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Darl Dinger


My Bible has been my road map
It has been my way of life.
It has been my hope and happiness,

For it has shown me how to live,
And the path tells me where to go.
It has been my dictionary for things
That Jesus wants me to know.

It told me who my father is
And it told me of His son.
It helped me fight my battles,
For the victories I have won.

It told me of my Heavenly home,
How Jesus would lead the way,
It has taught me how to be faithful,
And of how I would meet Him someday.

Then Satan tried to blind me
So my Bible I couldn't read.
He tried to cause me to forget.
So that Jesus words I would not heed

For a time he was successful
I believed all of his lies.
Until God's only son
Opened up my sinful eyes.

He died on an old wooden cross
For the truth that I would heed.
He suffered such awful pain
So that I would not have to bleed.

So if you are reading this poem
And your life is full of sin,
Get down on your knees and repent
And Jesus will make you whole again.

The pleasures of this world
Are not worth the cost.
You don't want to spend eternity in hell
And be numbered with the lost.

So dear friend let me tell you,
Read your Bible every day.
And let Jesus be your shepherd
And let Him lead the way.

Yes the time as we know it
It is ending very fast.
Soon you will hear the trumpet sound
Jesus is finally coming at last.



Volume 15, Issue 6




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