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The Corner


Dear readers,

I want to share with you some new developments that will be taking place with our publications for 2008. Many of you on our mailing list have been receiving The Dove magazine and The Flaming Sword newsletter for some time. Both publications are hard hitting and informative, but it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with them because John Torell was writing articles for both publications in addition to his regular pastoral duties.

The Dove was birthed in 1979 as an informative magazine that would bring out spiritual insight to the Christian community, an awareness of apostasy within the Church, preserve solid Christian doctrine for future generations, warn people about political conspiracies and inform people about the coming mark of the beast when the antichrist regime takes over the world.

The Flaming Sword newsletter came about as a response to the growing need to present information faster than The Dove allowed since it was only a quarterly publication. The newsletter filled the gap and kept up with current events. That has been the goal, but slowly over time, we found ourselves drifting away from the objective. I am sure you have noticed that the newsletters have progressively gotten thicker, with only three being sent out last year. The articles which John wrote for the newsletter in 2007 were extensive and thorough but it had the unintended consequence of delaying feature articles in The Dove. As a result, the magazine gradually slowed down to the point where it has now been a number of years since it was published. After prayer and deliberation, we are changing the format of the newsletter so that it will become what it once was, a monthly publication.

In the coming year, John Torell will focus on the magazine and I will head up the newsletter. The extensive articles from The Flaming Sword will be transferred to The Dove and the newsletter will be different from what it has been. We plan on adding testimonies, letters, prayer requests and interviews from within the ministry, so you can see what God is doing here locally. After all, we are the body of Christ, made up of unique individuals with different trials and victories. At the same time, we won’t neglect articles and current events as they apply to Christians living in a fallen world. By covering world events from a Christian perspective, believers in Christ can be informed and make a difference.

As we shed the light of God abroad, it will show unbelievers the light of the Gospel and expose the unfruitful works of darkness. (Matthew 5:14-16; Ephesians 5:1-17) As the time of the anti-Christ draws closer, Jesus’ church must rise to the occasion or be swept aside. It is my hope that Christians around the world will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and a shining example to hold back the tide of darkness until Jesus comes!

May God richly bless you today,

Charles Thorell

Volume 1, 2008




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