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RLJ-1417 -- NOVEMBER 10, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 14: The Devil's Master Plan


The Devil has a master plan in his war against God and the human race but it has been subject to change over the years because he is just like us and can't see into the future. Lucifer failed to dethrone God but succeeded with Adam and Eve. Then he corrupted mankind in Noah's time, tried to try to destroy the bloodline of Abraham and introduced the heretical doctrine of the Kabbalah, which teaches that everyone on earth must be led into total evil through violence in order for the serpent messiah to arrive. The prophet Isaiah spoke harshly against the Kabbalah, as did Ezekiel, who cried out against this perverted teaching in Babylon. John the Baptist and Jesus confronted the Jewish leadership at different times and called them vipers - after their holy serpent whom they believe to be the messiah. The apostle Paul was accused of teaching this heresy as well. The Kabbalah is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation by Jesus, when He described two churches as the "synagogue of Satan," which had replaced the true worship of God with devil worship. We see in world events today that the Devil is making one last attempt to control the human race. What are you doing to prepare yourself?

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