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Do you let others decide what car you must buy? Of course not; it’s not even up for debate how you spend your own money, right? Well then how is it possible that we tacitly accept the government to legislate what food we are allowed to eat, what chemicals are added to our tap water, and even what we can and cannot grow in our gardens? Not that we have ever authorized the government to meddle with our dinner plate, but it’s just that we let them do it with impunity. When we behave like sheeple, the wolves become ever more brazen; but there the analogue ends. When wolves are fed, they go away; but not a bureaucracy whose sole objective it is to expand and enforce its power.

Now if the media has successfully hoodwinked you into believing you have the free choice of eating  and drinking  what you want, then consider that EPA, FDA, USDA, FTC, DHS, SEC, U.S. Congress, and the President have ruled otherwise, where no statute exists, and simply act according to their own devices with no compunction!

You may be proselytized by the media that your supermarket sells all of the food that the people want and the customer is king. But it’s not just about what you can buy; it’s also about what you can’t. For example, you won’t find raw milk at any supermarket. Just go to a farmer or a co-op, right? Not in the land of the hijacked American Dream. There the “understaffed” FDA will mobilize any number of armed agents to illegally raid such places of unadulterated produce trading at gunpoint, destroy the corpus delicti, and then later claim it was “contaminated” without providing evidence. [1]

Yes, this is the same agency that ruled GMO (genetically modified) food does not need labeling, because “it is no different than conventional food.” [2] One might ask: if it is no different, why is it modified? Doesn’t the term “modified” mean, by definition, that it is different? And if it is not different, why is it patented? Even President Obama knows GMO is different, so much so that he made the explicit – yet unfulfilled – campaign promise to label GMO foods. [3] Getting back to the supermarket, you won’t find any GMO products at all, because you are not entitled to know [4] and the food industry bows to the FDA. It is noteworthy that the regulatory agencies protect the food industry and not the consumer. As a result, Americans are not deemed worthy to know what they feed their families. They are forced to unknowingly eat foods that most other countries consider toxic and prohibit their sales. [5] Engaging logical reasoning, one would think your elected congress members would draft some legislation to protect the U.S. consumer. [6] But “logic” and “ethics” are alien terms on Capitol Hill. Monsanto et al. have bought them and declared their use as “Anti-American!” Instead of protecting the health of Americans, the U.S. State Department coaxes other countries into Monsanto’s Global Food Control agenda. It is using its embassies [7] to spy on corruptible politicians, and if that doesn’t work, they threaten a trade war and coerce the WTO. [8]

Back home at the supermarket, you will be challenged to find a food that is free of GMO ingredients; but consider that almost all packaged foods contain soy and/or corn. You can bet that if the label doesn’t say “certified organic”, the soy is “roundup-ready” [9] Monsanto owned, including soy sauce, tofu, “soy milk”, etc. Corn is another mainly BT crop (Bio-Technology) that is ubiquitous, not only in packaged foods, but also in farm animal feeds! You may think that food will always be cheap because you haven’t noticed inflationary pricing; but the food industry is fighting cost pressure by quietly replacing healthy ingredients with those of lower quality, such as oils with the omnipresent canola, which – you guessed it – is GMO oil. [10] Some labels try to avoid the term canola, but “vegetable oil” means just that. If you have indeed found a food that has none of those nasties, then your next challenge are the sugars. Sugar beets are now USDA cleared GMO [11], but more than likely your product contains the cheaper HFCS, an ill-fated term now laundered to “corn sugar”, but, nonetheless, a product linked to serious health concerns and obesity. [12] The U.S. corn refiners have muscled their way into every food store shelf: bread, soups, condiments, salad dressings, all canned foods, and even fish and beans. Why? Because it is cheap! Remember, corn is the most heavily government subsidized crop in the U.S. If you try to exercise your delusionary right to choose in the candy and bakery isles, you are out of luck. Hershey’s, for instance, forces GMO chocolate down your throat while they export the non-GMO to Europe and elsewhere. [13] They obviously consider the U.S. consumer to be ignorant, buying anything as long as it’s cheap.

Of course, GMO is not the only onerous foodstuff. If you can stand the sickening odor of chemical preservatives in the bakery isle, you may go on to read the labels, provided you have a college degree in chemistry and muster an “A” in spelling. If you pick up a candy with a list of 30 to 50 ingredients [14] that you can’t pronounce, you may wonder if these are safe. You are not alone. The FDA doesn’t know either, and doesn’t want to know. [15] The FDA is probably the last health authority in the developed world that doesn’t know of the dangers of mercury in dentistry tooth fillings. Obviously, the agency’s commissioner Margaret Hamburg is still being lobbied by the top purveyor of amalgam in the U.S., Henry Schein, where she was paid as a director. [16] But the revolving door is a standard operating procedure in D.C.; for example, it is hard to keep track if an official is working for the USDA or Monsanto, so it is not surprising that the USDA’s rulings seem to come from a desk at the “We Own the Food” giant. But it makes no difference anyways, the USDA let’s Monsanto regulate itself: if Monsanto says it is safe, it is safe. So much for the fox guarding the hens!

Neither the FDA nor the USDA seemed concerned with antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones in the CAVO pork and beef and the concentration camp factory poultry. The U.S. consumer doesn’t seem to care either. The cheapest meat in the world justifies personal health and ecological damage of epic proportions [17], a fact that is exhibited in America’s highest healthcare cost in the world. So why is there silence on Capitol Hill? Well, remember the hoopla of the health care overhaul bill, aka Obama care, which the house and senate ratified without reading while absolving themselves? They didn’t need to read it because it made no difference. Virtually all elected officials are owned by the “special interest” major corporations, who are financing their reelection and promise them a lucrative future after their terms end. With six registered lobbyists preying on every elected member on Capitol Hill, it is not surprising that the senators and representatives only remember you when election time nears. Once in office, they have to return the favor to the ones who financed their campaign and promised them employment when their term is over.

Interestingly though, the same U.S. consumers, who don’t care about the government tampering with their livelihood, keep electing the same politicians time and again while expecting a different outcome! This fact emboldens the incumbents to focus on power-grab while the sheeple are numbed into believing their vote makes a difference. The MSM (mainstream media) assume a pivotal role in manipulating the masses and at no other time has this become more blatantly obvious than in this pre-election cycle. The virtual abolition of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in a hastily passed NDAA – aka “the indefinite detention” act – [18] was all but completely ignored by the MSM while it extensively reported on such things as if Lindsey Lohan showed up on time at her court date. Another disturbing manipulation of facts is the MSM’s rendition of the presidential candidates. The networks have united in disliking Ron Paul, and that fact justifies gross distortion of poll numbers, outright lies in commentaries, and marginalizing the candidate.

Moreover, the MSM is not only feeding on the corrupt system, it is actively promoting it. Here again, the sheeple believe mistakenly that their opinion and subscription counts; but the MSM is financed by the very same contenders who buy the politicians. There are two ways to verify this fact: compare the content to the ads, and compare foreign news with the cherry-picked, spoon-fed “news” the U.S. networks want you to succumb to. As a result, when your constitutional rights are trampled on by government arrogance, don’t expect the MSM to step in, unless you are a minority and none of their advertisers are adversely implicated.

For example, we are all involuntarily mass-drugged with fluoridated drinking water, despite the fact that the highly toxic chemical is not approved by the FDA and there is abundant scientific evidence to the adverse health impacts.[19]However, the MSM is completely mute on this topic. Why so? Because the promoter of this scheme is the American Dental Association, which hypocritically claims that fluoride added to tap water reduces cavities. Obviously, the self-serving politicians were quickly convinced. Apparently, no one questioned their motives, like: why are dentists eager to reduce their business? If lawmakers did their job and investigated the matter, they would have quickly learned that the cavity rate in the developed world that does not fluoridate the water is actually lower and they have no incidence of fluorosis, the ugly yellow-stained teeth that skyrocketed in the U.S. when fluoridation was introduced.[20]

The absurdity of many schizophrenic FDA rulings has been a subject of ridicule in the alternative media while the MSM fails to report on their unwarranted armed raids on organic farms and dietary supplement companies. If you are a visitor to websites or a consumer of natural food supplements, you may have noticed the mandatory disclaimer: “This Product is Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any Disease.” So the vendors of anything natural are lying by decree. The FDA is denying that anything but a pharmaceutical can “cure” and “prevent” disease. But the agency’s definition of a drug is the apex of obscurity. Recently, they sent a warning letter to a company selling shelled walnuts: “We have determined that your walnut products are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease…Because of these intended uses, your walnut products are drugs…” [21] The motives are clear; the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry who is financing them. And as these companies are considered too big to fail, they will amass more power and so will the politicians and the media. The U.S. will enforce its sinister Total Food Control agenda through the WTO, the World Bank, and its embassies. At home they will further intimidate the consumer and systematically attempt to eliminate any critics, whistleblowers, and non-conformists. The handwriting on the wall is evident: the recent passing of the NDAA, the pending bill to curb the Internet, and the DHS’s definition of “domestic terror suspects”, which includes anyone who stores food for more than 7 days, and anyone who grows food on their property for their own consumption.

Whenever you turn on the TV in the U.S., you are urged to go shopping to support the economy, and the sheeple seem to listen. This distraction is engineered to keep you from questioning your own purpose of being, and to keep you compliant. Thomas Jefferson saw this clearly:

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”

Remember, you are an individual with your very own intellect, unique talents and will. You are  not sheeple! Some life principles never change: you reap what you sow – more than you sow – later than you sow!

Heinz R. Gisel is an unrelenting innovator of healthcare technology, medical devices and lasers, full-spectrum cell-resonant nutrition for humans, animals and plants; and he has spearheaded the Predictive Health Information System, which “measures” health, rather than disease. He is an author, radio host, and public speaker on many health technology, business, and quality of life topics. His recent book, In Foodture We Trust, unveils how America has become the sickest nation on earth and the way it can escape out of it.


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