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Volume 16, Issue 1




Dear Friends,

Have you ever had a bad day and wished that you could be taken to heaven and have a talk with Jesus to find answers to all your questions? There have been many nights when I have prayed and asked God to allow me a two-way ticket to heaven, so that I could get the answer to my problem and come back. I often remind God that He has done this for many people. Enoch who made several trips to heaven before God permanently kept him there but there has been no trip for me so far.

Life has been emotionally hard since we were forced to close down Resurrection Life of Jesus Church due to lack of interest by the members. This necessitated moving out of the building and relocating our equipment to the production center of EAEC. Incidentally, we have been working diligently on the new studio and are in the process of setting up the equipment. Sadly, the majority of the church membership did not consider that we owed rent on the church facility and I was one left holding the bag to make sure that the landlord is paid.

I thought there couldnít be any more blows from the Devil with the destruction of the church ministry. European American Evangelistic Crusades (EAEC) was still intact and we would continue the work of God despite this setback. Then I received an email that a key officer of EAEC was resigning due to personal reasons. This hurt a lot because we were already shorthanded and the responsibilities of this person will have to be covered by someone else for the time being. Nevertheless, God is in control and there is no crisis in heaven. The same day we received a letter in the mail from a medical missionary who is struggling to pay just her own bills but had decided to send a gift to the ministry. The accompanying letter made an impact on me and I want to share it with you:

Dear Rev. Torell,

Please find enclosed a gift from the Lord to your ministry. This is certainly the have-nots sharing with those in need.

I sense that the Lord wants to convey two messages to you with this gift.

1. That he loves you very much and is with you despite the horrible downturns that seem so to regularly arrive, and I suppose we could look at these as back-handed compliments since adversity generally only comes like this to those who are about the Fatherís business.

2. A word of caution, you are far from retirement from the Lordís service, but he wants you to ďretireĒ the stubbornness.  Donít be afraid of a mistake;allow Him to completely guide you. He wants you to become His friend, not just his disciple; which means to be willing to walk through things that can be fearful to us - and for each itís different. The end result is total and complete confidence in Him and His sovereign ways. It took the 2010 earthquake to finally convince me, I hope it wonít be that to you! The Lordís richest blessing to you and for your ministry.Ē

As I re-read this letter, I realized that for some 44 years, I have preached the love of God and His care for people, but never stopped to look at myself. This prophetic message was correct; I had not been able to fully receive the love of God and I certainly did not consider that I could be His friend. I felt like a failure since I wasnít able to rescue Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. So yes, I was being stubborn in my refusal to let go, and when the church died, part of me died also. I had already forgotten that God had specifically told me in January this year that I was no longer to pastor the church because He wanted me to invest all my time to a worldwide internet ministry. I was guilty of trying to eat the cake and saving some of it at the same time.

I have peace now as I let go of my personal efforts to work in the ministry. It is up to God to develop and keep it alive. The apostle Paul tells us in first Corinthians chapter twelve that all Christians are members of Christís body and that all parts are important. (1 Cor. 12:12-26) No individual, church or mission organization can claim a monopoly on representing God to the world. It is Christ who possesses us and each believer in Christ is like an individual cell in a human body. Some cells make up the brain, others a hand or the colon, but Christ is the head. The body of Christ is not made for the believers, just like a human body is not made for the cells. The body of Christ is made for Jesus to dwell in and do His work on this earth. A human body is made up of trillions of cells, some live only two days while others can live up to 30 years. I realize that in a mission organization like EAEC, there will be those who stay for a long time and there are those who will leave early. God will fill the need and bring in others who can help in the work that Jesus has called us to do. Praise the Lord!

Yours in Christ,

John S. Torell

Volume 16, Issue 1




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