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The Swine Flu & Treason

Part 1: From the Lusitania to Vietnam

John S. Torell




As of April 2009, there aren’t many reports available for who is responsible for this Swine Flu outbreak. Nevertheless, it will leak out in due time as people working within the pharmaceutical industry feel convicted over what has been done and decide to tell the true story. In the meantime, we must educate people of what has happened in the past in order to protect them from taking different harmful vaccines that are being offered.

A number of nations have been researching and developing biological warfare for the last 60 years or so. No government will admit that they have been working on an attack program; instead, they all claim to be researching the subject in order to protect their own population.

Researchers who have been tracking different diseases like small pox, have found that whenever there has been a nationwide inoculation program against small pox, such as in Africa, it did not take long for people in that nation to come down with the AIDS virus. According to leaked documents from organizations working for the World Government, the purpose of contaminating our vaccines is to reduce the world population, which according to the World Government is too large to control and needs to be decreased. For the last 20 years, the population in Africa has been targeted, and no one knows how many millions of people in Africa have died because of biological warfare.

I am going to take you back to the 1970’s and trace the military biological buildup in the United States and how these biological weapons have been tested. Most likely, the Swine flu outbreak in 2009 can be traced to a contaminated vaccine. Read this information carefully and decide for yourself what is the real truth. If you know that vaccines will “occasionally” be contaminated, having the ability to make an informed choice will give you the preference of saying no to future vaccine programs, thereby saving your own life. You have read what I wrote in the last newsletter during the month of April, 2009 and as I have continued to write on this subject, it is now mid September, 2009. Much material is now available and I want to bring you a summary of what we have.


By asking questions, we’ll be able to look for some trails that will lead us to the truth. Here are the questions:

Why did the current swine flu epidemic start in Mexico? Why was the initial outbreak happening in Mexico which does not have a cold winter climate? And why did it start after the regular flu season was over?

Why did four different varieties of swine, avian and human flu viruses, from four different parts of the world, Asia, Europe and North America, end up in Mexico and unnaturally reassert their genetic sequences into the mysterious recombinant new virus combination?

On a CNN interview, retired Army General Russel Honoré made the following statement:

“How did it start in Mexico, where did it emanate from? We’ve been able to find that out in all previous pandemics. The question now is to get at the heart of how this started -- did it start from the occasion of viruses coming together or did it come out of a lab? All those questions have to be answered.”

Why does the H1N1 virus subtype – in nature a benign commonplace virus which most birds carry with no harm to themselves or humans – suddenly become a virulent killer?

Why does this so-called “swine virus” primarily kill young, healthy adults – much like the deadly “Spanish flu” of 1918, with the unnatural phenomenon known as cytokine storm?

Why do natural influenza strains produce the worst symptoms in young children, the elderly and people with a weak immune system?

Why has Baxter International Inc. been chosen to head up efforts to produce a vaccine for the current outbreak of the swine flu? The Deerfield, Illinois pharmaceutical company was caught in 2008 shipping live avian flu virus mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in eighteen nations. Was this a big mistake or was it part of a plan to contaminate vaccines?

Many well known officials like former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and many other persons from the federal government or from the business world have huge investments in the pharmaceutical company Roche, which is the producer of the Tamiflu vaccine, which the medical authorities with the help of the American media is pushing as the only solution for anyone who has been infected by the swine flu virus. Did these investors know something the rest of us did not know as they make millions of dollars profit on their investments?

Why have some 80 of the top microbiologists become so “depressed” in the last few years that they committed suicide?  Did they know something evil that made all of them “depressed” or did they know about an evil that someone was afraid could be told to the public? Is it possible that they were all eliminated in order to keep the lies about vaccine a secret? One of the top agents in the Soviet Union’s KGB (now known as the FSB) said the following after he retired and was interviewed by a journalist:

“Assassination is an art, just like painting a beautiful oil painting or playing a musical piece. Every assassination that the police will classify as suicide is an act of true art in this business.”

The virus that caused the deadly “Spanish flu” in 1918 has been extinct for some 85 years. Why did Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology work to reconstruct this virus? In 1997 in Brevig, Alaska, a woman who died of the Spanish flu in 1918 was exhumed. Her body had been buried under the permafrost and so both her lungs along with other samples were taken and brought to a lab where Dr. Taubenberger was able to reconstruct the virus. Why would anyone want to reconstruct a virus which killed millions of people? Why should this reconstructed material be given to military germ warfare specialists, who could use recombinant DNA techniques to insert the lethal genome into countless mixes of viruses?

By looking at these questions I have come to the following conclusion: The H1N1 virus, also known as the Swine Flu virus, is a result of virus warfare research and has been released on the world’s population in order to test its power. This article is part of a larger write-up in which we propose that the AIDS virus was a result of biological warfare research in American military laboratories and then used by political leaders to reduce the world’s population. Normal people do not have a criminal mind and cannot even imagine such a diabolic plan, but there are people with criminal minds, and they are the ones who make up the “World Government.”



I am sure you have heard the expression, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” As I started to investigate the World Government in 1975, I believed that much written material about espionage, sabotage, mass killings and starting of wars was nothing but pure fiction, written by people who wanted to publish books and make money. But some 34 years later, I know that intelligence services cannot be trusted and are extremely evil, but also that they are linked together in a world wide web, directed by a group of wicked and demented persons who constitute the World Government.

Since the scheming has gone on for hundreds of years, the current people in charge have been given their powers from a previous generation and know that they in turn must train young people from their own cadres to one day take over the positions of the World Government. All of these people have one thing in common: they have given their lives to the Devil, they worship and love the Devil and they are willing to die for him. These people have no conscience; they do not know love, honesty and grace; they are beasts in human form, blood thirsty predators who privately enjoy raping men and women, killing just for the fun of it, and eating dinner with their comrades while human beings on a stage are brutally tortured and killed.


Let’s begin by looking at the Jewish leadership with families like Rothschild, Warburg, Bronfman, Murdoch, Maxwell, etc. who have people serving in the top leadership of the Jewish World Government and do not send their children to public schools. Their children are educated in expensive private schools and their religious education is done by rabbis and Jewish educators, who are well educated in the Talmud as well as the Cabala. In their early childhood years they are exposed to alcohol and sexual activities and are encouraged to develop an immoral sexual lifestyle. They are told that only Jews are humans, all other beings on this planet are animals and they learn to despise and look down upon Gentiles. They develop a superior feeling that comes from having two sets of laws, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles.

Just like the royal families groom their children to become heirs in the future, so these men and women are groomed to someday become rulers and to make sure that the tradition of the elders will be followed with no deviation from the policies set thousands of years ago toward the drive of a world government under the leadership of Jews. From childhood they have lived a life in luxury, and as they grow older, they expect nothing less for themselves. Money is never an issue as long as they toe the line and do what they are told to do. If a child or an adult becomes rebellious and a liability for the family, they are eliminated either by sickness, suicide or plain murder. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered in 1986, British newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell was murdered in 1991 and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. There have been a number of other prominent Jews taken out by their fellow Jews because they did not toe the line.

Olof Palme Robert Maxwell Yitzhak Rabin

The majority of Jewish people in the world are not part of this elite and have no knowledge of what is going on except that they know powerful Jews are in charge of banks, industry and politics. Most of them are hard working people who struggle to make a living just like Gentiles.

Then there is the gentile leadership with families like Kennedy, Bush, Hearst, Rockefeller, etc. doing the same thing as their Jewish counterparts with private education and personal grooming of the children. Their children grow up in luxury and at an early age get a taste of what it is like to join the rich and famous. They are only allowed to rise as high in political offices or in other areas as the Jewish leadership allows.

Gentile children are recruited in colleges and groomed for a life of leadership under the Jewish World Government. All colleges and universities have fraternities and it is here that the morality of the young people is first broken down through alcohol and sexual promiscuity. The young people who seem to be team players and have low moral values are selected for Fulbright or Rhodes scholarships. Others who are less promising are nourished to enter universities after their college years and further led into immorality and a decadent lifestyle.

After graduation they seek jobs in business, politics, military, law enforcement or health professions and the men are invited to join Freemasonry or other occult secret societies. These are the men and the women who fill the lower echelons in the World Government in the different nations. Gentiles who are given different scholarships, often end up in the top echelon leadership but are always controlled by their Jewish counterparts.

The children of the Jewish and Gentile leadership will emerge as clones of the people who held the positions prior to them. They will be just as corrupt, lawless, selfish and hungry for more power and a lavish lifestyle.

Look at the example of Bernie Madoff who was born in 1938. He was a Jewish financial investor who was an “obedient dog” for the Mossad and channeled billions of dollars to Israeli projects and perfectly fits the profile I have just described. After finishing high school in New York City in 1956, he enrolled at the University of Alabama and only spent one year there where he became a member of the Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha fraternity in 1957. He then transferred to Hofstra College, a private education institution, and upon graduation spent a year at a law school and then entered business. In time he became a respected investor and eventually became the chairman for the NASDAQ stock market.

Madoff had a great appetite for women and wine and lived such an extravagant lifestyle that most people cannot even imagine paying $2,500 for a dinner at a restaurant. He was a loyal team player, whose job was to funnel cash by the billions from Wall Street to different Israeli projects, including the Mossad and some of its “black budget projects.” But when he became careless and bilked a number of Jewish charities, the cry was raised by Jewish leaders that Madoff had wrecked their foundations. In order to quiet the Jewish outrage, the FBI was told to go after him and he was sacrificed. He knew better than to threaten to tell it all like Robert Maxwell had done, because he knew that if he was going to be allowed to live, he would have to shut his mouth, take the blame and go to prison for the rest of his life. And that is exactly what happened. Everybody was wondering how Bernie Madoff continued so long without being detected? Now you know why.

The evil spirits that possessed the world leaders of the past transfer themselves to the new leaders coming up. With rigid training and destroyed moral values, these men and women are easily possessed by evil spirits and then molded into the same ruthless people as their predecessors.

You must remember that fallen angels and evil spirits never die. The evil spirits that once possessed the kings of the past are still around and today possessing current world leaders. The same evil spirits that possessed men like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, etc. have not left the world but are very active in human leaders today. That is the reason that mass killings like the Armenian slaughter in Turkey in 1915, when millions were butchered, was repeated in Russia during the reign of the Communists; mass killings were repeated by the Nazis during WWII, and were also repeated in China as the Communists took over in 1948. Then there were the killing fields in Cambodia in 1975, Bosnia in the 1990’s and in Rwanda in 1994.

Are you beginning to understand why I have listed these historical facts? I am trying to warn you that what was done in the past is now being done today and will continue in the future. There is no change; the Devil only has one program: to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

After studying the subject of a World Government for 34 years I have come to the conclusion that it has been able to infiltrate every national intelligence service, controlling the directors and top supervisors. These men and women are not loyal to the nation in which they live in and work, they are only loyal to the World Government and its bidding. Let me give you some examples.


The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 dragged America into WWI. It was blamed on the Germans but in reality it was executed by British intelligence operators. The German government had warned all nations that any ship carrying war supplies to England and France would be attacked by German U-boats. The British government with the approval of the President Woodrow Wilson kept sending ships to the U.S. to pick up war supplies and allowed passengers to ride on the ships. The American people were totally against entering the war and Wilson had been elected on the slogan “to keep America out of the war” but in reality was doing the opposite.

During the month of May, 1915, the British ship Lusitania was loaded with war material in New York and sailed for England with 1,198 civilian passengers onboard. British intelligence made sure that the Germans knew in advance that the ship carried a military cargo. On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat attacked the ship and sank it quickly with just one torpedo, which hit explosives that had been loaded on the ship. There were only 128 American among the 1,959 passengers who died and a case for war was made but it was rejected by the American people and Congress. The status quo remained unchanged for a year and a half as more ships from the U.S. were sunk by German U-boats.

Again the rulers of the World Government turned to intelligence operations and rumors were spread that Germany was secretly negotiating with the Mexican government of signing a pact that Mexico with the help of Japan would attack the U.S. if they declared war on Germany. British intelligence agents conveniently produced documents which President Wilson took to Congress and demanded a declaration of war on Germany. The scare tactic worked and the United States declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917.

It didn’t take long before the United States had drafted millions of young men, and in the summer of 1918, ten thousand American soldiers per day arrived in France to join in the trench warfare of being gassed and shot. President Wilson had prepared the military in advance so young men could be sent speedily to their deaths in the trenches on the Western front. A total of two million American men were sent to Europe to fight in a war that didn’t change anything, and 100,000 were left behind in the graves. Hundreds of thousands were wounded with some maimed for life.


On December 7, 1941, British intelligence instigated and lured the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order to force the U.S. into WWII. When a Dutch submarine sighted the Japanese fleet on its way to Hawaii, nine days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the captain sent a message to the British fleet command and warned about an upcoming attack on Hawaii. Prime Minister Winston Churchill (right) was the key man in getting the United States to enter the war and secretly worked with President Roosevelt to find an excuse for the U.S. to declare war on Germany. Both Churchill and Roosevelt went to great lengths to suppress any news leak before the Japanese could attack.

British intelligence operators were ordered to board the Dutch submarine under the pretense of refueling and restocking of food and water and install explosive devices. In order that no Dutch sailor would survive and later tell the truth, two small cylinders filled with cyanide were inserted in the oxygen supply on the sub, and timed to be released in conjunction with the explosives. There would be no survivors as the crew of 36 Dutch navy personnel had to die to protect the treasonous secret of Churchill and Roosevelt. The sub was blown up once the British intelligence operators left the sub and all men on board were killed. The secret was hid for 55 years until 1996 when it was revealed by British intelligence operator Christopher Creighton.[1]

Sadly, the newly installed radar system on Hawaii picked up the Japanese fleet and sent an urgent warning to the American military command which stonewalled the warning. Prior to the attack, the U.S. Navy had moved all aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbor and hid them around the Hawaiian islands. The harbor was then stacked with battleships which military command knew would be less useful in the coming war. The Japanese were baited and lured to attack, with the result that 1,282 were wounded and 2,402 were killed while the Japanese losses were 65 killed.


I am aware that this raid took place 67 years ago and the men that ordered this raid on the coast of France are now dead but the current World Government generation in charge of events in the world has been trained to think like these men did. This invasion of German held France in 1942 was more than criminal; it was the greatest form of betrayal and the worst evil that only devils can design.

In 1942, the German armies were making rapid advances against the Soviets and had taken more than a million Russian soldiers captive. Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) was encircled by German troops and their army units had advanced to the outskirts of Moscow; Ukraine had fallen to the Germans and it looked like the Soviets under Joseph Stalin were about to be defeated. Stalin had signed a military pact in 1938 with Germany and in 1939 invaded Poland from the east while the Germans had smashed the Poles from the West. But in 1941, Stalin had changed and made an alliance with England and France after Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union.

Stalin demanded a second front be opened up in France to relieve the massive pressure on the Soviet army. The people running the war and controlling the United States and England gave the order to study the feasibility of invading France. Military planners told the political leaders that it was not possible since American war production was not up to its capacity and its troops were still being trained and too green to take on the Germans. On November 8, 1942 American and British troops invaded Algeria and Morocco to drive out the Germans. In the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, the American force was badly beaten by the Germans and had to retreat. It took battle hardened British soldiers to stop the Germans and rescue the Americans. One thousand American soldiers were killed, hundreds were taken captive and most of the American tanks, artillery and trucks were lost. In this chess game, the military leaders wanted to test the German defenses in France for a dress rehearsal before the large invasion would be launched two years later in June of 1944. Let me now quote the official American version of the reason for the attack on the French port city of Dieppe:

“…Dieppe had several advantages over other possible targets. It was near enough to be reached by ship under the cover of darkness, it was well within the operating of RAF fighter planes (the British Royal Air Force), and its defenses were strong enough to ensure a major German reaction, from which the invasion planners hoped to learn much." (My emphasis)

Specifically, the Dieppe raid would afford practice in handling an assault fleet off an enemy coast, in trying out new kinds of assault craft and equipment, in capturing and holding an enemy port…”[2]

The raid on Dieppe was codenamed “Jubilee.” The men to be sacrificed came from the 2nd Canadian Division, which had been stationed in England since 1939. During the night of August 18th, the Allied strike force crossed the English Channel toward Dieppe and consisted of 237 ships of different sizes: destroyers, troop carriers, tank landing craft, assault boats and anti-aircraft gun barges. More than 5,000 Canadian infantry men were part of the invasion force, augmented with 1,100 British commandos, five German interpreters and 50 U.S. rangers.  What these men didn’t know was that they had been betrayed and were sailing into a deathtrap set by their own leaders.


This is where British intelligence officer Christopher Creighton enters the picture. He went public in 1996 with his book, OPJB, confessed to the terrible crimes he had committed as an intelligence agent. Working as John Davis, he had established himself as a double agent that the German intelligence thought was a traitor and hungry for money.

Prime Minister Churchill and the Allied Supreme Command under the General Dwight Eisenhower (right) wanted to make sure that the Germans would put up the best fight possible as the Allied troops invaded Dieppe. So John Davis made contact with the German Embassy in Ireland (a neutral nation during the war) and was taken by a German U-boat to Germany in the early part of 1942. He then told the German Intelligence chief Admiral Canaris detailed plans about the attack on Dieppe. He was sent back to Germany a second time in July to inform the Germans about changed dates and a different attack plan.

Thus, the German military command knew of the coming attack, the size of the force, that the attack would span an area of 11 miles of the coast, what units were involved and what kind of support was coming from navy ships. The Germans were ready when the allied forces began landing on the beaches and it was nothing but slaughter as the brave Canadians tried to storm the beaches and make headway inland. The Royal Regiment of Canada lost 94.5% of its men in death and the rest were taken captive.

Of the 5,100 soldiers who actually landed on the different beaches, 3,648 were killed or captured. The British commandos had fewer losses, since they controlled their own assault boats and were able to retreat faster. Their losses were 247 dead or captured out of 1,100. All of the equipment put on the beaches was lost and the British navy lost one destroyer, 33 landing craft and 550 sailors were killed; the RAF lost 153 airmen and the German losses were 591 dead or captured.

As wave after wave of Canadian soldiers came ashore, the surviving soldiers from previous waves tried to get into the assault boats and be taken back to the ships but were beaten or shot at by navy personnel and driven back to the slaughter on the beaches. There were 4,598 men, fathers or sons from Canada, England and the United States who died in the prime of their lives on beaches that had no value for the outcome of the war. They were sacrificed just like at Pearl Harbor. As these men were executed in cold blooded murder and died on the beaches, so did their future children who never had the chance to live.



You would think that a person like General Dwight Eisenhower had learned a lesson with the Dieppe raid but that was not the case. When Eisenhower became president of the United States on January 1, 1953, the Korean War was still going strong. While negotiations were going on to get a cease fire, trouble was brewing in Cuba as its dictator Fulgencio Batista had lined himself up with the Jewish Mafia, which at that time was led by the Russian born Jew, Meyer Lansky, and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. The Jewish Mafia in the United States had been working with the Zionist World Federation prior to WWII, and after 1948 with the foundation of Israel, the Mossad picked up the relationship with Lansky and his gangsters.

Fulgencio Batista Meyer Lansky Benjamin Siegel Vito Genovese Frank Costello Santo Trafficante Frank Sinatra

Lansky and his Jewish mafia had gotten free hands to work the Cuban gambling industry and Havana became known as “East Las Vegas.” They teamed up with Italian mobsters like Vito Genovese, Frank Costello and Santo Trafficante. Frank Sinatra was deeply involved with the mob and a frequent guest in Havana. There were some 11,500 prostitutes working in Havana in 1953.

Eisenhower’s vice president was Richard Nixon (right), who for many years had been hostile to American Jews and wanted to destroy the Jewish network in Cuba. Fidel Castro was a Cuban who started an uprising against the Batista regime on July 26, 1953. The next day a cease fire was signed in Korea, which took a lot of pressure off the White House. Secretly, Castro began receiving some help from the United States.

But the uprising on July 26, 1953 was put down and Fidel Castro (left) and his brother Raul (below right) ended up in a Cuban prison. Pressure from the U.S. was brought to bear on Batista to free his political prisoners and the Castro brothers were set free and immediately started to work on a second attempt to overthrow the Cuban government. On December 2, 1956, a second uprising started against the Cuban government and was brutally suppressed by Batista forces. The White House recalled their Cuban ambassador and launched an arms embargo on March 14, 1958 so that in time the Cuban military aircraft, tanks and trucks were unusable due to lack of spare parts.

The Castro brothers joined forces with other opposition forces in Cuba and a joint military campaign began that had the government forces slowly retreating towards Havana. On January 1, 1959, Batista realized that the war against the rebels was lost and fled to Spain where he lived as a rich man until his death of a heart attack on August 6, 1973. A possible assassination? A week later when Havana fell to the rebel army the Jewish and American gangsters had already left for the U.S. The Castro brothers then consolidated their control by killing or imprisoning all groups that had aided them and turned Cuba into a communist dictatorship.


Since the Zionist World Federation controlled the communists in the Soviet Union, they were not opposed to the idea of a communist Cuba. After all, it could be used as a threat to America and make sure that the American government was willing to support Israel at any cost.

Lansky and his mobster friends had lost their income from Cuba, but were compensated and given control of Las Vegas, and Bugsy Siegel became the mob boss in Las Vegas. The only people who were steamed about the whole thing were Eisenhower and Nixon since they thought that Fidel and Raul Castro were “their boys.” On March 17, 1960, President Eisenhower approved a CIA plan titled, “A Program of Covert Action against the Castro Regime.”

“The plan included: 1) the creation of a responsible and unified Cuban opposition to the Castro regime located outside of Cuba, 2) the development of a means for mass communication to the Cuban people as part of a powerful propaganda offensive, 3) the creation and development of a covert intelligence and action organization within Cuba which would respond to the orders and directions of the exile opposition, and 4) the development of a paramilitary force outside of Cuba for future guerrilla action. These goals were to be achieved “in such a manner as to avoid the appearance of U.S. intervention.”[3]

A budget of $4.4 million was approved from a “black budget” controlled by the CIA and concealed from Congress.


In the month of April, 1960, the CIA began recruiting anti-Castro Cubans living in Florida. The training initially took place on the Useppa Island and a number of American military bases, including Homestead AFB. Special guerilla training took place in Panama at Fort Gulick and Fort Clayton. As the forces started to number in the thousands, they were sent to a CIA base codenamed “JMTrax,” near Retalhuleu in the Sierra Madre on the pacific coast of Guatemala. The force became known as “Brigade 2506.”

Later in the summer of 1960, an airbase was constructed near Retalhuleu and codenamed “JMMadd.” More than 30 B-26 bombers that were upgraded and equipped with offensive weapons were secured from the United States Air Force and marked as Guatemalan air force bombers. Paratroop training took place at another base in Guatemala and boat handling and amphibious landing took place in Puerto Rico. Tank training was done at Fort Knox, Kentucky and at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The CIA operated in the same mode as later in the 1980’s with the “Iran/Contra” project, using American made Douglas C-54 and Curtiss C-46 cargo planes to transport people and material to the different CIA bases in Central America. The CIA also had a base in Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua codenamed “JMTide.”

On April 9, 1961, Brigade 2506 personnel, ships and aircraft started to assemble at the CIA base of Puerto Cabezas, a city on the east coast of Nicaragua and not too far from the border of Honduras.


With elaborate military training in several Central American nations as well as in the U.S., the Soviet KGB kept a close eye on the operation just like the Dieppe raid where plans were given to the Germans, moles within the CIA made sure that the Cuban military command was updated continually. The men that the CIA had trained were going to be sent to their deaths just like at Dieppe some 19 years earlier. President Eisenhower set in motion the invasion of Cuba but it was carried out during the first few months of President Kennedy’s term.


Early in the morning on April 15, 1961, eight B-26B bombers attacked three Cuban airfields. These were American planes with Cuban crews which had taken off from an airfield in Puerto Cabezas. Against all international rules of war, the CIA painted the bombers as Cuban air force bombers in order to deceive the defenders. At 10:30 A.M., Raul Roa the Cuban Foreign Minister had lodged a complaint with the United Nations that his country had been attacked by the United States. Adlai Stevenson the U.S. ambassador to the UN lied and stated that U.S. armed forces would not “under any conditions” intervene in Cuba and that the U.S. would do everything in its power to ensure that no U.S. citizen would participate in actions against Cuba. It would be a few hours later that Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Stevenson found out that the CIA had lied to them about the invasion. President Kennedy referred to Stevenson as “my official liar.”

Raul Roa Adlai Stevenson Dean Rusk

Since Castro knew the invasion was imminent, he wanted to make sure that all the sympathizers would be taken out of the equation. The same day the Cuban police started to round up some 200,000 Cubans, known to oppose Castro.

U-2 reconnaissance photos on April 16th showed that most of the Cuban air force was intact and that the attacking B-26 bombers had missed most of its targets. The CIA was planning a new attack on the 17th but President Kennedy realized that the whole world would be watching the United States attack Cuba. Instead of calling off the entire operation, he cancelled the air attacks and allowed Castro to have his air force almost intact. This would later cause much carnage as the Cuban infantry landed on the beach at the Bay of Pigs. This was the first terrible mistake by President Kennedy.

Late on April 16, 1961, the Brigade 2506 invasion fleet assembled on “Rendezvous Point Zulu,” which was located about 40 miles from Cuba. The cargo ships were chartered by the CIA and disguised under the flag of other nations like Liberia and Nicaragua. There were five cargo ships in this flotilla and some of them came from New Orleans where they had picked up military supplies. In addition, there were two American LCI’s (Landing Craft Infantry) with heavy armament had been outfitted at Key West, Florida.

Guarding this invasion force were seven American Navy destroyers which followed them to point Zulu. A Navy taskforce had been assembled off the Cayman Islands consisting of the aircraft carrier USS Essex, commanded by Admiral John A. Clark, the helicopter assault carrier USS Boxer, plus four destroyers and two submarines. Another navy ship, the USS Northhampton, a command and control ship plus the carrier, USS Shangri-La, were also operating in the area.

Thus the CIA had prepared its forces and the U.S. Navy had assembled enough firepower to secure a landing on Cuba and wipe out all resistance from the Cuban air force. However, once the seven invasion ships left point Zulu, they would be without the escort of the U.S. Navy destroyers, which stayed behind. The only U.S. Navy ship traveling with the invasion fleet was the USS San Marcos, which was a landing ship dock that carried three LCU’s (Landing Craft Utility) and four LCVP’s (Landing Craft, Vehicles and Personnel). This ship stayed with the invasion fleet until a point three miles off the Cuban coast, where it unloaded its seven landing craft.

The CIA command, the U.S. Navy command, and the top brass at the Pentagon all knew that this invasion was doomed to fail and that the men sent ashore would be killed or taken captive. The invasion could have been called off but it was not. Just after midnight on April 17th the invasion began with frogmen landing on the beaches to set up lights to guide the invasion force. A total of 1,500 men were landed on the beaches, in conjunction with five American C-46 and one C-54s dropping paratroopers.

While the CIA trained Cuban invasion force was fighting to survive, including a number of so called “American advisors,” Secretary of State Dean Rusk gave a press conference. He stated:

“The American people are entitled to know whether we are intervening in Cuba or intend to do so in the future? The answer to that question is, no. What happens in Cuba is for the Cuban people to decide.” 


Rusk learned the truth after the press conference that there was indeed an American operation and became so angry that he broke rank with President Kennedy and publicly urged the president to stop the attack on Cuba and avoid further embarrassment. What the American people didn’t know was that President Kennedy had been heavily involved in the planning of the invasion and that from the day he took office on January 20, 1961, he had been in favor of taking out Fidel Castro.

On April 17th at 12:15AM EST, Kennedy received a message from the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in which he rebuked Kennedy then threatened with Soviet intervention on the side of the Communist regime in Cuba. It became clear to Kennedy and his advisors that the cover up plan they had devised to make it look like Cubans opposing Castro were doing their own thing was destroyed and that the whole world except the American people knew that this was an American military campaign to overthrow Castro.

Kennedy then made another mistake, instead of using the U.S. Navy to extract the invaders and save them from further harm, he allowed the operation to continue without support from the U.S. Air Force or the Navy. The U.S Air Force General C.P. Cabell in charge of the invasion wanted the U.S. Air Force to intervene and save the invasion force which was in a life or death struggle. Dean Rusk and McGeorge Bundy (left), Special Assistant to the President, and others pressed Kennedy to ground the U.S. Air Force. The result was that the Cuban air force was able to dominate the skies and two of the invasion ships were sunk.

Heavy fighting continued while support from American B-26 aircraft, manned by Cuban pilots, tried to stem the tide. The last air attack was launched by five American B-26s, manned by CIA contract air crews from the Alabama Air National Guard. But it could not change the outcome on the ground as Cuban tanks, artillery and aircraft drove the invaders back to the beaches. Late on April 19, 1961, two American destroyers moved close to the shore to evacuate the fleeing Cuban invaders, and from the 19th until April 22nd, navy reconnaissance flights were flown over the war zone.

On April 21, the U.S. Navy added two more destroyers in the search and rescue mission aided by one submarine and a PBY Catalina flying boat. The shooting war was over but the nightmare for captured invaders had just started.

Fidel Castro was a hard core communist and ordered hundreds of executions between April to October 1961. A number of American military advisors were killed on the spot when they were captured. Many Cubans, whether they were part of the invasion force or not, were rounded up and killed. There were 1,204 soldiers from Brigade 2506 who were captured and in May, 1961, Fidel Castro offered to release them in exchange for 500 farm tractors. The deal fell through and on March 1962, the remaining 1,179 invaders from Brigade 2506 were put on trial and sentenced to 30 years in prison. On April 14, 1962, 60 wounded and sick soldiers from the brigade were released and taken to the U.S. On December 21, 1962, a deal was cut so that with a ransom of $53,000,000 in food and medicine, 1,113 men from the brigade were released and sent back to the U.S. More than 1,000 family members were allowed to go with the men. On December 29, 1962, President Kennedy attended a “welcome back” ceremony for Brigade 2506 veterans at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.


President John F. Kennedy was no hero; instead, he was a liar just like 99% of all political leaders. He was in on the planning for the invasion and made the final decision to go ahead with it but pulled support away from the men he had sent into combat and then he was not ashamed to attend a welcome ceremony for the men whom he had harmed with his policies.[4]

Why would the president act like this? The truth is that he was never in charge of the White House; there were unseen hands that ruled, and he was told like every other president since Woodrow Wilson on what to do, what to say and how to say it. He was an actor and played his role well until he came up with the brilliant idea of having the United States print its own money and bypass the Federal Reserve Bank. On June 4, 1963, he issued an executive order to bypass the Federal Reserve Bank and for the Treasury of the United States to continue issuing silver certificates and to start printing United States Notes instead of saying Federal Reserve Notes. Kennedy signed his own death warrant when he issued an executive order that was contrary to what his handlers wanted. It was because Kennedy tried to bypass the Federal Reserve Bank and the Jewish power behind it that resulted in his public execution in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

The assassination was a joint operation by the CIA and the FBI. Any American who is somewhat educated has come to understand that there was a giant cover-up in order to protect the people who ordered this execution. Should you trust the CIA or the FBI? Only a fool would trust agencies that have proven over and over again to be corrupt and turned against the American people.



Do we have any records of the United States government instigating attacks in our nation in order to justify an action of war? Yes, and I am not thinking of Pearl Harbor in 1941 but something that happened in 1961. Very few people have ever heard about Operation Northwoods.  It was not until I was doing research on terror projects by the U.S. government that I found out about this horrible project.

“Operation Northwoods, or Northwoods, was a false-flag plan, proposed within the United States government in 1962. The plan called for CIA or other operatives to commit apparent acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Castro-led Cuba. One plan was to ‘develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.’

“This operation is especially notable in that it included plans for hijackings and bombings followed by the use of phony evidence that would blame the terrorist acts on a foreign government, namely Cuba.

“The plan stated: The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.

“Operation Northwoods was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and signed by then-Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer, and sent to the Secretary of Defense.

“Several other proposals were listed, including the real or simulated actions against various U.S military and civilian targets. Operation Northwoods was part of the U.S. government's Cuban Project (Operation Mongoose) anti-Castro initiative. It was never officially accepted or executed.”[5]

Here is a list of the steps of the operation which were proposed by a joint effort of the Pentagon and the CIA:

“A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.

A.     Incidents to establish a credible attack (not in chronological order):

1.      Start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.

2.      Land friendly Cubans in uniform ‘over-the-fence’ to stage attack on base.

3.      Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base.

4.      Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans).

5.      Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.

6.      Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).

7.      Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base. Some damage to installations.

8.      Capture assault teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of Guantanamo City.

9.      Capture militia group which storms the base.

10.  Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires—napthalene.

11.  Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be in lieu of (10)).

B.      United States would respond by executing offensive operations to secure water and power supplies, destroying artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base.

C.     Commence large scale United States military operations.”[6]


President Kennedy wanted to start building his legacy and knew that he had to put any attempt to attack Cuba on the backburner since he was taking on the Federal Reserve Bank and the emerging war in Vietnam that he had also inherited. His action on the Cuba question made his assassination more urgent as the World Government leaders recognized Kennedy had ceased to be a team player.

“President John F. Kennedy personally rejected the Northwoods proposal. A JCS/Pentagon document (Ed Lansdale memo) dated March 16, 1962, titled MEETING WITH THE PRESIDENT, 16 MARCH 1962, reads: ‘General Lemnitzer commented that the military had contingency plans for U.S. intervention. Also it had plans for creating plausible pretexts to use force, with the pretext either attacks on U.S. aircraft or a Cuban action in Latin America for which we could retaliate. The President said bluntly that we were not discussing the use of military force, that General Lemnitzer might find the U.S. so engaged in Berlin or elsewhere that he couldn't use the contemplated 4 divisions in Cuba.’ The proposal was sent for approval to the Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara (right), but was not implemented. Kennedy removed Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shortly afterward, although he became Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in January 1963.

 “The continuing push against the Cuban government by internal elements of the U.S. military and intelligence community (the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Project, etc.) prompted Kennedy to attempt to rein in burgeoning hard-line anti-Communist sentiment that was intent on proactive, aggressive action against communist movements around the globe. After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy fired then CIA director Allen W. Dulles, Deputy Director Charles P. Cabell, and Deputy Director Richard Bissell, and turned his attention towards Vietnam.

Allen Dulles Charles Cabell Richard Bissell

“Kennedy also took steps to bring discipline to the CIA's Cold War and paramilitary operations by drafting a National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) which called for the shift of Cold War operations to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Department of Defense as well as a major change in the role of the CIA to exclusively deal in intelligence gathering. Kennedy was notably unpopular with the military, a rift that came to a head during Kennedy's disagreements with the military over the Cuban Missile Crisis, shortly before the presentation of Northwoods. Personally, Kennedy expressed concern and anger to many of his associates about the CIA's growing influence on civilians and government inside America.”[7]


When we look back at these historical plans that were never implemented, wouldn’t it be possible a few generations later for the plans to be dusted off, change the names, and set in action the destruction of the twin towers in New York, an adjacent building and the bombing of the Pentagon. In 2001, the target attacked by the United States was not Cuba, but Afghanistan and Iraq. I will explain more about this later.

When the Soviets under the leadership of Khrushchev found out that Kennedy was vacillating on an attack on Cuba, they decided to strike, and on October 8, 1962, they started to build missile bases in Cuba which were going to be outfitted with nuclear warheads. This forced Kennedy to declare a blockade of Cuba in order to stop Soviet ships from delivering parts and missiles to the island. It almost came to a nuclear war, but the Soviets backed down in the end when Kennedy officially declared that the U.S. would not invade Cuba and that all American nuclear missiles deployed in Turkey would be withdrawn. But in order to hammer home the terrible plans that the Pentagon and the CIA had drawn up, let me quote journalist James Bamford’s summary:

“Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed, to launch their war.”[8]



The war in Vietnam was built upon lies even before it started. There was an issue that developed in the fall of 1945 when Japan surrendered. Korea was occupied by Japanese troops and the U.S. Pacific Command didn’t have sufficient troops on hand to take it over. A decision had been made in Yalta in February 1945 where Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt had met and decided how to carve up the world after the war. It was decided that Korea was to be divided, with the North given to the Soviet Union and the South to the United States.

A third conference that year was held in Germany at Potsdam where Harry Truman replaced Franklin Roosevelt and further concessions were made to the Soviets. It is noteworthy that Chiang Kai-shek, the Chinese leader was kept away from these conferences, since it had been agreed that China would be handed over to the Communists. Up until this time, the Soviet Union had not declared war on Japan and left the American, British and Australian’s to battle the Japanese forces. Since the Soviet Army had taken very heavy losses against the Germans, the World Government had kept the Russians out of the fight with the Japanese. But there were some territories which Stalin wanted and after the first atomic bomb had been dropped on Japan on August 8, 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. Just seven days before Japan surrendered, a million man Soviet army rolled into Manchuria and down into Korea. The Japanese army in Manchuria was demoralized and could not put up any resistance. A sea attack was also launched and the Japanese islands of Kurile and Sakhalin were taken. The Japanese troops were pushed south until the Soviet army suddenly stopped at the 38th parallel because of the agreement crafted at Potsdam. Had the Korean people known what was about to happen they would have exploded in anger.

Joseph Stalin Winston Churchill Franklin Roosevelt

Korea had once been an empire but was annexed by Japan in 1910 to be a province. Millions of Korean men during WWII were taken to Japan to work as slave labor in the Japanese war production and hundreds of thousands of Korean women were forced to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers in the different war zones. As a result, the Korean people hated the Japanese. The American military command had no soldiers to control the southern part and strangely requested that the Japanese army in the south continue its occupation until American troops were available. For the next three weeks the Japanese troops carried an arm patch indicating they were taking control for the United States of America. No one asked the Korean people if they wanted to take control themselves.

Then another strange event took place as the weapons, ammunition and equipment for the invasion of Japanese mainland were not needed with the end of the war. They were stored on pacific island bases but weren’t needed after the atomic bombs were dropped and Japan quickly surrendered. These supplies for a one million man invasion army were divided into two parts with half of it given to the Soviets in North Korea who used it to build up the North Korean communist army. Five years later this army would wreak havoc on South Korea and be responsible for the deaths of more than 50,000 American soldiers in the Korean War.

The second half of these supplies was sent to Vietnam and given to the communist forces under the command of Ho Chi Minh. The man that would lead a war against the United States in the 1960’s was given a start with American military surplus material and suddenly had enough weapons for half a million men.[9]

By now the reader must be thinking, this does not make sense. How can this be? Let me give you another overview that will show you the depravity of the people who are now in the process of waging war with the people in the world and attacking us with the swine flu:

North Korea was jointly created by the United States and the Soviet Union and its army equipped with American surplus war material. This was a crime against the Korean people and the American people.


The European Rothschild family totally dominated nations in Europe during the 19th century and basically set the policies for these nations. Since much raw material for industry is found outside Europe, many nations started colonies. This is a nice way of saying they set out to steal land from people living in Africa and Asia, force the population to work as slave labor and sent the raw material back to Europe. England took great chunks of Africa like Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa. In Asia they had made a colony out of India, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Burma and leased Hong Kong for 99 years.  France conquered Morocco, Algeria, Chad, Madagascar, and a number of small African nations on the west coast of Africa. In Asia they had subdued Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Portugal had taken Angola and Mozambique in Africa. Belgium and France had divided Congo in half. Holland had taken Indonesia. Germany had taken Tanganyika, Ruanda, Burundi, German Southwest Africa, Kamerun and Togoland. Italy had taken Eritrea, Libia and a number of other smaller islands.

The Rothschild’s were more than happy as the governments of these colonial nations extracted an enormous amount of gold, silver, copper, diamonds and raw materials like oil and iron ore. Native men were conscripted into military service, and during the different wars in Europe, these conscript units were brought to Europe to fight for the Rothschild’s. The profit of all this trade and industrial output went into the pockets of the Rothschild’s who became wealthier each year.


In 1888 France sent troops to the three nations that made up Indochina (Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) and subdued them. The official language became French and the Roman Catholic Church was invited to convert the people. Their young bright students were sent to France to learn the French way of thinking and then sent back to become part of the colonial government. In a few years a wealthy class had been developed from the native people who were more than happy to oppress their own people in order to live the rich lifestyle.

In 1890, a boy was born near the central Vietnamese city of Vinh and was given the name Nguyen That Thanh. When he was older, he changed his name to Ho Chi Minh. His father was involved in the resistance movement against the French colonial rule, and at the age of 21, he was sent to France to get a higher education and ended up as one of the founding members of the French Communist Party. He became a hardcore Communist and demanded that all colonies in the world should be liberated and become communist nations.

From France he moved to Moscow, where he stayed until 1924. From 1924 to 1941 he lived in Canton, China, then back to the Soviet Union, then in Brussels, Belgium, then back to Paris. Minh lived in Thailand from 1928-30, then went back to Russia and then to China where he recruited exiled Vietnamese men to form the Indochina Communist Party. History books do not tell us who paid for all the trips Minh made? Who paid for his upkeep and what passport did he use? In 1941, Minh went back to Vietnam to fight the Japanese occupation army.

Here are some more strange events for you to consider. When France capitulated to Germany in 1941, it was divided into two parts. One became a German occupied province and the rest was ruled by a German puppet regime, called the “Vichy Government.” This government lined up with Germany and the French troops in Indochina became loyal to the Vichy government and thus welcomed Japanese troops to operate freely in Indochina, since Germany and Japan were allies. France at this time had 50,000 soldiers in Indochina and for the next three years they fought against insurgents who were trying to attack the Japanese troops.

So when France was invaded by the Allies in June 1944, and shortly liberated thereafter, the Vichy government fell. The Japanese didn’t do anything until March 9, 1945, when they started a mass roundup of French soldiers and began to kill them. French women and children were used as human shields by the Japanese soldiers and rape of French women became the norm. Only six thousand managed to flee north to China.

Even more strangely the American spy organization known as OSS was given orders in 1944 to start supporting Ho Chi Minh and his communist armed forces. American military advisors and military supplies were air dropped to boost the Communist forces. The American government then promised Minh, that if he would help to fight the Japanese, the United States would turn over Vietnam to Minh and his forces when the war was over. It was a marriage made in hell.

With the collapse of Japan in August 1945, the communists under Minh took over Hanoi. General Vo Nguyen Giap was the military commander for the communist forces, which later became known as “Vietminh.” American advisors had trained and equipped this army with top of the line American military hardware.

Stranger still, after the surrender by Japan in September 1945, non-communist Chinese troops were ordered into Vietnam to control the northern part. It had been decided at Potsdam that Vietnam was going to be divided up into two parts, using the 16th parallel as the border.

Chiang Kai-shek was the leader of China at this time and was involved in a bloody civil war with the Communist forces under the control of Mao Tse-tung. But in Vietnam the Chinese non-communist troops co-existed in harmony with the Vietminh. The official spin on this project was that the Chinese troops were there to take control of the surrendering Japanese and send them back to Japan. But it was in the south that the real action was played out.

Chiang Kai-shek Mao Tse-tung Vo Nguyen Giap

Vietnam was a French colony freed from Japanese control and British Major General Douglas D. Gracey showed up with 1,600 men of the 20th Indian division. His official orders were to capture and disarm all Japanese soldiers and send them back to Japan and then let the local Vietnamese population form their own government. Instead of following his original orders, he declared martial law in all Indochina south of the 16th parallel and used this martial law to proclaim that Indochina was going to be given back to France as a colony.

The surviving French troops who had been held in prison camps were released and re-armed and the surviving French colonial government officials put back in power. The power of the unseen hand materialized again as the British general didn’t have enough troops to secure his area, so instead of sending the Japanese troops home, they were re-armed and given the order to control the Vietnamese. But even that was not enough because General Gracey didn’t have enough British officers to command the Japanese troops, so they were sent out under the command of their own officers. Japan still had a sizeable air force in Vietnam and General Gracey used it to ferry British and French troops to different points in Vietnam. During the month of October, 1945, the French General Philippe Leclerc (right) arrived with one thousand soldiers. In time his forces were built up to 25,000 men. By early 1946, the French had poured in enough troops that the British troops left Vietnam and all Japanese soldiers were disarmed and sent back to Japan.

The people in Indochina were double crossed by the world leaders. They had been promised independence from France once WWII was over but this promise was never kept. It had been a lie from the beginning and the hated Japanese troops were used for almost half a year to suppress the population in order to buy time so that France could send in fresh troops from Europe.

In order to stall and build up its forces in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was invited to Paris, where negotiations took place to free Vietnam from France and set up a Vietnamese Communist government. But in October 1946, France adopted a new constitution and broke off all negotiations so that war would again break out in Indochina. When Minh returned to Vietnam, General Giap had built an army of 60,000 men who had been trained by Japanese officers and soldiers who refused to return to Japan and had deserted to the Communists.

Look at this unlikely combination in which a Vietnamese Communist army under the command of Japanese officers and equipped with the latest American weapons was headed by Ho Chi Minh, a former member of the French Communist Party and an American ally during WWII. Does that seem illogical?

I am sure you are trying to understand why France got involved in Vietnam and why so much money and effort was spent to keep Vietnam as a colony. The answer is that Napoleon wanted to establish himself around the world and the great rubber plantations in Vietnam produced rubber, which is used to make tires. Thus we find the same underlying interest of the World Government and its bankers to import cheap raw material, in this case rubber, to keep cars, trucks, airplanes and military vehicles running.

The administrations of Roosevelt and Truman supported Joseph Stalin and his communist regime in the Soviet Union. But strong support was also given to the French General Charles DeGaulle fighting communists in France after the war was over. In China support was given during the war to Chiang Kai-shek who was fighting Mao Tse-tung and his communist forces. In North Korea and Vietnam, American support was given to the communists. This clearly shows that the presidents of the United States were not in control but were puppets of the World Government. The American media at this time didn’t discuss these issues and the American people were kept in the dark.


When Germany surrendered in May 1945, millions of its soldiers were taken for slave labor. The majority of them ended up in Soviet slave labor camps but England also snatched hundreds of thousands for slave labor to rebuild the bombed out cities in England. France took control of half a million German soldiers and officers, but instead of using them exclusively as slave labor, they were given the option of joining the French Foreign Legion or becoming slave laborers in France and being shipped to Vietnam to fight the Communists. For the next seven years, German troops under the command of French officers and American weapons fought Vietnamese soldiers under Japanese command  also using American weapons.

But there was to be more treason and betrayal. When the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, the United States had more than 100,000 ground troops in China equipped with tanks, artillery and air support. The U.S. also had a strong naval fleet off the coast of China. President Truman had been told that China was to be handed over to Mao Tse-tung. Orders were sent to the American military commanders in the field to stop supporting the Nationalist Government of Chiang Kai-shek and turn over as much equipment as possible in the withdrawal to Mao Tse-tung and his communist forces. The battle for China was over in 1948 as the Nationalist forces had been driven to the coast. However, the World Government wanted to make sure that they had a counterforce in case Mao Tse-tung did not behave and the U.S. Navy evacuated Chiang Kai-shek and millions of his troops (including their families) to the island of Formosa which later became known as Taiwan. The navy then put a protective ring around Formosa and a number of small islands which has kept the Communists out to this very day.


Once China was lost in 1948, President Truman received new orders to stop supporting Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and support the French colonial government instead. The communist forces of Minh controlled most of Vietnam by the end of 1953, and in March 1954, the battle for the fortress Dien Bien Phu began. After fierce fighting the fortress was taken by the Communists on May 7, 1954. President Truman was told to put pressure on Congress so that it would declare war on the communists in Vietnam but it refused as the Korean War was just winding down.

In the meantime peace negotiations were held in Geneva, and on July 21, 1954, an agreement was signed calling for the division of Vietnam into two military zones with the 17th parallel as the border, which later became known as the DMZ (demilitarized zone). The communists were to withdraw north of the border and the French forces south of the border. It was also agreed that in 1956, elections would be held in both zones so that the people could choose their own government. They never did take place because President Eisenhower and the South Vietnamese leaders refused to participate because they didn’t think that they could win an election. Instead, two dictatorships developed with Ho Chi Minh in the north and another in the south under the auspices of the American CIA. The regime in the South was very unstable with nine different governments until a military takeover by Air Vice Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky. The CIA was very busy mopping up after the different governments and a number of political leaders were murdered by the CIA.


The Communists under Ho Chi Minh had now developed two military forces. First the North had its own armed regular forces and the “Viet Cong” was created with people from the North and South in order to wage war in the South.

In 1959, when Eisenhower was president, the CIA had established secret bases in the South where they trained young men from South Vietnam for covert intelligence and sabotage raids into North Vietnam. They were air dropped by American aircraft or landed by American submarines until 1969.

Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy had full knowledge of the history of Indochina and should never have sent American troops to Vietnam but they had no choice as the World Government dictated that the wars in Vietnam would continue. In 1960, the United States officially had 700 military advisers in South Vietnam and by 1963 their numbers had risen to 17,000.


With the French and British military out of South Vietnam their governments were told it was time to start supporting North Vietnam and it didn’t take long until the harbor in Hanoi was filled with ships from France and England unloading their military cargo, which was then used to kill young American soldiers in the South who had been drafted and sent to Vietnam. When President Kennedy was executed by the CIA, the war in Vietnam was going badly for the South and Vice President Lyndon Johnson (right) was told to send more troops. But the American people didn’t want to enlarge the war and a cause was needed. Remembering the Dieppe raid and the Bay of Pigs, Johnson gave orders to the CIA to create a situation that would warrant America declaring war on North Vietnam.


The CIA had been training frogmen among the commandos of South Vietnamese conscripts and they were transported in teams of ten by American submarines to the Gulf of Tonkin where they were to attack and blow up North Vietnamese naval installations on the coast. Just outside the three mile international border, American destroyers had been slowly sailing up and down the coast. The frogmen had created all kinds of havoc for the North Vietnamese, who responded by sending out their own small naval vessels on the second, third and fourth of August which started to attack the American warships with torpedoes.

This is the cause President Johnson had been waiting for and called for a joint session with Congress in which he made a speech with great indignation that the “rotten” North Vietnamese had attacked American warships in international waters without warning or provocation and committed an act of war. The stupefied Congress either bought into this lie or accepted it to save their own political lives and the infamous “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” was passed by both houses on August 7, 1964. Johnson ordered massive bombing of North Vietnamese naval installations. Several years later, as the American public became increasingly disillusioned with the Vietnam War, many congressmen came to see the resolution as giving the president a blanket power to wage war, and the resolution was repealed in 1970.[10]

But the war did not go well for the South Vietnamese and on March 7, 1965, the first American combat unit landed at Da Nang consisting of 3,500 marines. By July 1965, the combat troops numbered 75,000. In 1968, the troops in Vietnam numbered 510,000 men. There were 50,000 men drafted every month in the United States as resistance and demonstrations to the war increased with hundreds of thousands people in the streets. The war became increasingly unpopular after the Tet[11] offensive when the Viet Cong suicide attacked 100 military targets in the South and the pressure on Congress increased to get the U.S. out of Vietnam.

Fresh negotiation began in Geneva, Switzerland on May 13, 1968 between the U.S. and North Vietnam. The South Vietnamese government was invited to be part of the negotiations as a sidekick. The same strategy was then used as we see today in Iraq and Afghanistan with training local troops and handing the war over to them. A cease fire was agreed upon by all parties in January of 1973 giving the United States 60 days to withdraw its troops. The North continued its attacks on the South during the next two years and South Vietnam fell in 1975. Ho Chi Minh died in 1969.


Four U.S. presidents lied about this war to the American people. Kennedy and Johnson were democrats while Eisenhower and Nixon were republicans. But we cannot solely lay the blame on these four men for blame must also be laid at the feet of Congress, the Supreme Court, the military brass at the Pentagon and the American media which initially was a willing mouthpiece for the government. It is obvious that there are forces outside of the United States which dictate the policies of our nation and very few political leaders dare to speak up.


By 1995, American businessmen were back in Vietnam as the communists welcomed them with open arms. As of 2009 the United States is the largest market for Vietnamese products and a number of American corporations have built factories in Vietnam. The death of more than 55,000 American soldiers with more than 100,000 suicide deaths of American Vietnam vets and the hundreds of thousands of American drug addicts from time spent in Vietnam means nothing today. It is simply business as usual. The Vietnam vets are now 54 and older and will soon be retiring from their jobs and join the elderly. The new Obama health care will take care of them by limiting medical care and making sure they die quickly. Do you still trust the American government when they tell us that the swine flu vaccine is safe and good for your health?


People born after 1970 have no understanding of how the war destroyed the moral fiber in America, since they only have access to the lies presented in movies, TV programs and text books used in the public schools. Since I lived through this period of history as an adult, I want to share with you how it really was to live in America at that time.

There were no personal computers, no Internet, no cell phones and gasoline cost around 35 cents a gallon. We did not know that the World Zionist Federation existed and thus we had no clue that this political organization was ruling, not only all nations in the West, but also the Soviet Union and China.

The Cold War was at its zenith and we were constantly reminded that the communist’s controlled all East European nations and that they had made great inroads in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. The American propaganda repeatedly told us about the domino effect that if Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam fell to the communists, they will continue to take Thailand, Burma and India. Soon they will be taking over the Middle East nations and then there would be no oil for the rest of the World. Thus it was in the best interest of America that the communist threat be defeated in Vietnam.

The CIA held complete control over the “Reader’s Digest,” publication and each month glowing reports were published about the American military heroes and the ugly communists. It was a publication geared towards the conservative and Christian population in the United States, and made us hate the “commies” and wish death upon the Viet Cong.

We demanded the bombing of North Vietnam and cheered when President Johnson gave orders for B-52 carpet bombing. Every night the three television stooges on NBC, ABC and CBS devoted at least 15 minutes of a 30 minute newscast with the latest from Vietnam. We saw the aircraft carriers sailing up and down the coast of Vietnam slinging out screaming fighter bombers and we cheered them on because we knew they would be hitting the commies. When we saw pictures of shot down American pilots paraded in Hanoi, we moaned and groaned in pain for these heroes that had been taken captive by the Devil’s hordes.

We were not told much about “Agent Orange” and the destruction of forests in Vietnam nor did we know about what it meant to pacify a hamlet until the trial of Lt. Kelly for having murdered an entire village. We didn’t know that it was the norm to pacify villages by wiping out all men, women and children. We didn’t understand the impact of drugs on the soldiers in Vietnam nor did we fully understand what it meant when the U.S. military command sent thousands of American soldiers to Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and Japan for some rest and recreation. We didn’t know that the whores were lined up to comfort the “poor boys” from Vietnam and give them pleasure before they were sent back to the killing fields.

We were greatly enraged when the protest rallies began on the streets in America. These rallies were led by left wing radicals, commies, marxist-socialistic scum and we cursed them for not standing with America in this “great and just war.” We didn’t understand that we were the real fools, not the radicals on the streets. Every Christmas the Hollywood stars would line up to join Bob Hope to bring some Christmas to the boys in Vietnam who were risking their lives to keep America free. Television would show clips of these events with scantily clad American actresses singing and dancing before the dazed troops.

Many American televangelists and prominent preachers would travel to South Vietnam to save the souls of these poor boys who were plied with alcohol, heroin and whores surrounding their bases. We righteous Americans would shed tears over this and increase our donations to these preachers, who were doing such a great job. The American government knew that they had to keep the support of the religious right and permitted evangelical denominations to send missionaries to Vietnam where many people were won for Christ and churches were organized. This was the highlight for us Christians but we didn’t know that the church in Vietnam would soon be suffering as the communist’s wreaked havoc on it.

Yes, the religious right of America lived in “La La land” and our great hero was Senator Barry Goldwater (right) from Arizona who tried to run for president against Lyndon Johnson but was smashed by the no good “left wing media.” We didn’t know that he was an American Jew who was told to run for the presidency and keep the right wingers busy for awhile. As a young man, I sent money to his campaign thinking I was actually helping to save America.

When Saigon fell in 1975, we cried when we saw the people trying to walk up to the roof of the American Embassy and felt that the world had come to an end. We had been dumb enough to believe the words of American presidents, senators and congressmen until our eyes were opened many years later and we realized how foolish we were!

The people in Vietnam didn’t have much of a choice as communism was forced upon them after WWII and those who wanted to free Vietnam from communism never had a chance. The million man army in Laos made up of the Hmong people was abandoned by the CIA and only a few thousand made it out to Thailand where they had to sit in refugee (death) camps until the United States took them in. They had believed the lies of the American government and the millions left behind were brutally butchered by the communists.

Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese had worked with the Americans or served in the South Vietnam Armed forces were abandoned and ended up in re-education camps run by the ruthless communists. Thousands set out on boats and rafts and were rescued at sea and were known as the “Boat People.” Today there are millions of Vietnamese and Hmong living in the United States, uprooted from their nation by a war that was fought for nothing. Yes, we the American people were fooled and the morale of our nation was given a mortal blow!




The second wave of the swine flu will have come and gone by the time you read this article and now the people in power are preparing us for the third wave which they say will show up in April of 2010. It is simply amazing how they know the timeline of these nasty viruses and it is obvious that these people know more than us regular folks.  A number of people have asked when I am going to discuss the swine flu and why do we have to read so much history?

Well, most of you would not believe me if I just came out and told the true story behind the swine flu. You would reject the truth because you would think to yourself that people cannot be so evil; it seems unbelievable. Therefore, I am working like a prosecutor in a court case, in which I lay out the evil past of the people in charge of the United States and the world, and when I am done presenting my facts, I will proceed to present the real truth behind the swine flu.

Please be patient if you already know what I am presenting as irrefutable evidence of a great evil upon mankind. If you were unaware, take the time to educate yourself and verify it. Most importantly, don’t take any vaccine shots of any kind, since they are harmful to your health.

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