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A Call to Holiness

By Aileen Serbeniuk


God gives us specific, high standards to uphold, but when they are not upheld according to instructions, God gets our attention any way possible. The leaders in the Bible were told to build Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon's Temple to God’s exact specifications. Mishandling was not tolerated and could lead to death. When King David sinned, he was punished along with a multitude of citizens, and only when David repented and followed God's instructions did he set the example as a national leader for all others to follow. When it came to cleansing the nation for the coming of Christ, it was Ezra and Nehemiah who set God's standards.

What would happen if the LORD was about to return, and He saw that His land had been taken over by Christ-hating blasphemers who removed the Ten Commandments and replaced them with temple prostitutes, gambling palaces and the tables of the moneychangers? I think He has seen it by the speed with which judgment has arrived. Since sin is described in the Bible as the transgression of the Law, and few know or care, that explains why we are under judgment and our enemies rule over us as described in Deut. 28 among other places. Divided loyalties are unacceptable.

A televangelist's newsman in the Israeli nation once taped the visiting Chinese leader who was complimenting the Israelis on their Communist conspiracy, but the Virginia evangelist declared that if we don't help the Israelis, God will be angry at us. However, if we help the ungodly and those who hate the LORD, God says He will bring His wrath down upon us as He is doing. The story of the Gibeonites is a warning about enemies in disguise. We are making the same mistake that Joshua made to his sorrow.

A man on Glenn Beck's television news said that it is the international corporations that are bringing this nation down, and that the Israeli Lobby and the oil companies are wrecking our foreign policy. However, the sheep are the ones who line up for the anti-Christian schools, junk food, dangerous medicine, shots and dentistry, raunchy entertainment and faulty merchandise. They are ones who celebrate all of the heathen holidays. It is also the sheep who have allowed God's house to become a den of thieves and a second Tower of Babel. Jesus said that no one can have two masters.

We are told to distinguish between the holy and profane. The many nations of Jacob are called holy, but the small nation of his twin brother, Esau, is called profane. Like the rest of the heathen, the Red Edomites always followed the Jacobites around to benefit from their bounty. One group of Reds returned to the Middle East, but the other stayed in the West to fulfill Deuteronomy 28.

Volume 3, 2008




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