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RLJ-1412 -- OCTOBER 6, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 11: Satanic Holidays


Easter and Christmas involve a lot of pageantry and celebration and the pagans who converted to Christianity under the auspices of Roman Catholicism were loathe to give up their satanic festivities. The solution was Christianize the rituals in order to appeal to the Christians and appease the pagans. The resulting spring and winter festivals of Easter and Christmas were replete with every custom of old. Not a whole lot has changed today as even those who hate Jesus still participate in the festivities. Ignorant and undiscerning Christians taking part in the idolatry try to justify their actions even though the Word of God says otherwise. You will often hear someone say they are "getting into the spirit of Christmas," and this true, but they don't know which spirit they are talking about. There are powerful religious spirits behind these holidays who want you to participate in something that God looks upon with disgust. So when it comes to the Christian life, it is the duty of every believer to exercise discernment. Are you going to believe the Word of God or a festivity built upon a lie? God wants you to serve Him in spirit and truth. Do you honestly want to participate in something that God hates? The choice is yours to make!

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