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Author Unknown


Perhaps we have not counted

Our blessings one by one;

Perhaps we have not bothered

Rememb’ring whence they come;

And maybe we have taken

For granted all the things

The good Lord has created,

And by His hand He brings.


The autumn hills all glorious,

A golden field of grain,

A sunset’s dazzling splendor,

The Milky Way’s great plain,

The starry sky’s sublimity,

The ocean’s mighty power,

The wonder of creation in

The petal of a flower.


If we’ve failed to clearly show

By word or act or deed

A thankful heart unto Him

Who fills our daily need,

May we show our gratitude

Today – and count the sum

Of all the blessings that we have

And name them one by one.


Volume 15, Issue 5




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