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The Six-Pointed Star

O.J. Graham


Originally pagan, the hexagram was used in Baal worship from the days of Genesis. It was rebuked in Amos 5:26 and became known as the Seal of Solomon after he married the daughter of Pharoah, built an altar to Ashteroth and entered into Baal worship. Since then, usage has continued in Solomonic rituals of freemasonry. Long used in magic and witchcraft, the six-pointed star has been used as the chief symbol of worship to Moloch in burnt human sacrificial rituals. Used by Druids and astrologers, the six-pointed star has been used consistently in the occult, and was used by occultist Adolph Hitler during the holocaust. In more recent times, it has almost replaced the seven-branched candlestick given to the Israelites as an everlasting covenant. Is the 666 seen in the six-pointed star a sign of things to come?

Volume 9, 2008




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