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NIP-19 - 2024 Elections - It's Now or Never!
NIP-18 - The Demise of the United States?
NIP-17 - Elections and the Spirit World
NIP-16 - Corruption in Washington, D.C.
NIP-15 - The Struggle Between Jesus & Lucifer
NIP-14 - The Effects of the Civil War
NIP-13 - The Wheat and the Tares
NIP-12 - Tracing the Development of Evil
NIP-11 - Tracing the Origin of Evil
NIP-10 - Rising Above the Daily Grind
NIP-9 - Standing Defiantly in God's Way
NIP-8 - When the Righteous are in Authority
NIP-7 - Be Persistent with Your Petitions
NIP-6 - The Hebrides Revival
NIP-5 - What is Prayer?
NIP-4 - A Somber Track Record
NIP-3 - What is Imprecatory Prayer?
NIP-2 - Pride Month & Learning to Pray
NIP-1 - Lucifer's Anti-Prayer Forces
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