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RLJ-1377 -- JANUARY 13, 2013

The Epistle to the Hebrews
Part 22: Hated by God


The Bible says that God loves us and sent his Son to be the payment for our sins. It is therefore shocking to learn that God hates certain individuals and has nothing but destruction for them and their descendants. Esau was one such man that God hated even before he was born. He despised his birthright when he sold it to Jacob and he rebelliously married heathen women. He tried to repent had the wrong motive for doing so. Jacob was not innocent either; he had no qualms about sinning as long as he could get away with it and the Bible shows us the seriousness of making wrong decisions and the consequences that follow. But God changed his life and made him fit to become the third patriarch of the Israel nation. So why was Esau cursed but Jacob was blessed? God knows the heart of man and knew that Jacob would repent and that Esau would not.

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Pastor John S. Torell - sermon on HATED BY GOD - Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento County



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