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Letters to the Ministry

Shalom, man of God!
I was surprised to read your mail since I did not know you. But the information you communicated sent a chill in my body. Indeed, I had been offered the book purpose driven life at a conference in South Africa and it was a thrill. The other side of the coin makes me afraid now. I live in Togo in West Africa and I can tell you the French translation of the book is been appraised here! What can we do to abort this wicked plot? I must confess that new age is quiet not known here and all kinds of junk theology and teachings are going out unchecked. I will do my best to warn those close to me about this book but in all we must denounce new age here. Can you help? May 2008 be full of god-ordained surprises to you all. – Thankfully, Japhet

Perhaps you are not aware of Noah Hutchings teachings. Hutchings is a hyper-dispensational, dual covenant teacher. He pushes the Scofield’s interpretation of the Bible. There are now dozens of good essays on the internet warning about the Purpose Driven, church growth movement (CGM) craze, and they are free. – In Christ, Greg

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were aware of Noah Hutchings is a hyper-dispensational, dual covenant teacher that pushes Cyrus Scofield's interpretation of the Bible. However, we are choosing to carry his book, The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church since it does not promote these viewpoints and only deals with the heresies of The Purpose Driven Life and its affect on Southern Baptist churches.

Dear Pastor John and Aina,
I read with great interest and enthusiasm your newsletter in which you wrote about how God is leading you to outfit your ministry to provide live online church services. I would like to contribute $300 US towards this project. I do not celebrate Christmas; I have come to truly loathe it as a Christian, and determined this year that I would donate any money I might receive as a gift to the Lord’s work. I received $300 and felt it should come to you. I pray that God will mightily bless you in this endeavor. Your recent series on The Southern Baptist Convention was very good, and certainly sobering. Thank you again for your website ministry. – In Christ, April
Dear Pastor John,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a regular reader of the newsletter and The Dove magazine. I can say that God has blessed me and has opened my spiritual eyes to see God’s truth.

Since 2004 I didn’t received The Dove magazine. I know that you need financial support. Unfortunately our currency “Birr” doesn’t work in the USA. So my only support is prayer. I will continue to support in my prayer. I need your prayer. As a pastor I am living in different pressure.

As you know, Africa is the battle ground of evil. All evils from western countries harbored in different modern medias such as DVD and VCD. Our youngsters copied all things from Hollywood. Abortion and sex are rampant even in churches.

Unless God the Holy Spirit helps me I can’t do anything by myself. So please pray for me with this in mind I want to continue the regular reader of The Dove and the newsletter. May God bless you. – Yours in Christ Jesus, Nigussie

Praise the Lord . I am Pastor from Kenya , i realy thank for his protection ,because people have been kiled but me God have protected we have had the problem for election , the church is doing well . i would like to continue be in touch with you, please pray for kenya and the church that im leading , thanks for your mail. Bye and God bless you reachly. pls Greet your Family and the Church. Dear Pastor John & church family,
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Spirit of God guide and direct you as you serve Him in Spirit and Truth. – Tom & Kathie
Dear John and Aina Torell,
I greet you in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Thank you very much for your prayer; Spiritual papers; magazine, etc. you have been sending to me! Let God bless you, your family, your country, for all you have been doing for me and for whom I have been asking you to pray for. – Yours in Christ Jesus, Tezera
Please be blessed any way you see fit to use this. I am just very grateful that God opened the door for me to do this. Your CD’s & newsletter’s have opened my way of thinking. The truth does truly set us free. Thank you so much for your ministry. – Your sis in the Lord, Debra
Thank you for The Flaming Sword. I don’t know about judging other Christians and running them down. We should leave it to God to correct the one he puts in the ministry. They have to give account to him how they live and what they teach. – Sincerely, A Sister in the Lord

Please see our response to this comment with the article, What give you the right to judge people?


Volume 2, 2008




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