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RLJ-1421 -- DECEMBER 8, 2013

Moving Into Eternity
Part 2: Preparing for Heaven


Every believer in Christ is held accountable to preach the Gospel, to be ready at all times, to reprove, rebuke and exhort when necessary, and to do it with patience because it's a long distance race. This can be scary for pastors who have a fickle congregation but any pastor who warns his flock and devotedly teaches them to walk with God truly loves his congregation. We all like to hear messages on grace, love and how God wants to bless us. Nobody likes to talk about correction but that is a reality since the Bible speaks about three such places in the hereafter. The first is hell, a temporary jail that leads to a second and more permanent prison called the Lake of Fire. Then there is a third place that God has prepared for believers who lived a life of rebellion on earth. It is not permanent as with the Lake of Fire, but you will not come out of it until you have paid for the sins you willfully committed on earth. Many eternal positions will be lost because of sinful acts on earth but life is about choice and exercising your free will, even if it means being rebellious. The grace of God is not cheap, meaning it does not give us a license to sin. There are consequences for every action, and in the end, you will reap what you have sown.

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