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A Covenant of Blood

by Darl Dinger


The oldest covenant
Known to man
Is the blood covenant
For it will always stand.

Adam and Eve was created
Like you and me.
To fellowship with God
And be eternally free.

Little did we know
Satan would come in like a flood,
But our redeemer had a plan,
It was the covenant of blood.

As the angels looked at man
They thought, “Oh what a loss.”
They did not know God’s plan,
It was an old rugged cross.

Yet the Christians today
They don’t understand,
The blood on that cross
Was God’s covenant with man.

In the old covenant
You can find it if you try
God said “When I see the blood”
I will surely pass by.

When a covenant is made
Priceless gifts are exchanged,
What would you give for your soul?
It is all in His name.

When God saw man’s sin
And knew he was lost,
His love was so great
That He endured the cross.

Words can not describe
The pain that he bore
To save that lost soul
To bring him to heaven’s door.
Satan is furious because of the souls he lost,
But you still have time
To accept the covenant of the cross.

Ye stiffed necked and uncircumcised
Hell is waiting for you.
You know in your heart
Just what you have to do.

This covenant of blood stands,
God said it was His fight.
Accept what Jesus did
F or soon comes the night.

I would remind you
One and all
It is your pride
That goes before the fall.

As you read this letter
Why can’t you see
It is your spirit
That longs to be free?

Jesus the Light,
The truth and the way.
Only God in heaven knows
If you have another day.

Give up your sins
Tell Satan to get lost,
Throwaway your pride
Come kneel at the Cross.

Yes, God is faithful
To every woman and man.
You have His word,
The blood covenant will stand.

What more can I say?
What more can I do?
Give your heart to Jesus
He will make room for you.


Volume 16, 2010




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