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RLJ-1348 -- JUNE 24, 2012



Come and join us as we praise the Lord through music, testimonies and lift up those who need help in prayer. Songs this week include:
  • What A Mighty God We Serve

  • I Want To Magnify The Name Of The Lord

  • My Heart Is Running Over With Joy

  • You Are The Words And The Music

  • Come, Now is the Time to Worship

  • To Have A Heart That’s Pure

  • Set My Spirit Free

  • Speak His Name

  • Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

  • Surely Goodness and Mercy

  • Thank You, Lord



Without Me, You Can Do Nothing
Part 3: Jesus And Your Health


The Word of God is more powerful than all of mankind's nuclear weapons being set off at the same time, yet most Christians don't understand its significance or simply don't care. When a believer in Christ reads the Word of God and sends it out to perform what God has spoken, it will not return void. We live in a sinful world full of sickness that plagues the human race. This is the work of the Devil and Jesus came to destroy this evil work. Among other things, Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out and heal the sick. So what happens when we speak out the Word of God concerning health and send it by faith into a situation of sickness? Will the healing come right away? Regardless of what happens, the mandate is clear, we are to step out in faith and speak the Scriptures against every disease we encounter, leaving the results up to God. Once the Word of God has been spoken, it will begin to work, and if there is sin, God will expose it and bring conviction. The Word of God will do that even if it takes many years before a healing is manifested. It is impossible to please God without faith, so if you're going to come to Him, you must believe that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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