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Charles Thorell


Marriage is under attack by radical homosexuals who think that their counterfeit relationships are the real thing. On May 15, 2008 they managed to convince the California Supreme Court that the God-given institution of marriage should not be limited to one man and woman but can also be made up of two “loving people” of the same gender. This has opened Pandora’s Box, making it possible for marriage to be even further redefined. Who‘s to say that two men and dog cannot be wed in unholy matrimony sometime in the future? That will lead to group marriages and even contract marriages where a marriage will expire after a predetermined time.

Californians have the opportunity to put this all to an end in November when we go to the polls and vote on Marriage Protection Act. This constitutional amendment will specify that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” Those new words will forever lockout marriage to those that seek to pervert it into something it’s not. These radicals have overturned the will of the people on marriage and done away with Proposition 22, which passed with a 61% majority. Now something stronger like a constitutional amendment is needed to stop politicians and courts from re-defining marriage against the will of the voters. You can find out more at ProtectMarriage.com

Is it a coincidence that a day after the Supreme Court handed down its decision, California was struck with over 5,000 lightning strikes causing more than 1,000 wild fires? Some of the biggest fires are still burning with losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of homes burned down.

Volume 7, 2008




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