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RLJ-1388 -- MARCH 31, 2013

The Epistle to the Hebrews
Part 30: The Living and the Dead


There is a popular belief that loved ones who have passed away can become an angel who stays on earth and watches over them. This is false belief meant to comfort the grieving but the Bible does speak about a cloud of witnesses who have died and are watching people and events unfold on earth. They can see what is happening on the playing field so to speak, but they are only spectators and cannot intervene because their time on earth is done. Living on earth is like being on a reality show that is constantly broadcasting to the spirit world. The saints in heaven cheer when you walk in victory with God but mourn when you live rebelliously. How are you living your life? Remember, it's not so important how you begin your life after salvation, but how you finish it!

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Pastor John S. Torell - sermon on THE LIVING AND THE DEAD - Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento County



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