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The Swine Flu & Treason - Part 5: Biological Warfare - John S. Torell

John S. Torell




We have now step-by-step learned that the government of the United States is not in the hands of elected American politicians but is ruled by unseen and unknown persons residing in and outside the country. These unseen and unknown rulers, as far as common people are concerned, are determined to install a leader someday who will rule all the nations on the earth. The Bible calls this ruler the Antichrist.

Wars have been fought over the control of land and people down through the centuries, and millions of people died as a result, but the world population still continues to rise faster and faster. These rulers managed to exterminate some 80 million people during World War II (1939-1945), but the war was messy and destroyed much property. With Israel in place, there is no need for another massive World War; instead, another method had to be implemented to reduce the world’s population. Too many people are hard to rule under a dictatorship, it is much more efficient to reduce the world population to a manageable number and select the people who will be allowed to live.

The unseen world rulers are white European Jews who do not like people of other races. This can be seen in the State of Israel, where the leadership consists of white European and American Jews. There is a race war going on in Israel that is almost never reported in Gentile media and the poor Jews from North Africa and Jews from Middle East nations are at the bottom of the social ladder.

A select biological war where certain ethnic groups can be targeted is the choice of the world rulers and the foundation for this extermination was laid in the early 1900’s. During World War I (1914-1918) poisonous gas was used by both sides to kill many soldiers, but it was messy because the wind could blow it in a wrong direction and the people in the world would never tolerate the gassing of entire cities. The idea of germ warfare was tried during World War II but that too also became messy because germs could not be controlled and would indiscriminately kill those who were not supposed to be killed.

It was then that the researchers for the world rulers came up with the idea of virus induced diseases administered via mass vaccination. The world rulers and their own people would be spared while specific people groups could be targeted and eliminated. In order to help the reader to understand the sinister evil thinking of these world rulers, I am going to turn to the 1994 Spring issue of The Dove and share what we exposed 16 years ago and then I will share what we know in 2011. These are the four articles we are including in this newsletter plus some updates:

  • From the Desk of John S. Torell  - The Dove 1994

  • The Strecker Memorandum

  • Biological Warfare Against American Citizens

  • AIDS Epidemic Cover Up


During our lifetime we all make “overstatements” or “understatements.” What I am going to tell you in this article is so important and vital that it will affect the lives of millions of people on earth; not only their earthly lives, but where they are going to spend eternity. Here is what I am saying to you today: There is a plan in operation to murder at least half the human population on this earth. Some of you reading this will laugh and tell yourself that John Torell has lost his marbles but I will ask you to read through the material and then pass judgment.

On Monday, May 11, 1987, an article appeared in the well respected British daily newspaper, THE LONDON TIMES, with a headline: “Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDS Virus.” For some reason this article was not carried in any newspaper in the United States and eventually the story was buried.  In this article, The London Times science editor, Pearce Wright, came out with some stunning news:

 “The AIDS epidemic may have been triggered by the mass vaccination campaign which eradicated smallpox. The World Health Organization, which masterminded the 13-year campaign, is studying new scientific evidence suggesting that immunization with the smallpox vaccine, Vaccinia, awakened the unsuspected dormant human immune defense virus infection (HIV).”

Let me continue to quote from this article:

“Some experts fear that in obliterating one disease, another disease was transformed from a minor endemic illness of the Third World into the current pandemic. While doctors now accept that ‘Vaccinia’ can activate other viruses, they are divided about whether it was the main catalyst to the AIDS epidemic. But an adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO), who disclosed the problem, told The Times: ‘I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of AIDS.”

Mr. Wright then points out a strange case from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. that gives further evidence to the triggering of AIDS. At this time (1987), the smallpox vaccine was no longer kept in storage for public health purposes, but new recruits to the American armed serves were immunized as a precaution against possible biological warfare. Routine vaccination of a 19-year old recruit was the trigger for stimulation of dormant HIV virus into AIDS. Dr. Robert Redfield and a medical team he led at Walter Reed Army Medical Center discovered that people with sub clinical HIV infection are at risk of rapid development of AIDS as a vaccine induced disease. The recruit who had been healthy through his high school years would become very ill after having received the smallpox vaccination. Two and a half weeks later the recruit developed fever, headaches, neck stiffness and night sweats. In three weeks he was admitted to Walter Reed suffering from meningitis, and rapidly developed further symptoms of AIDS, and died after responding only for a short time to treatment. There was no evidence that he had been involved in any homosexual activity.

The medical team from Walter Reed published their findings of this case in “THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE” and gave a warning against the plan to use modified versions of the smallpox vaccine to combat other diseases in the developing countries. In addition, they were concerned about the impact on other public health campaigns with vaccines such as diphtheria and the continued use of Vaccinia in potential AIDS research.

Despite warnings from U.S. doctors, some African countries continued to ignore the existence of AIDS. When epidemiologists began to study this problem by comparing information from government officials in the African nations and studying the report about smallpox eradication as recorded in the “Final Report of the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication,” a frightening picture began to emerge. Seven central African nations top the table of the most affected countries; Brazil became the most afflicted Latin American nation and Haiti in the Caribbean. This study explained how the infection of AIDS was spread more evenly between males and females in Africa and why there is less sign of infection among five to eleven year olds in central Africa. The greatest spread of HIV infection coincides with the most intense immunization programs. The numbers of people immunized were as follows:

  • Zaire 36,878,000

  • Zambia 19,060,000

  • Tanzania 14,972,000

  • Uganda 11,616,000

  • Malawi 8,118,000

  • Ruanda 3,382,000

  • Burundi 3,274,000

Brazil, the only South American country covered in the eradication campaign, has the highest incidents of AIDS in that region.


The best information on this subject is found in a video called “The Strecker Memorandum.” Let me try to share it with you in laymen terms: The AIDS virus is a combination of a virus from a cow and a virus from a sheep. The AIDS virus is a man-made not found in man or any animal. Scientists studying the AIDS virus have been able to conclude that someone has taken a virus that normally lives in cows, and a virus that normally lives in sheep, and created a new species through genetic engineering which man has no natural protection against.


Has virus engineering taken place before? In his report published March 28, 1986 entitled, “This is a Bio-Attack Alert,” attorney Ted Strecker researched this information with his brother Robert B. Strecker, MD, Ph.D. This report was sent to the president of the United States, senators and congressmen and many publishing officials, including medical journals. Let me give you some quotes from this report:

“I did not realize that the National Cancer Attack Act of 1971 would be used to research virus warfare, finance virus warfare and attack the United States of America. Daniel Greenberg outlines the attack’s beginning in DISCOVER, March 1986, on page 47 in an article, ‘Whatever Happened to the War on Cancer.’ He recalls that in 1971 President Nixon sought to preclude Senator Kennedy from running for president by cornering the health care field among other methods. He fails to mention that Stuart A. Abronson had just announced that he had altered mouse RNA tumor viruses to extend their range and to replicate efficiently in humans by culturing the tumor virus in human cells.” [1]

In the Strecker report, the following information is printed from Volume 47 of the bulletin of the World Health Organization, where A. C. Allison and others, including the WHO officials and the NIH bureaucrat make the following recommendations:

(1) A systematic evaluation of the effects of viruses on the immune functions should be undertaken. A number of viruses should be studied and a standard set of immune functions should be employed. Among the factors that deserve investigation are antigen types (e.g., thymus-dependant vs. non-thymus dependent), antigen dose, and the time relationship between infection and antigen administration.

(2) The effects of virus infections on different cell types (e.g., macrophages, T and B lymphocytes) should be studied in greater detail with morphological changes perhaps serving as an indication of functional alteration. Since differences in terminology often make it difficult to assess reports of pathological changes in lymphoid tissue, all modifications of the lymphoid organs should be described according to standardized criteria. Efforts at standardization are currently being supported by the World Health Organization.

(3) An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert  selective effects on immune function, e.g., by depressing 7S vs. 19S antibody, or by affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function (Allison et al. 1972). The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens…” [2]

 The Strecker brothers drew the following conclusion:

 “Thus, AIDS today is the disease of which the possibility of which was ‘to be looked into’ in 1972, because in AIDS the immune response to the virus is impaired when a portion of the cells responding to the viral antigens are the infected cells which are killed ‘lysed’ in virologists terms, by the viral antigen…” [3]

How was the study to be conducted in humans? The committee of the conference was sponsored by the John E. Fogerty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences and the World Health Organization. At that conference in a “histocompatibility” workshop, D.B. Amos of Duke University with other allegedly independent scientists and bureaucrats, who in fact were and are dependent upon United States government grants to further their research stated:

“In relation to the immune response, a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized. One would be a study of the relationship of HL-A type, to the immune response, both humoral and cellular; to well defined bacterial and viral antigens during preventive vaccinations. This approach would be particularly informative when applied to sibships.” [4]

Sibships means children of the same parents. The Strecker brothers then came to the following conclusion:

“Therefore, it is clear that the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health decided in 1970 to inject known viruses and bacteria into children of the same parents during allegedly preventative vaccinations to study HL-A type. Then in 1972, the WHO Bulletin changed the study to a study of viruses which cause a depression in the immune function.” [5]

I believe it is appropriate to let our readers know that two years after this report had been released to key leaders in the  United States, Ted Strecker was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri on August 11, 1988. The police ruled it suicide. On September 22, 1988 Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home; dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin. Huff had been working hard to make The Strecker Report publicized on a large scale.


Sadly, the answer is yes! Every American president since Franklin D. Roosevelt until Bill Clinton all have the same thing in common and that is that they ordered or allowed the mass murder of American citizens, as well as people from many other nations. They have taken their place in history with other infamous tyrants like Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

Leonard A. Cole, professor of political science at Rutgers University, used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain information from the United States Government and wrote a book “Clouds of Secrecy.” [6] It was impossible to find a copy of this book to purchase in 1994 but many copies are available off the internet today.

News broke in January of 1994 regarding the nuclear testing of using Americans as guinea pigs and hearings were held by Senator John Glenn’s Committee on Governmental Affairs. Energy Secretary Hazel R. O’Leary became an outspoken critic of the Atomic Energy Commission’s handling of American citizens, and a telephone hotline was setup where victims could call in and file a complaint. The telephones began to ring off the hook. Since space is limited in this article, let me cite some cases which corroborate my case:

1) In 1951 near Newport News, Virginia at the Norfolk Naval Supply Center, the Army released an organism called “Aspergillus Fumigatus.” This naval institution was selected because most of the workers were black. Here was the Army’s reasoning for the test: “Since Negroes are more susceptible to coccidioides than are whites, this fungus disease was simulated by using Aspergillus Fumigatus.”

This experiment was part of the U.S. Army Germ Warfare testing program, and the unsuspecting black workers were used without knowing that they were exposed to danger. The Navy then monitored their workers and reported to the Army how many became ill and were unable to work, including the severity of the illness. The agent Aspergillus Fumigatus was known by the Army scientists at that time to be able to cause lethal infections.

2) From 1949 through 1969, the Army released bacteria among millions of unsuspecting people. At public hearings in 1977, Pentagon witnesses acknowledged that bacteria and chemical particles were sprayed over San Francisco, St. Louis, Minneapolis and some 236 other populated locations. All of these releases were part of the Germ Warfare Testing by the U.S. Army. [7]

3) The Army conceded that it had released micro-organisms at Washington National Airport in 1965 and into the New York City subway system in 1966 during peak travel hours. The purposes for these tests were to see how the bacteria spread and survived as people went about their routine activities. [8]

The government can also load the flu vaccine with different viruses that they want to test on the population.  The testing is pretty much over at the present time as the vaccines are now loaded with viruses that will eventually kill the victim. This is part of the population control. Do you remember the “Swine Flu Vaccine” in the 1980’s? Many people died from those shots and thousands were crippled for life.

4) The Army still sprays bacteria outdoors at Dugway Proving Ground, 70 miles west of Salt Lake City. The Army admitted that during the 1980’s it conducted more than 170 open air tests at Dugway. The stated purpose was to evaluate the performance of biological-detector systems.

5) In 1968 the U.S. Army released a nerve gas agent into the open air at Dugway Proving Ground that killed 6,000 sheep 20 miles away. The Army refuses to acknowledge that its microorganisms can be wafted by wind and reproduce quickly. 

The germ warfare practice can be harmful like when the city of San Francisco was blanketed with bacteria sprayed from a boat offshore; it only took a few days for the hospitals to fill up and patients began to develop heart problems and urinary-tract infections and one person even died.

6) In 1993 a mystery illness broke out in the corners of Nevada, Arizona and California. Scores of people died, and it was attributed to a virus that the authorities said was spread through rodent droppings. This illness did not last very long and disappeared as fast as it had cropped up.

Most people with the knowledge of viruses and Germ Warfare testing blame this on the same culprit, the US Army.

 7) In the late 1940’s, 751 poor women went to Vanderbilt University’s prenatal clinic for free care during their pregnancies and ended up as subjects in a government radiation experiment. The experiment and follow-up study of its effects were both published in the medical journals in the 50’s and 60’s. The experiment ended in 1948 and was published in 1951 in the “American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.” The follow-up study was published in the “American Journal of Epidemiology” in 1969.

 The women were never warned of the experiment. Documents on the experiment stayed with the ten researchers involved and were destroyed in the mid-70s, according to Wayne Wood, a university medical center spokesman. Today no one knows the names or addresses of these women.  The Vanderbilt study sought to assess the long term effects of radiation on children. The women were given radioactive pills 30 times higher than natural radiation - about the same as an x-ray. One of the mothers given the radioactive pills gave birth to a girl who died at age five from lymphatic leukemia, usually associated with radiation. Another girl died of a tumor at age 11 and a boy, whose mother was fed the pills in her 20th week of pregnancy, also died from cancer at age 11.

8) “The Albuquerque Tribune” published a report on November 15, 1993 with research done using FOIA and other sources and were carried over the Associated Press Wire Service. Here is a summarization of this report: During the 1940’s, 18 people were injected with plutonium in a secret government project and all of them are dead at this time. The experiment took place at hospitals in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Rochester, New York; Chicago and San Francisco. The experiment was part of the “Manhattan Project,” which was the codename for the research and building of the first atomic bombs. The recipients of the injections all supposedly were terminally ill but some lived for decades afterwards.

One of the men was Elmer Allen, a former railroad porter. He injured his left knee in an accident in September of 1946. The knee never healed, and on July 14, 1947, hospital pathologists concluded Allen had bone cancer. Allen was injected with Plutonium in the left calf on July 18. The leg was amputated three days later. Tissue samples from the severed limb were studied for plutonium. The Albuquerque Tribune found a consent form in the government file signed by Allen, which did not detail what he was told, and his family doubts he understood what had happened. Allen did not die and began to tell people that he had been used as a guinea pig for plutonium injection. The family doctor, David Williams of Waxahachie, Texas, said he diagnosed Allen as paranoid schizophrenic and treated him from about 1970 until his death at the age of 80 in 1991. It was not until after his death that the truth came out that Allen was not mentally ill, but simply told the truth.

The following persons have been identified in this project: Albert Stevens was injected with plutonium in 1945 at a San Francisco hospital. Stevens at that time was misdiagnosed with stomach cancer and lived for 20 years after the injection. Other victims were Fred C. Sours from Gates, New York; John Moussa from East Rochester, New York and Eda Schultz Charton, of Canandaigua, New York, a homemaker.

9) Toward the end of 1951, Cherie Anderson, then six years old, was taken by her parents to the David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base in California. She had inflamed sinuses and the doctor decided to cure her problem by inserting radium capsules deep into her nose. At the age of eight she contracted polio. Between the ages of 11 and 13 she underwent major surgeries to counter its crippling effects and was introduced to morphine to counter the pain. At age 22 she had two breast tumors removed and more painkillers were prescribed.

The link between radiation and thyroid cancer began to be publicized in 1977 and she asked her mother what the doctor had placed in her nose at the age of six. Her mother told her that it was radium. Cherie went to a doctor for some further examinations and discovered she had tumors on the thyroid. In addition, the doctor diagnosed Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid. Medical doctors advised that the thyroid be removed and she had surgery again. Shortly after this she started to lose her teeth. Dentists examining and treating her teeth could not explain why her teeth were dying. She lost all but seven of the front lower teeth. Because of the many surgeries she became heavily addicted to legal painkillers and this addiction led to the breakup of her marriage and the loss of her three children. The government will not take any responsibility and she is on her own.

10) There are some 300,000 atomic veterans. These are American servicemen and women who were intentionally exposed to nuclear radiation from 1945 until the late 1970’s. The exposure came as part of government tests in the United States and South Pacific, and atmospheric nuclear tests by British, French, Chinese, Indian and South African governments. Only a handful of that number (300-400), were able to satisfactorily link their exposure to radiation from U.S. tests and receive some VA (Veterans Administration) compensation.

A national study by NAAV in 1993 involving 400 deceased atomic veterans showed that 75% had died of cancer at an average of 57.5 years. A comparable number of deceased World War II veterans, who were not exposed to radiation, died at an average age of 70 years. The cancer rate for that group was not known. Many children and grandchildren of atomic veterans were born with deformities and mental retardation.

During the years of testing nuclear bombs by the Atomic Energy Commission, it was common practice to keep American soldiers without protective gear as close as 1,500 feet from the blast center at the test site in Nevada just south of Las Vegas. Only hours after the explosions, soldiers were sent to ground zero to collect information and to clean up after the blasts. As the soldiers finished their clean up and they returned to their quarters, it was common practice to use a broom to brush off the worst of the dust that clung to their uniforms. No one told them the dust was highly radioactive and deadly. At the test sites in the Pacific Ocean, Navy ships were sent right into the midst of the half sunken test ships and the sailors were exposed to red hot glowing radiation which could not be seen with human eyes with no protection. They did not have any Geiger counters to warn them and the young men and women were doomed to an early death as cancer would eat their bodies.

Many of the GI’s involved in the testing would tell stories of placing living people close to ground zero in concrete bunkers above ground. These people then would be wired for testing, similar to the wiring of a patient in a hospital having an EKG test. The identities of these people are not known except by high government officials. When soldiers came back to the area, they would find these people still alive with blood and fluids gushing out from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth as they writhed in pain on the ground. Film cameras would record as they lived out their last moments in a death that was as painful as if they would have been in hell and tormented. American scientists would later view the movies of their deaths, analyze them and then write their reports to the people in charge. [9]

 11) Dr. Joseph Hamilton was a Berkeley scientist and physician who participated in the secret 1940’s program that has thrust the University of California into a national controversy over radiation experiments performed on unwitting subjects. It was Dr. Hamilton that injected plutonium into three victims at the University California San Francisco hospital; a four year old boy, Albert Stevens whom we have already discussed and also Elmer Allen. The boy died within weeks; Allen had been misdiagnosed, did not have cancer, and lived for a number of years after this.

Later on, Dr. Hamilton became a researcher for the U.S. Army and studied radioactive smoke that would poison urban populations, as well as finely ground uranium aerosols. From 1949-1952 he was an adviser to radiation weapons tests that scattered radiation to the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Ironically, Dr. Hamilton died in 1957 at age 49 of leukemia brought on by exposure to radiation. His death was listed as an industrial accident.


It is very important for you understand that the elected political leaders are not in charge of the United States. They are only puppets who carry out what they are told. As you can see, the sinister policy of germ and virus warfare, nuclear testing and radiation experiments has been carried out since the early century and started with poison gas used in World War I.

Since the United States has shifted between Democratic and Republican governments since 1900, there has been no continuous leadership and policy from elected politicians. But there is a shadow government that has never changed and remains unchanged regardless of the party that wins an election. These groups of people are ruling through different front organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, The Aspen Institute, etc.

They have placed bureaucrats in all government agencies including the military, who are loyal only to them, and it is these bureaucrats who will maintain a continuing policy regardless of which party is in power. If a president or any other political elected leader speaks out, they are forced out of office or murdered. [10] These bureaucrats are hired gunslingers, who have sold their souls to the Devil and his people, and have betrayed their own nation. This holds true for all nations in the world as the system is the same wherever you look.

Remember, Adolf Hitler did not kill the Jews, prisoners of war or his political enemies. It was respected bureaucrats that carried out his orders. Respected judges signed the death orders, respectable policemen and soldiers did the round up, transportation and incarceration, and respectable ordinary citizens turned into soldiers and guards who did the actual killing. It is the same in the United States today and in all other nations, the murder and the destruction is done by ordinary people, who for mammon (cash) have sold themselves as mercenaries to the World Government, and will turn on their own people and families without any scruples. As long as men and women are willing to become traitors and sell themselves, Satan and his people will be able to carry out their plans.


Let me again quote the report by the Strecker brothers on Fort Dietrich being a biological-warfare research facility:

“D. Carleton Gajdusek, now chief of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Laboratory and Temperate Virus Infections, states on page 106 of Omni publication, March, 1986, Vol. 34, in response to the question, ‘Isn’t Fort Dietrich in Maryland such a biological-warfare research facility?’ he answers:

‘No, emphatically No, there is no defensive or offensive warfare microbiology done at Fort Dietrich today. It is the national cancer research facility of NIH. In this facility I have a building where more good and loyal Communist scientists from the USSR and mainland China work-with Fuji passkeys to all the laboratories-than Americans. With night working US citizens and foreign Communist investigators here, obviously there is no ‘secret’ bacterial warfare activity going on. Even the Army’s infectious-disease unit is loaded with foreign workers-not always friendly nationals. It is a valid basic research unit on worldwide problems of infectious diseases in which no classified or secret activities unfold…” [11]

Gajdusek said there was no more secret microbiology done at Fort Dietrich because it had all finished in the 1970’s. The World Government scientists were working out the problems they had previously created; how to have an orderly reduction of the world population.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Agency, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia had projected that in 1993 new AIDS cases would jump 75% in the first year of the new definition. They actually increased by 111%, from 49,016 in 1992 to 103,500 in 1993.



We have a story to tell you, a very strange story, one that affects you, me, and every other human being on earth. A story that must be taken seriously by the governments of every nation in the world because there may not be many humans left to govern by the turn of the century, or shortly thereafter. A story so bizarre, and so sinister that, if it were not for the fact that it is all true, it would make a great science fiction thriller. [12]

The  story begins in 1983 with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. who practices internal medicine and gastroenterology in Los Angeles. He is a trained pathologist and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Strecker and his brother Ted, an attorney, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance organization (HMO) for the Security Pacific Bank of California. They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring the treatment of AIDS patients. In as much as this information was not readily available in 1983, both brothers began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this relatively new disease. The information they uncovered was so starling that it dramatically altered their lives and lead them on a five year quest, culminating with the creation of “The Strecker Memorandum,” a controversial video and a remarkable set of documents called “The Bio-Attack Alert.” 


Right there in the medical literature for anyone to read for themselves was, basically, proof that the AIDS virus and pandemic was actually predicted years ago by a world famous virologist, among others. They found that top scientists writing in the “Bulletin of the World Health Organization” (WHO) were actually requesting that AIDS-like viruses be created to study the effect on humans. In fact, the Strecker’s unearthed thousands of documents supporting the man-made origin of AIDS.

Meanwhile, the governments were telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus was not only created as requested, but actually deployed, and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do: cause cancer in humans via a contagious virus. Eventually, the Streckers came to realize everything the government and the so-called AIDS experts were telling the public was not only misleading, but outright lies… The truth of the matter is:

  • AIDS is a man-made disease

  • AIDS is not a homosexual disease

  • AIDS is not a verneral disease

  • AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes

  • Condoms will not prevent AIDS

  • There are at least six different AIDS


The most dreaded fear that all oncologists (cancer doctors), virologists and immunologists live with is that someday cancer, in one form of another, will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has made that fear a reality. If you think that you are safe because you are not gay or promiscuous, or because you are not sexually active, then you must watch “The Strecker Memorandum” very carefully.


The most common misconception being foisted upon us right now concerns sexually active Americans. We are told that if a man uses a condom, the transference of the deadly virus is virtually eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the body fluids where the AIDS virus is found, semen contains the least. As a matter of fact, in every single study ever published on the subject, no one has found a significant amount in anyone’s semen. It just isn’t there in huge numbers. There is usually about one virus per milliliter, a statistically irrelevant amount. One copious ejaculation might produce only two or three viruses. This is substantiated in the medical literature.

But, just for argument’s sake, let’s say all the medical studies are wrong. Let’s pretend that there are countless millions of AIDS viruses in the ejaculation. Are you aware that condoms are riddled with microscopic or larger holes?  Studies show that even the smallest holes found in condoms are two to ten times larger than the AIDS virus. It’s like shooting a golf ball through a basketball hoop. Condoms have not, will not, and cannot prevent AIDS.


Over one hundred thousand Americans have already died (1985) because they did not know the truth about AIDS. Approximately 23 million Americans are already infected. More than one in 60 babies born in New York City is infected; three in 100 college students in America are infected; one in 20 aliens applying for amnesty is infected, including men, women and children. These are just some of the facts you are not likely to hear from the media.


Dr. Robert Strecker - The Strecker MemorandumOne of the first things the Streckers did was to try and tell their medical and legal colleagues what they were finding in the literature. Some were interested; most were not. Certainly no one was prepared to risk their professional standing by making waves within the establishment.

Ted Strecker compiled some of the most damaging documents into a report he called “The Bio-Attack Alert” and sent it to the governor of every state, the president (Reagan), the vice-president (George Bush), the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and selected members of Congress. He got a grand total of three replies from three governors; nothing from the government.

Both he and Dr. Strecker were laughed at and ridiculed at every turn. As an example, Dr. Strecker told the government in 1985 that virtually every person testing positive for AIDS would die prematurely and painfully. The government said that was nonsense. Their figures showed that maybe ten percent at most would die from the disease.

In 1986, the government said maybe 50 percent of those infected would die, in 1987, they said maybe 75 percent, in 1988 they finally agreed with Dr. Strecker that AIDS is virtually 100 percent fatal.

We could go on with facts Dr. Strecker unearthed that the “experts” said were wrong and now accepted as truth.

The Strecker Memorandum DVDDr. Strecker, like a good scientist, submitted paper after paper with his findings to all the prestigious medical journals in America. They refused. He then tried to have his findings published in Europe. Again, closed doors. What to do? Dr. Strecker did not feel he could take the time from his practice and his research to write a book. On the other hand, everyone has a television and now (1987) most households have a video cassette recorder (VCR).

The time involved to make a video is nothing compared to writing a book, and so “The Strecker Memorandum” video was created. It is 96 minutes of the most startling controversial and information-packed video you will ever see, and disputes virtually everything the American public is being told by the government, the so- called AIDS “experts” in the media. In fact, after seeing it YOU will know more about AIDS than 99 percent of all doctors in America.              


With the video made, it seemed a simple matter to advertise it and the world would become aware of what it was facing, right? WRONG! The fact that you are even reading about “The Strecker Memorandum” is a minor miracle by itself, in as much as television stations have refused to advertise it. Television and radio time brokers that sell blocks of commercial time have refused to sell us time. Television station managers have refused to even air programs containing interviews with Dr. Strecker.

A national radio network did an interview with a famous talk show host and Dr. Strecker and then refused to run it. Virtually every big name television network show, magazine, and all the syndicated TV interviewers and talk show hosts have said “No” to Dr. Strecker.

Big city newspapers will not take any print ads telling about it, and so it goes…Why? What is in “The Strecker Memorandum” that sends a cold chill down the spine of most media executives?


The excuse we hear over and over is that it is too controversial. Too controversial? They say that this information, if widely disseminated, will cause the public to panic. If someone had poisoned your water supply and you and your family could die, would you want to know about it? Would you panic? Or would you more likely be outraged and try to find out who did it and punish them? We feel the only persons who might panic are those scientists who willingly or otherwise created AIDS and are now promoting misinformation by covering it up. After all, if you made AIDS, would you tell anyone about it?


It may take a while before the words “species threatening” sink in, because the term has rarely been used before to describe an existing human condition, but once you realize the implications of that term, and realize that, unlike any other kind of disease ever known to man, past or present, AIDS can, if unchecked, kill every human on earth, then your outlook and attitude regarding everything in life must change. Whether you like it or not, and despite all your precautions, the time will come when you will test positive for AIDS, and it can happen much quicker than you realize.


The number of AIDS-infected people is doubling approximately every 12 months, and in some areas even sooner. With 23 million Americans carrying the virus, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how long we have here in the U.S. Africa has conservatively 75 million infected; some estimates double that. Brazil as a country is in serious jeopardy because all through the 1970’s they were buying their blood supply from Africa. On top of that, the World Health Organization conducted a large scale small pox vaccination program there in the 1970’s.

Southern Japan has at least 30 present infected with HTLV 1, the leukemia causing virus (although you never hear about that on television). Russia is now reporting AIDS as a problem. Cuba has already set up concentration camps for AIDS-infected, and they are full (you won’t see that on television either). Haiti of course, is ravaged by AIDS; more than 20 percent of the people are infected and getting worse every day. And so it goes. Virtually every nation on earth with few exceptions (Iran is one) is reporting a growing problem. It’s on every continent, every sub-continent, and every island chain, Atlantic and Pacific. So why won’t the media or government tell you these things? Is it too controversial for you to handle? Are you going to panic?


Yes and no. No, if you are waiting for the government to create a magic bullet. As you will see in “The Strecker Memorandum,” part of the problem is that all the various AIDS viruses are “recombinant retroviruses.” Very simply, that means they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter and the offspring or new viruses they form are different from the parent viruses.

HTLV III alone (that’s the most common American AIDS virus) has the mathematically ability to change itself to the 9,000th power. The common cold recombines much less frequently and we haven’t found a cure for it after a hundred years. Besides does it make much sense to entrust the cure of AIDS to the same people that may have created it?

Yes, there is hope if Dr. Strecker and a growing number of realistic scientists are correct in looking at alternative, non-allopathic, non-drug modalities based in Raman spectroscopy. In fact, much research is going on now that offers great promises. Unfortunately, our government takes a dim view of any type of treatment for any type of disease – let alone AIDS – that does not conform to its rigid rules for acceptance, registration and legalization. Of course the FDA would definitely like to see an allopathic drug treatment or cure presented by an ethical drug company or university.

Well, we don’t think that’s going to happen. Because of this attitude, much experimentation in America must go underground, underfunded or out of the country entirely. Again, this is explained further in “The Strecker Memorandum.”


An ominous personal aspect of this story has been the sudden and unexpected deaths of two of key players. First, Dr. Strecker’s brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. Was Ted Strecker suicidal? Perhaps. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings. Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death. Ted was cheerful, in good spirits, and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress. The next day he was found dead, his 22-caliber rifle next to him. No note, no message, no goodbyes to anyone. Officially a suicide.

Next, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home, dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff did everything in his power to make the Illinois State Legislature and the people of Chicago aware or Dr. Strecker’s work. He was very vocal, gave many press interviews, was constantly on television and radio urging people to wake up to the cover up concerning AIDS. Did Representative Huff use drugs? Perhaps. Was he an addict? No. Would he have known how dangerous a massive overdose of cocaine and heroin was? Yes, of course. Cause of death; officially a stroke. 

Dr. Strecker has serious doubts that his brother killed himself. Representative Huff’s associates doubt he died accidentally, and yet they are gone. Who’s next?


We all know it is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth. Well, we are spreading the truth about AIDS. Unfortunately, it isn’t pretty. But the fact is you are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts.

The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradicting the official propaganda. So you can choose to go along with the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus) as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960’s; a polio-like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970’s; and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines; or, you can at least make yourself aware of the clear and present dangers that we all face by watching “The Strecker Memorandum.” The cost of the video is nominal, but we submit that remaining ignorant can cost infinitely more.


With the ongoing vaccine contaminations, I decided to find out if Dr. Strecker was still alive and what he was doing. I found that he is still practicing gastroenterology in a hospital in the small town of Needles, California which is located close the border between California and Arizona.  Dr. Strecker is 64 years old, and when I talked with him over the telephone, he told me that he was not going to do anything more in the AIDS situation. I could tell that he was a broken man who was resigned to the fact that he would have to give up the fight to bring out the truth if he wanted to live out his life on earth. The World Government forces had used the United States government to kill two of his associates in the fight against AIDS and with further pressure defeated Dr. Strecker.

The Strecker Memorandum DVDDr. Strecker had formed a small workforce in 1988 with an office in Eagle Rock, Colorado. He had named it “The Strecker Group” but the office is closed and the group does not exist anymore. I asked Dr. Strecker if he would give us permission to convert his VHS cassette tape to the DVD format and sell it to the public and he granted us this request with the stipulation that we pay him a royalty on each DVD. Thus we are able to reintroduce “The Strecker Memorandum” some 20 years after it was produced and make it available to a generation who has never heard of Dr. Strecker and his brother Ted.

I also asked Dr. Strecker in an e-mail if he would be willing to do an interview with me, so he could share with the people what his thoughts were 20 years after the video. I offered to pay for his trip to Sacramento and record the interview as this would give us a second DVD but he never replied to my request. I believe he has been told that he would be assassinated if he becomes active again in this fight against the AIDS cover-up just like his brother Ted and Representative Huff. Nevertheless, the research work that Dr. Strecker and Antony Sutton did will stand on its own merit and history will confirm that these men were right.


Let me share some statistics with you that are available today. It is impossible to vouch for the reliability of these numbers since they are released by government agencies who have a tendency to not tell the truth. Most likely these numbers are lower than what are true numbers.


According to government statistics, a person with a HIV infection would have a life expectancy of 9 to 11 years once the person is infected. Once the HIV infection has moved into a full blown AIDS, the life expectancy would be one year. These numbers are for people who are not treated once they have been infected.

  • 2.5 million people were infected by HIV in 2007.

  • 2.1 million people died from AIDS in 2007; they had been sick for some time.

  • 56,000 Americans became infected with HIV in 2007.

  • 33.2 million people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2007.


  • Between 2.4 to 3 million people were infected by HIV in 2008.

  • Between 1.7 to 2.4 million people died of AIDS IN 2008.

  • 15.7% of the AIDS infected people are women.

  • 2.1 million children are infected by AIDS.

  • Between 31 to 35.8 million people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

According to government statistics 25 million persons have died from AIDS since 1981 and in Africa there are 14 million AIDS orphans. Looking at graphs over HIV/AIDS infections from 1981 to 2008, the curve is rising very fast in the beginning of the first 10 years and then it is leveling off. This can depend upon several reasons;

  1. The reporting from government agencies is not accurate.

  2. People in the industrial nations are changing their lifestyles.

  3. The release of drugs in the West to combat AIDS is slowing down the death rates, while they still are high in Africa and other third world nations.

  4. God he is slowing down the AIDS pandemic.

The nations that have suffered the most are in Africa, Asia and South America. Is it a coincidence that World Government leaders have for years talked about the necessity to reduce the population in these third world nations?

Let us now move to Antony Sutton and what he had to say about this subject. He was born in England in 1925, and after his education, moved to the United States and became a professor at the California State University of Los Angeles. From here he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and became a Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, where he worked from 1968 until 1973 when he was fired for publishing his findings concerning the U.S. role in helping the Communists to take power in Russia and then giving financial and military aid the Soviet Union to keep it from collapsing. He wrote a number of books on the subjects, including an exposé on the financial aid from American corporations to Nazi Germany, beginning as early as 1930. Sutton also exposed the Order of Skull and Bones and was the one who published the secret membership list of this order at Yale University. He was also the author of the Phoenix Letter, which we published in The Dove magazine and are quoting in this newsletter. Antony Sutton died in 2002.


Antony C. Sutton

December 1993

Vol. 12, No.12



A once free United States has become an “us” versus “them” society. Similar to the early Hitler years in Germany (burning of the Reichstag building = Waco massacre) with touches of Stalinist horror (extermination of the “kulaks.”) [13]

The late Gary Allen (of “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” fame) used to cite Nelson Rockefeller’s habit of terming Americans as “peasants.” But Gary had no idea how far elitist contempt for to be “peasants” had gone even in the late 1960’s

Compare Waco with Somalia.[14] The FBI and BATF used tanks to destroy Koresh and his followers. The U.S. deliberately used tanks against American citizens. In Somalia the U.S. sent in Rangers and U.S. troops without armored backup, although assaults without tanks and self propelled artillery are doomed to failure. The White House threw away 7 American lives using McNamara “rules of engagement” in Somalia. In Waco the “rules of engagement” concept was thrown out the window.

Disregard for American life is emphasized in domestic use of biological warfare against American citizens. Part of the story was in Phoenix Letter (November 1992.) This described Congressional approval for U.S. Army development of an artificial AIDS virus in 1970. This shocker is part of a larger story.  Here’s another installment of the domestic biological warfare story:

  • U. S. Army-CIA jointly used biological agents against American citizens inside the U.S.

  • These agents included: bacillus subtilis, smallpox and AIDS.

  • The Federal Government has concealed then lied about these programs and placed the blame elsewhere, including the former Soviet Union.

  • The State Department attempted to counter an exaggerated Soviet propaganda war using these programs but tripped up because State did not know how much authentic information had been leaked inside the U.S.


Fort Dietrich in Maryland is the U.S. biological warfare base. Originally called U.S. Army Biological Laboratories it is now labeled U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)

The Army maintains a Special Operations Division (SOD) on the Fort Dietrich base with a formal operating agreement with CIA (Memorandum signed in May 1952.) Both CIA and Army have covered their tracks well but some original documents survive to outline a horrific story.

In the early 1960’s U.S. Army SOD personnel used specially designed suitcases to spray unsuspecting American civilians with bacillus subtilis at the Greyhound Bus Terminals in Washington, Chicago and San Francisco. Similar operations were conducted at airports in Washington D.C., New York, Boston and Los Angeles. The number of one way tickets sold at time of release was used to estimate distribution of the bacterial agents. (Bacillus subtilis can be bought at biological supply houses. It is not listed as a pathogen, but can cause respiratory infections like blood poisoning and food poisoning.)

SOD-CIA agents at work
This team member was photographed while operating his suitcase sampler at a news stand at the Greyhound bus terminal. Team members took air samples near crowded Gate 7 (top) and among departing passengers (bottom) in the Greyhound bus terminal in Washington D.C., to measure the amount of Bacillus Subtilis with which passengers would be infected. (Photocopies obtained by FREEDOM under the Freedom of Information Act.)

According to declassified Army documents, the Greyhound terminals in San Francisco and Chicago were the location for “six operatives to launch covert attacks” spread over 7 days. Specially designed suitcases sprayed bacteria into crowded terminals for maximum exposure. Photographs were taken and other Army personnel “covertly collected air samples in close proximity to the passengers” to determine if the civilians had been infected.

Later tests were repeated with smallpox agents, grown in large quantities and converted to a lethal powder for spraying. Senate investigation in 1975 revealed close cooperation between SOD and CIA:

“CIA association with Fort Dietrich involved the Special Operations Division (SOD) of that facility. This division was responsible for developing special applications for biological warfare agents and toxins. Its principal customer was the U.S. Army. Its concern was with the development of both suitable agents and delivery mechanisms for use in paramilitary situations. Both standard biological warfare agents and biologically derived toxins were investigated by the division.”

The Senate Committee found the CIA had covered its tracks to conceal this unconstitutional activity from the American public. The Senate Committee stated:

“Although some CIA originated documents have been found in the project files it is clear that only a very limited documentation of activities took place.”

An extract from a U.S. Army report details why smallpox was selected as the “agent of choice.” Its “attractive” features are listed as:

1. Smallpox is highly infectious with close contact. It spreads readily from an infected person to susceptible individuals.

2. A long incubation period of relatively constant duration permits the operatives responsible to leave the country before the first case is diagnosed.

3. The duration of illness for those who recover is relatively long. Although the Federal Government claims that the 1972 treaty banning biological weapons stopped further use of Fort Dietrich we know that the U.S. Army applied for $1.4 million appropriation to EXPAND germ warfare testing ability in the early 1980’s. Senator James Sasser objected and it is unlikely that the appropriation went through. It could have been handled on the “black budget.”


In July 1969 Dr. MacArthur, Director of the U.S. Army Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) appeared before Congress (the Appropriations Committee of the House) and stated:

“…within a period of 5-10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

This synthetic agent is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome virus or HIV-1) ARPA requested $10 million to develop AIDS, 10 years before the virus was identified in the field.

Dr. MacArthur added, “It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of massive killing of large populations.”

From 1961 to 1968 while this artificial biological agent was under discussion in the Pentagon, Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defense.[15] Clark Clifford (of BCCI notoriety, a failed British bank) took over as Secretary in 1969. [16]

On October 2, 1970 just 15 months after Dr. MacArthur requested an appropriation for AIDS development, Robert McNamara, now World Bank President, made a speech to international bankers in which he identified population growth as “the gravest issue that the world faces over the years ahead.”

In his speech to the bankers McNamara argued that population growth was leading to instability, that a 10 billion world population would not be “controllable.”

 McNamara said, “It is not a world that any of us would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.”

In brief, Robert McNamara was in the final decision making role for development of AIDS at the very time he was contemplating the idea that “world death rates must got up.” THIS IS MORE THAN COINCIDENCE.

Our conclusion is that Robert McNamara knowingly encouraged development of AIDS as a means to reduce the world’s population. It is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.


Slowly bits and pieces of hidden history are leaking from Russia. Official U.S. history is that the U.S. was fighting only Vietnamese in Vietnam. It now appears Soviets were there as well, fighting the U.S. The Soviets had casualties, so far 16 admitted killed in action.

This explains the heat this editor came under with “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union.” A detailed criticism of our technological aid to the Soviet Union while the Soviets were aiding the Vietnamese to kill Americans. No wonder we came under so much pressure to keep quiet! Our big businessmen were actively committing treason! If the Soviets were fighting in Vietnam, then the Soviets were an active enemy, not a passive onlooker.

Henry Kissinger[17] and Robert McNamara won’t look too good in the light of history when the full story comes out. “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy” is a rewrite and update of the original “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union” which caused a storm 20 years ago.)


This information became known to the Soviets and in October 1985 the Soviet Union mounted a worldwide propaganda campaign. AIDS had been manufactured at Fort Dietrich Maryland by the Pentagon. The initial information was planted in a Soviet backed newspaper in India and then surfaced in more than 30 media sources worldwide. The report was backed by an East German report by Professor Jacob Segal of Humbolt University, East Berlin. Segal argued that the AIDS virus is “the product of an abortive experiment carried out at a laboratory to develop biological warfare means.”

Pravda: October 31, 1986 - “The AIDS virus, a terrible disease with no cure was, according to western researchers, created in Pentagon laboratories.” (SPID = AIDS) In Balloon: “Virus “AIDS”

“Pentagon SPIDtsialist” (In Russian a play on the words “SPID” and “specialist”)

This Soviet propaganda campaign was discounted in the West (this Editor included.) It was beyond the realm of rationality that the U.S. would develop a killer agent such as AIDS. Professor Segal appears to hold the view that it was “accidental” i.e. an “abortive experiment.” This position we also held for a while, until the McNamara speech of October 1970 surfaced.

In any event, in the late 1980’s the U.S. State Department ran a rebuttal campaign to the Soviet charges. However State was unaware that Congress had published Dr. MacArthur’s requests and statements so the rebuttal fell flat on its face. The State Department for example claims the U.S. Army had never used Fort Dietrich as a biological warfare base. This is just not true. Further State apparently had no knowledge of the McNamara contemplation of rising death rates by design.


1. CIA - U.S. Army undertook field tests with bacillus subtilis and smallpox against American civilians.

2. There is no question that the Army received funds from Congress for AIDS development and this was probably undertaken at Fort Dietrich.

The AIDS release could have been accidental but we discount this for several reasons. Initial cases came from Africa and Haiti; not the United States. Second, Robert McNamara had simultaneously called for increase in world death rates. This suggests a deliberate policy of controlled release of the AIDS virus.

3. The Soviets obtained the information and used it for a propaganda campaign. The State Department rebuttal was ineffective because State had no idea how much information had already been made public.


Phoenix Letter has reported a new string of AIDS virus, much tougher, much more dangerous and possibly airborne. In early 1990, Science reported that AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Gallo had tested an altered AIDS virus, one that could infect cells previously left uninfected by the early AIDS strain. This new strain was reported as infecting epithelial cells thus raising the possibility that the AIDS virus is now airborne.[18]

We find it extraordinary that any risks are taken today, after the Cold War has ended with these agents. What is the rationale in developing stronger airborne strains?


In the December Phoenix Letter we described how the U.S. Army (ARPA) developed the AIDS virus with ten million dollars voted by Congress in 1969.

The Secretary of Defense at that time and responsible for approval of the 1969-1970 budget, was Robert McNamara, followed by Clark Clifford of BCCI notoriety. The final decision for the AIDS program was made by McNamara and Clifford.

The standard biography of Robert McNamara Promise and Power (The life and time of Robert McNamara) by Deborah Shapley (Little Brown, Boston 1993) has interesting comments on the McNamara view of world over population and the critical need to reduce world population i.e. an excellent rationale for development of a virus resistant to cure.

In 1966 McNamara warned that world population was growing faster than gross national product and that the World Bank had a dominant role to play.

In 1969 McNamara’s speech to the Governors of the University of Notre Dame cited the population explosion as more significant than the danger of nuclear war. “Casting its shadow over all this scene is the mushrooming cloud of the population explosion” (page 480). McNamara extended the extraordinary thesis that “the children who were dying were fortunate for the millions of those who lived languidly on were stunted in their bodies and cripples in their minds.”

Shapley points out that inside the World Bank these McNamara views on population “sounded almost nutty” and many wondered where McNamara had gotten these ideas. But this was precisely the time when McNamara moved from Secretary of Defense to take over the World Bank and in the same year 1969, when the U.S. Army went before Congress to ask for $10 million to develop an AIDS virus.

By 1973 (page 510), McNamara had steered the World Bank to explore the cycle of overpopulation, insufficient food and poverty and in the Fall of 1973 at the annual meeting of World Bank Governors in Nairobi, Kenya, outlined his QUANTITATIVE GOALS for population. “Nairobi” became synonymous with the McNamara population reduction five year plan. Coincidentally Nairobi and Kenya became initial focal points for the AIDS virus. Kenya and Uganda in East Africa is where the epidemic began and where today some 50% or more of the population is infected.

In 1977 McNamara spoke at MIT and argued that world population was exploding at an unacceptable rate. McNamara was so intensely carried away with the ideas of population explosion that he reportedly (at a lunch meeting) started to scribble numbers on the dining room table cloth, “there was no stopping his verbal torrent or his emotion.” The table cloth was tinged with scribbled numbers and “looked like an artifact left by an ancient visitor from another world.” (page 560)

The Shapely book has a great deal more on the McNamara fervor to control world population. While development of an AIDS virus may appear to most of us as tragically even murderously wrong, to an ideologue like McNamara it would appear to be opportunity to solve what he saw as potential disaster.

Matching the time frames and the opportunities for decision making there is a least a prima facie case; well worth investigating, that Robert McNamara knowingly and deliberately encouraged development of the AIDS virus.

Phoenix Letter views the McNamara program, continued by Clark Clifford, as genocide.


Dr. Monteith was one of the very first to recognize the significance of AIDS and has devoted over 20 years of his life to investigation and warning about the dangerous nature of the disease to everyone in his book “AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic.”[19] We distinctly remember meeting with Dr. Monteith as far back as 1981 when he prophetically laid out to this Editor the epidemic potential in AIDS. This long before even African governments had recognized the killer potential. [20]

This book, excellently written and produced, contains Dr. Monteith’s conclusions and is far in advance of other AIDS books simply because he is well aware of the elitist nature of the world control. The neglect of government and politics to face up to the disease and its implications is clearly outlined and we are left with the question that this is deliberate neglect to destroy the United States? Although Dr. Monteith does not touch on the documentary evidence published in Phoenix Letter concerning the roles of U.S. Army (Fort Dietrich) and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (indeed this would be irrelevant for the medical approach) Dr. Monteith’s evidence is entirely consistent with the argument that there is deliberation in the spread of AIDS.

More surprising we learn in great detail how the Gay Lobbies are insistent in policies and actions that encourage the epidemic.

You will read that Congressman Panetta[21]and Congressman Waxman[22] of Los Angeles are associated with policies that promote the epidemic. How the American Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the Surgeon General attack any doctor who dare propose monitoring or controlling the disease. The numbers of HIV infected are just not known, they are mere crude underestimates because Government refuses to adopt procedures that would give us a realistic count.

Leon Panetta Henry Waxman

For your personal protection we urge you to read this book. It will be a harsh dose of realism to counter the propaganda pap issued by Government and AIDS lobbies.

AIDS Was Deliberately Created By the United States Government

AIDS is a synthetic biological agent, knowingly and deliberately created by the United States Government. Development funds were not included in any secret “black budget,” they were openly voted on by Congress.

In 1969 Department of Defense (DOD) representatives appeared before the Defense Subcommittee of the House and requested $10 million in 1970 DOD Appropriations for design and manufacture of a synthetic AIDS virus.

Specifically, on Tuesday, July 1, 1969, Dr. MacArthur of the Army Advanced Research Project Agency made the following statement to the Subcommittee:

“There are two things about the biological field agent I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technical surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of five to ten years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

MacArthur later submitted more detail to the Congressional Committee. The key points were:

1.       Up to this point, (1969) all biological agents are naturally occurring.

2.       It is possible to make a “new infective micro-organism” that would be “refractory to the immulogical and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases.”

3.       A research program would take six years and $10 million.

4.       The program should be initiated through the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRCI.

5.       The matter was discussed with NAS-NRC and “tentative plans were made to initiate the program.”

The report added:

“It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of massive killing of large populations.”

By 1972, the World Health Organization called on scientists to work on such viruses “to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on the immune function.” (WHO is supposedly devoted to “health” progress and financed in part by the U.S. taxpayer on this supposition. [23]

Dr. Robert B. Strecker, a health care consultant, has tracked the story of AIDS through WHO and collaboration with U.S. Army Laboratories in Fort Detrick, Maryland (now National Cancer Institute.

Apparently, the AIDS virus was released in Uganda, Haiti, Brazil and Japan about 1972-74. This was not an accident. It was deliberate release.[24] AIDS entered the United States through the New York Blood Center/Centers for Disease Control in the late 1970’s.

In conclusion, we note that Congress knowingly voted funds for this development program in the 1970 Appropriations.

Extract From House of Representatives Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970 Hearings Part 5




Department of the Army

Statement of Director, Advanced Research Project Agency

Statement of Director, Defense Research and Engineering

Printed for the use of the Committee on Appropriations

129 – Tuesday, July 1, 1969

Synthetic Biological Agents

There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing vary rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been secured.

Mr. Sikes:  Are we doing any work in that field.

Dr. MacArthur:  We are not.

Mr. Sikes:  Why not?  Lack of money or lack of interest?

Dr. MacArthur:  Certainly not lack of interest.

Mr. Sikes:  Would you provide for our records information on what would be required, what the advantages of such a program would be and the time and the cost involved?

Dr. MacArthur:  We will be very happy to.

The information follows:

The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations.

1. All biological agents up to the present a time are representatives of naturally occurring diseases and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research either for offensive or defensive purposes.

2. Within the next 5 or 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any know disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refectory to the immune and respiratory processes upon which we depend on to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases.

3. A research program to ensure the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 6 years at a total cost of $10 million.

4. It would be very difficult to establish such a program.  Molecular biology is a relatively new science. There are not many highly competent scientists in this field. Almost all are in University laboratories and they are generally adequately supported from sources other than DOD. However it was considered possible to initiate an adequate program through the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (NAD-NRC).

The matter was discussed with the NAS-NRC and tentative plans were made to initiate the program. However, decreasing funds and growing criticism of the CD program and our reluctance to involve the NAS-NRC in such a controversial endeavor have led us to postpone it for the past 2 years.

It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations.  On the other hand without the sure scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible and the understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures should an enemy develop it. There is little doubt that this is an important area of potential military technological inferiority in which there is no adequate research program. [25]



Antony C. Sutton

March 1994

Vol. 13, No.3



HIV-AIDS is a virtually out of control epidemic with government officials and gay lobbies jointly imposing censorship to hide the true picture from the American public.

Half a dozen books have emerged in recent months which tell similar stories: gay lobbies control AIDS policy and they are only interested in preserving gay rights, despite whatever happens to the rest of America.

Because of their united lockstep, political power gays dominate the AIDS political scene. Gay rights have absolute precedence over public health.

There is disturbing evidence that the virus is transmitted by more than sexual contact and blood. It is certainly carried by saliva (one testing procedure is based on saliva) and may be airborne. Initial experiments demonstrate airborne capability. Government officials dominated by gays refuse to follow up with research on these initial findings, because the gay lobby fears monitoring and quarantine. Right now AIDS has the potential to wipe out the world but is not treated as an infectious disease. Doctors cannot routinely monitor, test and report; they are restricted by official limitations not applied to other infectious diseases.

We attach a list of recent books well worth reading that spring the lid on a criminally negligent policy. Some of our conclusions come from these books:


Government has no really accurate number of HIV-AIDS infections because gay lobbies vehemently oppose any form of monitoring or reporting. The latest government number of one million HIV infections is guess work; this is a low end guesstimate. But even official guesstimates are reporting 50 to over 100 million infected within five years.

Kenya in Africa has 50-70% infection rates in cities, while rates are unknown in the countryside. New York Times reports Kenyan hospital system overloaded two AIDS patients to a bed, and many are just placed in corridors.

Dr. Lorraine Day, former surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital, and outspoken critic of head-in-the-sand government policies, states the epidemic has the potential “to wipe out the world.” [26]

Gay-lesbian lobbies/outlets report much lower numbers than even the government. Example: San Francisco Examiner (19 January 1994) column “AIDS WEEK,” by Lisa M. Krieger, reports 339,000 “cases” in U.S. compared to the official 1 million, itself low. The same column reports 3 million worldwide “cases,” a more accurate figure is well over 10 million.


This is where the politics of HIV-AIDS becomes murky and public health abandoned in favor of special interests. Back in 1981, San Francisco and New York medical authorities determined that gay bathhouses were killer institutions where the AIDS virus was flourishing and passed through homosexual contact. Gay organizations fought against closure, the bathhouses ultimately closed only because their patrons were killed off one by one by the disease. Gays placed their civil rights ahead of public health and paid the price. At this point, infection was limited to gays.

Then the blood supply became infected with the virus. Gays protested because blood organizations bypassed gay areas for blood collection. By early 1980’s it was generally thought that infection could only take place sexually or through blood transfer.

Research into infection routes was blocked by the gay lobbies. Dr. G. Johnson of Stanford Medical Center, in 1988, determined that HIV could be transmitted through the air. Dr. Johnson asked San Francisco AIDS unit to request further research at the federal level on airborne transmission.


Why? Because S.F. General policy on AIDS is essentially influenced by active gay lobbies who fear monitoring and quarantine. If AIDS is determined as transmitted only by sexual contact and blood supply, then proposals for quarantine can be fought off. However, if AIDS can be passed through the air or through saliva, then the general population is placed at risk and public health measures will be instituted to limit contact. Gay districts will be isolated. Restaurants and facilities employing gays will be affected. Obviously the community, seen as the source of HIV-AIDS, will face quarantine.

Similarly, gays have always denied that the virus can be passed through kissing i.e. saliva and most doctors advise this is unlikely. Again, research organizations have not investigated saliva transmission because their policy is biased by gay organizations. When Phoenix Letter advised its readers in 1993 to keep out of high priced San Francisco restaurants, the item was picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle and labeled hysteria.

What the Chronicle refused to report is that an AIDS test system manufactured by Saliva Diagnostic System Inc. uses saliva as the vehicle for mass testing. Rocky Mountain News (November 20, 1993) reported that the company had a contract with a Hungarian health organization to undertake the largest mass testing ever, using its OMNI-SAL system at a Budapest rock concert. Saliva is used for testing in Hungary but in the United States is not considered a means of transmission.

An obvious public health measure, not undertaken at this date in 1994, is to determine the parameters of HIV-AIDS infection. Certainly HIV-AIDS can be passed through sexual contact, blood supply and contact, saliva and urine. These are definitely established as transmission routes.

There is also preliminary evidence that HIV-AIDS can be transmitted through aerosol (coughing droplets) and can be airborne. The federal government has been grossly negligent in this area. We suspect that political pressure by gay lobbies has stalled the research.

Gay pressure is so irrational in San Francisco that hospitals cannot put AIDS patients in separate waiting rooms to prevent transmission of airborne diseases as tuberculosis, fatal to AIDS patients. Gays fear stigma of isolation and rather accept the risk of possibly fatal infection from tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

This confusion of civil rights with public health is killing people and very few public health officials or medical doctors have the guts to stand up and tell the truth, that HIV-AIDS may possibly use numerous transmission routes.


We are not dealing with the same HIV-AIDS strains today that were encountered in the early 1980’s. The strains are tougher, mutate more easily and even have a facility to convert antibodies (generated by the body to fight off disease) into the virus itself i.e. convert the body’s defense into AID’s allies.

This ability of the AIDS virus to turn the tables on the human immune system has never before been reported in any virus or bacterium.

San Francisco virologist, Dr. Jay Levy at University of California, who discovered the phenomenon says, “This indicates on the molecular level how some viruses are able to learn to escape the immune system.”

This ability is significant because it frustrates efforts to find an anti-AIDS vaccine. The virus can quickly change the molecular make up of its outer envelope.

This suggests we are many years from an AIDS vaccine because researchers do not yet know what the vaccine has to do to defeat the virus.

We are looking at 100 million infections within six years so the urgency is obvious, at least to the Phoenix letter, the federal government is stalling on research.

As the virus originated within the U.S. Army laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the federal government at least owes its citizens the courtesy of speedy cures. What we are getting is denial and double-talk.

This is only part of the story we have uncovered. You won’t get it from establishment media simply because they are scared of creating panic. Our view is that citizens would rather know and handle panic if and when it comes. Historically, citizens have always performed to higher standards than politicians expect.

What is urgently needed is congressional hearings which are not influenced by gay lobbies. Gay rights may have to be subordinated to overall public health welfare in the interests of the majority. This statement will probably bring vitriolic criticism upon the head of the Editor but with 200,000 U.S. citizens dead and at least 1 million infected, we have to make some tough decisions.

Recommended Reading on the AIDS Epidemic

(1)    Dr. Stanley Monteith, AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic (Covenant House Books, 1991.) Highly recommended. Dr. Monteith first alerted this Editor to the coming epidemic as far back as 1981 after Dr. Monteith returned from a trip to Africa.

(2)    Dr. William Campbell Douglass, AIDS: Why Its Much Worse Than They’re Telling Us and How to Protect Yourself and your Loved Ones (1991.)  Second Opinion Publishing Inc. Dr. Douglass also has a newsletter updating information on AIDS and government misdeeds in medicine.

(3)    Dr. William Campbell Douglass, Who Murdered Africa? Booklet

(4)    Dr. Alan Cantwell, Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (1993) Dr. Cantwell is a gay dermatologist who concludes that AIDS is a genocidal plot. Excellent!

(5)    Dr. Lorraine Day, AIDS: What the Government Isn’t Telling You, Rockford Press.

(6)    Carol Pogash, As Real as it Gets, Birch Lane, 1992.

(7)    Some Call it AIDS: I Call it Murder, Dr. Eva Lee Snead, Aum Publications, 2 volumes 1,000 pages.

Note on Publishers

Every one of the above books (except Carol Pogash) is published by a small publishing house or is self published and they all deserve widespread distribution.

In the last decade the New York publishing industry has shrunk. In January, Harcourt Brace, a major New York house reduced its editorial staff to just two editors. Self-important New York publishing is suffering from its own myopia, an incestuous industry rooted in establishment thinking is falling rapidly, its place taken by small publishers scattered around the United States.

Once all publishing was centered in New York. The above AIDS books were published in California, Georgia and Texas. The publishing aroma in New York is so stifling, reflecting self-important pompous editors, that we rarely find a New York published book worthy of favorable review. Gary Taubes Weird Science (Random House, reviewed in Phoenix Letter, December 1983) is typical of the trash generated by old line once proud houses as Random House.

Book review: Carol Pogash, AS REAL AS IT GETS (Birch Lane Press, New York, 1992.)

San Francisco General Hospital is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic in the United States. This is the story of the political, medical and ethical battle that has been fought at San Francisco General Hospital over the past ten years.

This is a disturbing account, how HIV - AIDS has generated a complex reaction of fear, heroism, irrational behavior, and denial fought over the bodies of dead and dying AIDS patients.

Here are a few highlights we gleaned from Pogash:

  • Nurse Jane Doe was infected with AIDS while caring for patients at S.F. General - on the job occupational injury. The City of Francisco tried for years to deny compensation, bury its head in the sand. City Hall didn’t want to face the reality of the epidemic.

  • Dr. Lorraine Day, an orthopedic surgeon, smart, tough, realistic, dedicated, and was demonized by the gay community because she wanted to protect the medical staff and the general public.

  • Incoming patients, about one quarter of whom has AIDS cannot be routinely tested because the gay community considers testing an infringement of their rights. Anyone who points out that non-gays have rights also, is viciously attacked.

  • AIDS policy is largely established by the gay community that places its own interest first and foremost and to hell with the general public, this in a city “saturated” with AIDS.

  • Dr. Lorraine Day, “The whole thing is politics. If this had started out in the heterosexual community the disease would be under control… we’ve got  two different things now, we’ve got gay rights to have proper jobs, housing and all that and we’ve got a deadly disease that can kill the world, and the two are being mixed up.”

  • Dr. Day was abused, threatened, harassed, EVEN TARGETED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER BECAUSE SHE TOLD THE TRUTH. And she was out there all by herself because no one at San Francisco General would support her - even though they knew the truth.

God Help Us!



1) After having read through all the material presented in this article, order a copy of “THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM” DVD from us. This video is also available online.

2) While you are waiting for the DVD, begin to pray to God over this subject. Ask God to give you insight in the problem, because if it is not stopped at this time; it will forever alter the population on this earth. It will mean millions of people will die within the next ten years, and most of them will not have heard the Gospel, and will go to Hell. Don’t forget that the AIDS virus might strike your family, and you will have to attend funerals for your children, grandchildren and other loved ones and YOU MIGHT EVEN BE STRUCK BY THIS VIRUS! Read this article until you understand the subject and can discuss and explain it to others.

3) When you receive the DVD, invite all your friends and neighbors at different times and show them the video with discussion afterward. This will open doors for you to witness. I believe many will receive Christ when they hear of this.

4) Start petition lists of people living in your community and demand that your local senator and congressmen, when they come back home from Washington, D.C., meet with your group. Stress that this is very important to the local voters and if the congressmen or senator does not have the time, or will—a recall drive will be started against him or her. At this meeting there is only one thing to be discussed, the spread of AIDS and that it must be stopped at once. Demand from your local congressman or senator that you want the president of the United States impeached for not having stopped this. Tell the leaders that you, the people are fed up, time is up, and there shall be action either by the elected leaders or by the people.

5) Have the video shown on local access channel, call local radio talk shows, write letters to the editors and stir up as much publicity as you can. Ask God to give you wisdom and ways to get the message out into your community.

6) Confront local county and city health officials and demand a stop to all vaccinations in your community. Be forceful, your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake. Refuse all blood transfusions.


“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear.” (Revelation 13:4-9)

The reason that AIDS has spread so far and taken millions of lives is that the Church of Jesus Christ for the last 30 years has refused to address this pandemic. Instead the church has focused on getting more members with an increased financial base. Rick Warren and his purpose driven life message have not helped nor has the smooth talking of Joel Osteen done anything. The reprobate television evangelists like Benny Hinn and others are turning people off. Are you willing to stand in the gap for all the children in the future who are doomed to become victims of AIDS? Or will you to stay asleep and live for yourself until tragedy strikes your family? Who is going to come to the aid of your family?

Dr. Strecker is not a born again Christian as far as I know. Antony Sutton was not a born again Christian but these men have done more than the combined numbers of all pastors in America. This is a shame and how this must pain Jesus as he looks upon his body, the church. When you contract cancer or AIDS, guess what, you will become extremely “religious.” What hypocrisy! Shame on us all! It is time to wake up and repent!

“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” (Revelation 3:14-19)


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[7] See the articles by Antony Sutton in this newsletter.

[8] This will help you understand how the flu viruses are being predicted every year by the government, months ahead of the so-called flu season. There are currently 135 different flu viruses and each one has very carefully been created in the test laboratories. The pharmaceutical industry is told in advance what kind of vaccine to produce and millions of dollars are made each year as the population is exposed to flu viruses.

[9] GI GUINEA PIGS: How the Pentagon Exposed Our Troops to Dangers More Deadly Than War: Agent Orange and Atomic Radiation, Michael Uhl & Tod Ensign, Wideview Books, 1980

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[12] Lorimar Pictures of Hollywood purchased the rights to Dr. Strecker’s life story.

[13] On February 28, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) attacked the compound of David Koresh and his followers outside Waco, Texas. David led a group of people who called themselves “Branch Davidians.” The attack on this religious group led to the death of four BATF agents and six Davidians. The FBI and the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) were called in to beef up the government forces. The government forces laid siege to the compound for 51 days, when U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the compound to be stormed. All the buildings were set ablaze by the government forces and with the gun fire Koresh and most of his followers could not escape the burning buildings. He and 76 of his followers were burnt or shot to death inside the buildings, of which 17 were children under the age of 17. Despite sniper fire by FBI agents, a few Davidians managed to escape the burning buildings and they were arrested and some were sentenced to long prison terms.

[14] In 1993 President Bill Clinton ordered American forces to attack Somali rebels in order to shore up the Somali government. The codename for the operation was “Operation Gothic Serpent” and the attack took place October 3, 1993. The American force was made up of Army Delta Force, Ranger teams, aircraft from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, four Navy SEAL operators and personnel from the Air Force. The American commander of the operation was Major General William F. Garrison. During the operation two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down and three other damaged. A number of American soldiers were trapped and in the morning a force was sent to retrieve them. Because the U.S. forces did not have heavy battle tanks, the fighting was fierce and there were great losses. Nineteen soldiers were killed, 73 were wounded and one was captured and tortured. Somali rebels could be seen television dragging dead American soldiers through the streets in Mogadishu and desecrating the bodies through mutilation. 

[15] Born in 1916 and died in2009.

[16] Clark Clifford was born in 1906 and died in 1998. He was a second White House Counsel from 1946-1950, Chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board from 1963-1968, and Secretary of Defense from 1968-1969. He became involved in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International in 1991 which is a Pakistani bank registered in Luxemburg, with offices in Karachi and London. Clifford served as chairman of First American Bankshares, which grew to the largest bank in Washington D.C. His ties to BCCI and its fraudulent operations caused Clifford to be indicted in a criminal court case. The indictment was dropped due to his failing health.

[17] Born 1923.

[18] Robert Charles Gallo was born in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1937 to Italian immigrants. He is an American biomedical researcher, and been credited with co-discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Gallo is the director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.  

[19] AIDS: THE UNNECESSARY EPIDEMIC, Stanley Monteith, Covenant House Books, 1991

[20] For over a decade, prior to his retirement, Dr. Monteith led a delegation of physicians from Santa Cruz County to the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association. For 10 years he led the battle within organized medicine in California to address the AIDS epidemic as a medical issue rather than a civil rights issue. As a result of his experiences trying to implement an effective medical approach to the HIV epidemic, he wrote the book, “AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic”, the widely circulated pamphlet, “To Deceive a Nation”, and more recently, “A Nation Deceived and Betrayed.” Supported by physicians across our nation, his public health approach to the HIV epidemic was eventually accepted by the California Medical Association. Unfortunately, powerful forces continue to oppose the dictates of doctors. Dr. Monteith currently spends five hours daily on talk radio in California. He writes extensively, and lectures on geopolitics. He has spent 30 years researching the causes for America’s spiritual and moral decline.

[21] Leon Edward Panetta was born in Monterey, California in 1938 to Italian immigrants and is a practicing Roman Catholic. He received a degree of Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law in 1963 and joined the U.S. Army in 1964 as a second lieutenant and discharged in 1966 with the rank of first lieutenant. In 1966 he became a legislative assistant to Senator Thomas Kuchel (R) from California. In 1969 he became the assistant to Robert H. Finch, Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Welfare under the Nixon administration. Shortly thereafter he was appointed Director of the Office for Civil Rights. His vigorous policy of enforcing the law irritated President Nixon, who wanted him fired. Panetta resigned in 1970 and went to work for Mayor John Lindsay (R) of New York. In 1971 he moved back to Monterey and worked as an attorney for the law firm Panetta, Thompson & Panetta until 1976. At the same time in 1971 he left the Republican Party and joined the Democratic Party. In 1976 he ran for congress and was elected from the 16th congressional district of California. In 1993 he resigned from Congress and was appointed by President Clinton to become the Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget. In 1994 he was appointed White House Chief of Staff by President Clinton and held this position to 1997. On January 5, 2009 President Obama nominated Panetta for the job as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), on February 12, 2009 he was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in on February 19, 2009.

[22] Henry Waxman was born in Los Angeles to Jewish parents in 1939. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1961 and a law degree from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1964. He worked as an attorney from 1964 to 1969, when he was elected as a Democrat to the California Assembly, and served three terms. In 1974 he was elected as congressman from California’s 30th congressional district and has been re-elected 16 times. He has held the office of Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee from 2007-2009 and chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee from 2009-2011.

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[26] Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system with natural therapies so her body could heal itself. She is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and bestselling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert. She has been invited to lecture extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 60 minutes, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The 700 Club, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio Network, Art Bell Radio Show, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network.



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