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Many of you know that Pastor John preaches a weekly sermon message. Some of you receive it in the mail while others get it from our website. Did you know that you can also print the same outline from our website that Pastor John uses in his sermon as you listen along?

But did you know that we have set up a podcast so that your computer can automatically download the sermon MP3?

Did you know that in addition to English, we now have the sermon outline translated into German, Spanish and Swedish every week.

Dear Pastor Torell,

I just wanted to send this brief message with my annual donation to thank you for your diligence and hard work. You have a very effective ministry and I know that itís receiving a mighty blessing from God. Please continue in the Lordís work, for He is supporting you.

I have received great blessings from listening to your weekly sermons on CD. It is a convenient way to listen to them. In order that you can put your resources to better use, I will download the sermons from your web site from now on. You can discontinue sending me the CDs.

I pray that your ministry and congregation will continue to be filled with Holy Ghost power and that you will continue to preach the Gospel to the masses so that many more will come to salvation and repentance.

With much love, Geoffrey

Volume 7, 2008




Listen to God's Plan of Salvation  

An intimate Love Letter from Father God to you.

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