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Volume 17, Issue 1



Darl Dinger


Now there were three men
who in their God believed
That were threatened with death
Who would not bow their knees

Nebuchadnezzar, He was King
Who built a statute on the plain
Commanded all of his subjects
To come and bow to him

These three men
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
They refused the King’s command
They had nowhere to go

The King commanded
A troop of his elite
To take these three men
and bind their hands and feet

Heat up the furnace
seven times more
then take these three men
and throw them through the door

Now these three men
In the furnace were thrown
But when the King looked
They were not alone

These three men
They were walking about
But there was a fourth man
But He did not come out

The King bade the three men
From the furnace come out
And when they appeared
the people, begin to shout

The King was amazed
They were healthy and clean
Who was the fourth man
The one, that he had seen?

The moral of this poem
Jesus’ words ring true
When you go through the fire
I will be there with you

Believe in my word
Yes, believe in my name
I’ll be with you
When you go through the flame!


Volume 17, Issue 1



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