girls. Some by neglect, others by verbal or physical abuse. And I saw what the wars have done to the men of America. American men were able to win wars (except in Korea and Vietnam), but they lost the battle at home.

When the soul is wounded, regardless if it is a man or a woman, it will cause the soul to hate itself and leave the body open for sickness. Proverbs 17:22; 16:24

During the last ten years of our ministry we have encountered this particular demonic entity in people seeking help for their sick bodies and sick souls. Let me briefly tell you how this group of demons works. Their entry way into a human being is through trauma, which will cause fear in a child. We have ministered to people who were attacked by this kind of spirit while they were still in their mother’s womb. Arguing between the mother and the father, discussing possible divorce or an outright discussion about aborting the child, will cause great fear in the unborn child, and a spirit of arrested development will move into the body of that child and "freeze its emotions." The child will be born, the body will mature, the intelligence will develop, but the emotions of that person will remain at the level of an unborn child. We have encountered other people who were traumatized at birth, others were traumatized at different ages. Divorce, an accident, an ugly fight between parents, any type of violence, especially if a child is molested sexually, will freeze the emotions at whatever age it occurred. As the person becomes an adult, they have a very difficult time functioning among other adults, and particularly making decisions and taking responsibility. Pressure put on the person to get his/her act together will create much stress that, in turn, will bring sickness to the body.

My personal belief is that 90% of people born after 1950 are afflicted with arrested development spirits. I believe that many times the high divorce rate in the United States today is caused by these spirits. Adults with children’s emotions cannot cope with the stress of life, and thus they run in anguish. Anger and frustration over the inability to cope with life is taken out on the spouse and the children, who in turn will be traumatized and then afflicted by demons.

Television has caused much damage in this area, since in most households the TV stays on from early in the morning until late at night, and the children are exposed to all kinds of violence and sinful acts, which does damage to their souls. Not until these demons are cast out, will the person begin to recover. The good news is that after deliverance from demons, the emotions of the afflicted person will begin to develop and in about a years time that person will reach his normal emotional maturity. At the same time, sickness will just fall off the people, as they are coming in harmony with God, themselves and others.

Some ten years ago a man was brought to our ministry when he was around 30 years of age. Mentally he was just like a baby, and because of this mental deficiency the man had been diagnosed as being mentally retarded and was given an SSI pension for the rest of his life. He was a large man, very kind and loving, but unable to make solid decisions. He had accepted Christ some years before and loved the Lord. He was extremely intelligent, but was unable to process emotional feelings. He wanted to be delivered, and when we dug into his life history, we found out that when he was born, the chord was wrapped around his neck resulting in his being stillborn. It took hard work by the doctor and nurses to get him to breath and start his heart again. This trauma caused demons to enter his body, and freeze his emotions at the age of zero. After deliverance, he began to develop emotionally and about a year or so after his deliverance he was married and holding down a job.

Some three years later another man came into our ministry here in Sacramento. He was around 35 years old and had been in the US army for some time. He then had educated himself in the computer system. The reason for his coming to our church was that he had totally lost all control over his life, and had regressed to the degree that he could not even brush his teeth. When he was driving his car, he could not tell the difference between a red and green light. His mother brought him to our church, after they had found him in his apartment curled up on the floor in a fetal position. He had stopped eating and was down to skin and bones.

When we interviewed him to begin deliverance, it was brought out that at the age of four his father had picked him up in a rage and violently thrown him into a wall. A demon came in and froze his emotions and he never matured emotionally past the age of four. He had the body of a man and was very intelligent, but the stress of being four years old emotionally had finally caught up with him and his body collapsed.

After deliverance, he slept non-stop for three days, and when he woke up he was a new person. He went through our post-deliverance program and in less than six months he was back working in the computer industry. He regained his health, and after a year he had matured into the thirty-six year old man he was. He rose very quickly in the computer field and was able to earn a large yearly salary. After a few years of teaching in our ministry, and particularly teaching on deliverance, he met his future wife and was married. They have two children and a third on the way. If God had not met this man through our ministry, he would have been dead today or in a mental institution.

Let me share with you about a third man, which I will call Joe (not his real name). Joe was born in the late 1950's to a young couple living on the northern coast of California. His mother had been dating a different man, but broke up with him and married his dad to be. Early in the marriage, Joe’s mom felt that she had made a mistake and secretly went back to the man she had previously dated and again became sexually active with him. Joe’s dad eventually found this out and divorced his wife and left. Joe and his siblings were never told why their dad left, just that he was a bad dad and had abandoned the family. A deep hatred began to develop in Joe and he had great anger toward his father.

When Joe and his brother visited their real dad, the visits did not go well and the hate and the anger grew deeper in Joe. This caused spiritual damage to Joe’s father, and his life was falling apart. A number of years later Joe’s father was into drug dealing, was arrested and sent to a federal prison for a long prison term.

Somehow Joe attended church and was saved. He became active in the church, and eventually even went to a Bible college and graduated. He joined a mission organization and spent some time overseas as a missionary in Eastern Europe. He had great hope in becoming a pastor, but when he came back his dreams died. What he did not know was, that he was afflicted by a powerful arrested development spirit.

Instead of going into the ministry, he started a business and married. The woman he married came from a family where her dad (a minister) had verbally abused his wife and children and caused them great spiritual damage. With Joe being weak and having an angry wife, she took over the reigns in the family. This caused more grief to Joe. He was the man, but his wife ruled him with an iron fist and he became what is known as "hen pecked." A number of children were born to them. The family was just another dysfunctional family in America, the tragedy was that both Joe and his wife were Christians and attended church, but they had no victory in their lives.

Some 20 years ago Joe and I met. We needed some work done in the line that Joe was working and he came to our church building and took care of our need. This was going to be an on going thing, since Joe not only installed a system in our church building, but he was also servicing it. As the church moved a few times, Joe came off and on, and we had some long talks. I prayed with Joe and counseled him that he needed to take control over his family, after having been delivered. Joe always agreed with me, but nothing ever happened. When the Promise Keepers came into being, Joe joined them, seeking love and recognition from men, since he had never had a relationship with his father.

Some three years ago Joe was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments. His health was failing rapidly and Joe had become like spiritually dead. He told me his visions were gone, he had no purpose in life, that he just lived from day to day. He talked about making a trip to Israel before he died, and taking one or two of his children with him. He told me that his marriage was over, all his feelings were dead, he hung in there out of duty. I told him to take his wife with him, and pray hard that God would give them a miracle.

He purchased a deliverance package from us, but he never read it. Some six months after his return from Israel, we met and Joe and his wife had become closer with each other and he had seen some hope on the trip. Again I told him, we must do a deliverance to get you out of this slump. Nothing happened, and some time later I talked to him over the telephone and told him that I had a book that he must read. It was Pastor Henry’s book "A MORE EXCELLENT WAY." Joe told me, "Send me the book and I will pay for it." A year passed and then one day Joe called me, extremely exited. I am ready to be delivered, he yelled over the phone. I just read the book you sent me a year ago, and now I understand my problems. When can we do it?

We set a time and took him through deliverance and the arrested development spirit was cast out together with many others. Joe was flying high. Finally he had hope that God loved him and that he could begin to love himself. But there was something missing that Joe had not been willing to deal with, his hate for his father. I told Joe that you must contact your dad and settle this once and for all.

Some time later Joe called me and told me that he had received the shock of his life. When he kept insisting upon knowing from his dad why he left them when Joe was small, his dad told him this: "Your mother was unfaithful to me and cheated on me. I did not know what to do, and did not want to hurt you boys. So I left and did not tell you that your mother was committing adultery. I wanted you to love her, so I took the rap for the divorce." Joe and his dad ended up asking for and forgiving one another, and more peace came to Joe. But now he had to confront his mother and settle the issue with her.

A few months ago Joe called me and said: "Guess what, I am going to spend two weeks at Pastor Henry Wrights place in Georgia. I need a final healing for my soul." When Joe came back, he was one big bundle of joy. My wife and I are closer than ever, I have taken over the role as the husband in the family and we are going forward. Some years earlier Joe had been licensed into the ministry, and he and his wife have now opened up a ministry, part-time to begin with. Joe is no longer suicidal, there is a sparkle in his eyes and voice and he is exited about being a minister after all these years of failure.

When Pastor Henry came through Joe’s hometown, Joe and his wife sponsored meetings with Pastor Henry, and then he came down to our meetings in Sacramento and helped out praying for others. Another man and his family restored, to the glory of God. Can it get any better, from being a victim to becoming a victor and reaching out to others?

Many of you who are our friends and read this newsletter month after month are suffering from different kinds of ailments. God wants you well and He is ready to move in your life if you are willing to let Him.

During the three days in Sacramento, three powerful testimonies were given in the meetings and recorded on audio cassettes. First Linda Lange, who came as one defeated fearful woman to our 1997 meetings with Pastor Henry. She gave a powerful testimony how God set her free from fear, anxiety and a number of sicknesses. She is now heading up a ministry called, Life Application Ministry, in California, with her husband. They are reaching many couples and single women for Christ, helping them to be set free and healed of their diseases.

The second testimony was given by Karen Birmingham. Karen is a third generation Jehovah’s Witness who came out of this cult some 20 years ago. But her life was filled with rejection and grief. She was divorced by her husband because she left the sect, lost all access to her children, and in February 2002 her second husband died of a massive heart attack. She was sent to our ministry by the Lord in May of this year, went through deliverance and is today a forgiven, joyful woman, at peace with God and herself. Being on her own death bed just 12 months ago, when she was told by men that she was not going to make it, God met her at the gates of death in the hospital and gave her life back. Her testimony will move you to tears and to faith in God.

The third testimony is by David Arnold, who testified how he and his wife Lisa purchased the book, "A More Excellent Way," from us about a year ago, and then when they were facing a critical situation with Lisa having huge problems with depression. Doctors told them there was no cure for Lisa, and when they came home David found the book on his table. He read it and the Holy Spirit moved on him and gave him faith for a healing. This testimony will also move you to tears and thankfulness to God for his love and mercy.

There is no need for me to repeat all the wonderful teaching that Pastor Henry has already written down in his book "A More Excellent Way." When you read this book, you will never be the same. There is a second book available, which is a further development of the first book, and it is called "Biblical Foundations of Freedom." If you have read the first book, you owe it to yourself to read the second one.

There are few ministers which I can recommend today for you to hear. Pastor Henry Wright is one of these few. The man has suffered much in his life. He has not had an easy life on the earth. But in his sufferings God met him and has given him a mind that is clear about what is the will of God. Pastor Henry does not heal any person, but his teachings bring you to the Father and remove all the obstacles of sin, so that God the Father can heal you of all your diseases. Pastor Henry spoke in five sessions in Sacramento, each session lasting for about three hours and recorded on 90 minute cassettes. We have a album for you containing 10 teaching cassettes and two cassettes with music and testimony. Please do yourself a favor and order an album from us today. You will play these cassettes over and over, you will cry, laugh and pray and when you line up with the truth the diseases plaguing you will disappear.

If I did not love you with the love of God, I would not tell you this good news. God is still on His throne, there is no crisis in heaven and God has a solution to every problem we are facing. If you have a chance to visit our church in Sacramento, you will meet men and women, who have been set free from their demonic problems, and they have been healed or are in the process of being healed from all diseases. Please join the Army of God as a victorious soldier of Christ! Maranatha!

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