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RLJ-1415 -- OCTOBER 27, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 12: The Religious Roman Empire


Many people erroneously believe that Constantine founded the Roman Catholic Church in 325 A.D., but it was really an unholy union of the empire and the churches within it, and as Rome crumbled, the bishop's political and military influence also diminished. That all changed in the 8th century when Charlemagne needed a religion to unite the different nationalities of his kingdom and the unholy union was once again revived because he needed a religion to unite the different nationalities of his kingdom. He courted the papacy and the Church of Rome became the official state religion of the Franks and the kingdom was subsequently renamed The Holy Roman Empire. History has shown that no political system can exist apart from a religious system, and what the Devil did back then is also going to be repeated in the future, but on a much larger scale, because today's technology is so advanced that mankind can be monitored and controlled at all times. Satan counterfeits everything that God has done and one day the Roman Catholic Church will be the platform that he will use to convince the world that the Antichrist is really the long awaited messiah. The man of sin will appear as a lamb but he will speak as a dragon!

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