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Are You Spiritually Dead?

Louise Carter


One morning I found a newspaper
Slipped through a crack in my door,
It was completely different
Than any I'd seen before.

Page after page of obituaries;
I just couldn't help but weep,
So many names of those I loved.
Who now had fallen asleep.

I slowly read each page again;
Was there anyone I did miss?
And there to my surprise
My name was on the list.

Now, someone please tell me
Who would do such a thing?
I was totally shocked
When I read my name.

I read it over once again
And then I read it twice,
What a strange feeling swept over me
The author was Jesus Christ!

Then I read the piece at the end of the page
And I trembled at what he said.
You may still be among the living
But you are spiritually dead.

How long has it been since my words thrilled you?
How long since you praised my name?
You can be alive to the sounds of the world
Believe me it isn't the same.

How long has it been since you fell to your knees
And prayed 'til the answer came through,
And that saved so close to the gates of hell
Can he really depend on you?

I've carried you through many a trial
So heed the words I've said,
The world is a lost and lonely place
If you are spiritually dead.

Volume 15, Issue 1




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