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RLJ-1411 -- SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 10: 400 Years of Terror


The years 400-800 A.D. were filled with terror as nations were uprooted and millions were killed by different barbaric tribes in an attempt by Satan to drown whatever was left of the Christian faith and destroy the Western Roman Empire. Revelation 12:15 speaks about a flood of water spewing out of Satan's mouth and this seems to be exactly what took place during the dark ages with the great upheavals in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe as nations were uprooted and millions were killed. In the midst of this hellish dance of warring armies was the Roman Catholic Church. Like a protected egg, it survived in the midst of these warring armies and was able to exploit the pagans and make them religious, so that they were willing to yield their political power to the Pope of Rome. Despite all this evil, the Holy Spirit was still present and working in various men and women and the powerful Gospel message continued to change lives despite Satan's opposition. The horror of this time period will once again be repeated during the reign of the Antichrist and you need to be ready with the remedy - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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