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The Blood of the Lamb

Darl Dinger


On a distant hill
The shepherd kept watch
Over his sheep
And the rest of His flock.

The shepherds saw
This one lone star
It was over Bethlehem
It was not so far.

Not knowing
That the father above
Had placed the star for man
To show His great love.

A child was born
That very night
That would put Satan
And his demons to flight.

A sacrifice from above
So clean and pure
And so full of love
He would give all his blood.

Like this shepherd
On a hill far away
We did not understand
That God's son would die one day.

For thirty odd years
On this earth
He would trod
For He was the Lamb of God.

This precious lamb
Sent from the father above
Knew that mankind would
Have to be washed in His blood.

The blood of the Lamb of God
Ran down that wooden cross
So that there would not be
One precious soul lost.

Oh, Jesus washes me
In your precious blood
Until I become like
Like the Lamb of God,

Take from me
This wretched sin
Washed in your blood
Until I become clean.

Let your precious blood
Wash over me
Anoint my eyes
That I may see.

As we enter
Thru you're precious blood
Helping others that
They may understand.

It is your precious blood
That will heal our land
And save the souls
Of fallen man.

I could say more
About this precious blood
You can read about it yourself
It is written in God's word.

Oh Lamb of God
Please let me see
That dwelling place
You prepared for me.

If only this world
Could finally understand
It's your precious blood
That cleanses fallen man.

Then when in heaven
The mercy seat I see
And knowledge surrounds like a flood
I will understand it was Jesus' blood.

No greater love
Could come from above
That he would give us
His precious blood.

This blood of Jesus
Still flows today.
He is the only light,
The truth, and the way.

Volume 15, Issue 3




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