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Letters to the Ministry

Many thanks for continuing to send me your wonderful publication, The Flaming Sword, so aptly named. It is giving us information not found elsewhere. Enclosed find my check to help pay the cost of printing it. I can trust you to continue to contend for the faith once delivered. – In Him, Dolores

I enjoy and am very much blessed by your newsletter. You give me information that is unobtainable from other ministries. I have learned a lot in these few years that I have received them. I thank you brother for your faithfulness in ministry and generosity to your brothers in bonds. May God richly bless and prosper you! – Your fellow laborer in Jesus Christ, Kenneth
Thank you for your faithfulness to keep sending your information thru thick and thin. I share it with my prayer group and my church. I appreciate your continuing desire to be good stewards of the resources God provides. – We stand together in His service, Wanda

I have been preaching most of what you write about for over 31 years. A lot of the things I know but never had much background on and you give a lot of that. I believe that most of the preaching and teaching today is another gospel. (Gal. 1:8-9) Almost everything is about me and what I want or need – all worldly. The only thing we need is the Father through Jesus Christ. But thank God there is still a small pure remnant that still sees and hears the true voice of God. – thank you, Bruce

Dear Pastor Torell and Aina

I've listened to all of your sermons for 2007 and all of the ones for 2008, I'm now going back and listening to 2007 again.  I feel led of the Lord to tell you not to get discouraged, although your congregation may not be very big, your congregation out here is large and so blessed by your faithfulness to the Lord.  I listen to you each morning when I first get up and it starts my day off, I've grown so much in the Lord by your preaching and I just want you to know how thankful I am that God lead us to your ministry.  I too am Scandinavian and I appreciate your humbleness, as we seem to be a proud people and usually very stoic.  I enjoy your personal life stories and relate to them quite often.  Again God Bless you and keep doing what God lays on your heart. – In Christ, Jeannie

I look forward to each week’s message, and am happy that it is posting early in the week online. As a 73 year old I have seen the Christian Church evolve into its present condition. My husband and I now have Church at home, as we do not enjoy going to Church any more. I have come out of services with such heaviness and grieving in my spirit, finding little comfort that the Word is being preached in its entirety! Messages with little depth, which tickle ears, or manipulate, which I feel is not Spirit led. I thank the Lord, for Preachers who are not afraid to preach TRUTH, filled with WISDOM, only the Holy Spirit can provide. As John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness, to a wicked and evil generation, preparing the way of the Lord, I believe you have been called to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ. Thank God, there is someone who is not afraid to preach TRUTH today! At 73 years of age, I see the signs of the times which Jesus spoke of becoming more and more a reality. I feel in my spirit time is indeed short whereby the TRUTH of God's Word can be preached. I will continue to pray for you, your family, your church and ministry! May the Blood of Jesus continue to cover you and protect you.  – Blessings in the Name of Jesus, Rose


Volume 3, 2008




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