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It Will Take More Than an Old Book

By Ray Comfort


“I don't understand at all how Christian doctrine is proof that Christianity and the Christian God is the ‘right’ one. It will take a lot more than an old book to convince me that the God of Christianity is the one true God. In order for one to use or trust the Bible as evidence of anything, belief that the Bible is the word of God is necessary. Using the Bible as evidence when trying to convince someone who doesn't believe in it...well, it's not exactly compelling.”

Set aside your thoughts of "an old book" for a moment, and listen to the claims of the gospel.

I have four gifts for you: 1) The original Mona Lisa. 2) Ten million dollars. 3) The keys to a brand new Lamborghini. 4) A parachute. You may only choose one gift. Before you choose, here’s some extra information. You have to jump 10,000 feet out of a plane at any moment. Obviously, that immediately changes things. If you have a brain, the parachute is the one you would choose.

Think of the four great religions: 1) Islam. 2) Buddhism. 3) Hinduism. 4) Christianity. Which one should you choose? Before you make a decision, here’s some extra information. You are going to pass through the door of death and face a Law that is far harsher than the law of gravity. It says that hatred is murder, lust is adultery, and all liars will have their part in the lake of fire.

So which one will you choose? Obviously the one that deals with your greatest problem. Islam can’t help you. It’s based on good works and doesn’t offer forgiveness of sins. Muslims can only “hope” that Allah will be merciful and not send them to Hell. But they don’t know what will happen until after they pass through death.

Hinduism can’t help. All it offers is the hopelessness of possible reincarnation. It doesn’t address the issue of sin. Neither does atheistic Buddhism.

However, Christianity offers a parachute. It says to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” It promises to save you from the Law of sin and death.

That’s how you know which one to choose--the one that offers the complete solution to your greatest problem.


Ray Comfort is very passionate about spreading the Gospel far and wide. He has been equipping Christians across the world for more than 30 years by teaching them how to witness the way Jesus did.




Volume 6, 2008




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