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RLJ-1315 -- NOVEMBER 6, 2011



Come and join us as we praise the Lord through music, testimonies and lift up those who need help in prayer. Songs this week include:
  • We Bring The Sacrifice of Praise

  • Come, Now is the Time to Worship

  • Surely Goodness and Mercy

  • Amazing Grace

  • In My Heart There Rings A Melody

  • Joy Unspeakable

  • Great and Mighty

  • Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty

  • Blessing and Honor

  • Come Into The Holy Of Holies



Paul's Letter to the Ephesians
Part 1: The City & Church of Ephesus


The temple of Diana at Ephesus was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and it was in this setting that Paul arrived and spent three years organizing a church that would survive until the seventh century. Paul stressed the need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and operated in supernatural powers that could not be denied. He cast out demons and went toe-to-toe with the demon goddess Diana or Artemis as she is more commonly known. Silver replicas of Diana and the temple were a large commercial enterprise and the preaching of the Gospel created a huge backlash from the silversmiths and other workers in this industry. If a modern church leader would look for a city to evangelize, Ephesus would be at the bottom of the list because it was the center of idol worship around the temple of Artemis. Yet the Holy Spirit built a church there and smashed the power of Diana so thoroughly that only a remnant still worship her today but Jesus is known all over the earth.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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