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Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse: Restoring the Congregation of the Lord

Carl Fox & Paul Norcross


Do you know any hurting Christians who are cut off from the body of Christ? The bastard curse shows up in significant ways to trouble the pursuit of intimacy with the Lord. Deuteronomy chapter 23 and Hebrews chapter 12 shows this curse lasts for ten generations and hides in generational bloodlines as a potent means for Satan to legally prevent believers from having an intimate relationship with God. This book explains how offenses continue to plague churches, how goats arise in the church and affect the sheep and how Godís children can be delivered from the effects of this curse in their bloodline.

Thousands of people have been delivered from this curse and experienced immediate and profound results after reading this book. Marriages affected by this curse have been saved and relationships within the Body of Christ have been healed. Written by Pastors Carl Fox and Paul Norcross, this is a very powerful book about deliverance from a well concealed weapon of Satanís kingdom.


While in Romania at the close of a church service one evening two years ago, I watched as a woman came forward for prayer for her granddaughter. The little girl was about six years old, and had an unusually short attention span Ė about two seconds. She was unable to stay focused on any person speaking, even one that was two feet in front of her face. Pastor Carl Fox anointed her with oil and began to pray. As I watched and listened, the girl couldnít sit still.

Carl prayed the words that the Lord gave him. They included removing the curse of the bastard off the little girl. I watched as the girl immediately stopped her wild agitation, and sat perfectly still, her attention locked onto Carlís face. She stayed that way the rest of the evening, and is still delivered today.

I wondered. As a pastor of a small country church, and an itinerant preacher in various countries, I had seen several deliverance ministries, and participated in many victories helping people overcome demonic manifestations. But never had I heard of such a thing as the curse of the bastard. Continue reading

Volume 7, 2008




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