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RLJ-1405 -- AUGUST 18, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 4: Lies from the Devil


How could a vibrant apostolic church end up dead just a few hundred years after its inception? As soon as John, the last apostle had left the earth, Satan launched major attacks against the church. These could be likened to malaria, which once a person contracts it, strikes hard the first time and then lays dormant for a number of years, only to flare up again, disappear, and comes back time and time again. Gnosticism attacked the deity of Jesus by saying that He never came in the flesh, His body was an illusion and there never was a death on the cross. This kind of doctrine destroys the foundation of salvation and is still with us today in a multitude of false religions. As the Christian leadership fought Gnosticism, the Devil introduced a second heresy that the coming of Jesus was imminent. Montanus predicted a specific date and the movement fell apart when appointed time passed. These are but two lies from the devil over the years that keep coming back just like malaria. Satan doesn't have any new programs; everything he does is just a rehash of what he has done in the past, hoping that people will continue to foolishly repeat the same mistakes.

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