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RLJ-1422 -- DECEMBER 15, 2013

Moving Into Eternity
Part 3: Road Map of the End Times


The Bible is a road map for the last days, requiring study and the Holy Spirit to discern the times. Enoch, the prophet Joel, Jesus and the apostle John all spoke of a future global judgment. Each time the theme was the same; God's holy angels would bring together the people, there would be a global judgment of the nations and the lost would be sent to the Lake of Fire. Contrary to what many believe, the Bible doesn't say that Christians will be raptured prior to the coming of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation. The apostle Paul said the last trumpet would sound and the believers who are alive would be raptured in conjunction with the resurrection of those who died in Christ. This catching away would not take place until the Antichrist established his throne and proclaimed his godhood at the temple in Jerusalem. Thirty eight years after Paul's death, God revealed to John that seven trumpets would sound. How did Paul know about this trumpet? The obvious conclusion is that Paul was given supernatural knowledge about the last trumpet by the Holy Spirit. The Bible contains a road map of the end times; when teamed up with discernment from the Holy Spirit, it provides a glimpse of future events.

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