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The Fatted Calf

Darl Dinger


Many years have come,
Many years have gone.
Yet God is still searching,
For that very last one.

He will not stop,
He will not rest.
He knows there is one
Doing his best.

His only Son
Came out of need,
For His Father's voice
He would heed.

He came to this earth
To look for the lost,
Until the people nailed his son
To the old rugged cross.

God did not quit
When they implied He was a liar,
Instead He sent the Holy Ghost
With tongues of fire.

Yet God still looks,
Even to this very day.
He will not give up
On one that went astray.

Time is ending,
It is coming fast.
God said I will send more angels
To search for the lost.

My word I have spoken,
It will stand.
Until I have found
That very last man.

Thru sorrow and pain,
And tribulation and more,
He will bring the last one
Thru salvation's door.

I will do everything
No matter what the cost.
Even though they hung my son
To an old wooden cross.

My love is so great
They don't understand.
I will defend my children
To the very last man.

And when they come thru the gate
I will command at last.
Prepare the feast
And kill the fatted calf.

Volume 15, Issue 4




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