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The A-sun-ists Headquarters

By Ray Comfort


A group known as “asunists” have produced a manifesto explaining why they believe that the sun doesn’t exist:

  1. An entire desert tribe of men, women and children were once killed by the sun. Therefore the sun doesn’t exist.

  2. Intelligent scientists have searched the night sky for the sun, and found no evidence for its existence.

  3. They also entered a pitch-black room and studied a book about the sun. Again, they found no empirical evidence.

  4. Beliefs were confirmed by interviewing members of the Braille Institute.

  5. The millions who testified that they have seen a brilliant ball of fire in the sky are unscientific dimwitted liars.

The asunists continue to hold their meetings in a dark room and tell each other that it is intelligent to believe that the sun doesn’t exist.



Ray Comfort is very passionate about spreading the Gospel far and wide. He has been equipping Christians across the world for more than 30 years by teaching them how to witness the way Jesus did.




Volume 6, 2008




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