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The Corner


Dear Friends,

I grew up in the countryside with an active imagination. In the summers from dawn to dusk, I would be outside playing, stopping only in the house long enough to eat and go to the bathroom. One of my favorite games was to play the part of a hero on an adventure or to build a fort to protect myself from enemies. I’m sure my imagination affected my dreams because one of them involved Indians coming and attacking my house. For some reason I was always alone when they came, so I would go and hide in a closet. From this vantage point I would wait with bated breath to see if they would discover me. Through the slots in the door, I would watch them as they walked back and forth looking for me, but they never looked in the closet where I was hiding.

I also remember being very young and thinking about the anti-Christ that would someday rule the world; it seemed a lot scarier than the Indians I faced in my dreams. I never wanted to face this man and could only imagine what life would be like. I shuddered when I came across my uncle John’s book, The Rise of Anti-Christ, because I knew from the Bible that God was somewhere in heaven and that no man could ever be Him. And yet here on this cover was a man boldly proclaiming to be God with people worshipping him and having a good time. When the anti-Christ would come on the scene, I wouldn’t be able to buy or sell without his mark; it would be easier to go and hide out in a remote bunker.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized people won’t be forced to worship the “man of sin,” they will do so voluntarily! The anti-Christ won’t come on the scene as a blood thirsty world dictator but as a “savior” to help mankind. I still don’t want to live during the time of the Anti-Christ. I desire to live a good life without being subjected to an oppressive regime. It saddens and makes me angry that some of the good things I remember are gone because evil men are busy doing what they can to ruin the world and prepare the way for the anti-Christ.

Each generation comes along thinking it can’t get much worse, and while we moan and groan, time on earth continues to pass by. I don’t know when the anti-Christ will come to power but I do know God has purposely put you and I on the earth at this specific time. We have the potential to make a difference. But the question remains if we will call on the Lord to strengthen us so we can further the Kingdom of God and set back Satan’s plans before we are called home to glory?

May God richly bless you today,

Charles Thorell

Volume 5, 2008




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