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Many of you know that Pastor John preaches a weekly sermon message. Some of you receive it in the mail while others get it from our website. Did you know that you can also print the same outline from our website that Pastor John uses in his sermon as you listen along? Did you know that in addition to English, we now have the sermon outline translated into German, Spanish and Swedish every week.

We have also set up a podcast so that your computer can automatically download the sermon MP3?

I was online tonight trying to identify the cost of attending Southern Baptist Seminary. In doing so, I stumbled upon your newsletter talking about the deceptions in Rick Warren’s teachings. To say the very least... I am blown away.

Most importantly, I know that I have been called into ministry. But after reading your words, I feel it is necessary to invest additional time and research into trying to better understand the unseen influence of the pending New World Religion.

I have often wondered how the world could be so foolish as to fall victim to the teachings of a one world religion. But as I read your newsletter... I was stopped-dead by the realization that I may have already been fooled in one or more ways.

I want to learn more about what you believe. I want to know that I am sharing THE Gospel... and not a fake. I want to be certain of the truth, and nothing less.

One final note... I have felt the call to ministry for some time. However, it was not until tonight that I fully committed in my heart to pursue it. And I believe that it is no coincidence that within moments of making that committment, I stumbled onto your website.

~ K.T


Thanks so much for The Flaming Sword. It is really on fire! I can’t wait to receive each one.

~ Rosemarie N.

Volume 8, 2008




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An intimate Love Letter from Father God to you.

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