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RLJ-1424 -- DECEMBER 29, 2013

Moving Into Eternity
Part 5: The Return of King Jesus


Some 2,000 years ago Jesus ascended into the air and disappeared in the clouds. Since that time believers in Christ have eagerly anticipated his second return but this won't happen until Satan has established the kingdom of the Antichrist. Jesus came the first time as a suffering servant who died on the cross for our sins. When He comes the second time it will be in full power as the King of kings. Satan will try to repel this invasion from outer space but the battle will be one-sided as Jesus exterminates the Antichrist forces. Everyone who has taken the Mark of the Beast will be killed. The Antichrist and False Prophet will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and Satan will be taken to the bottomless pit to begin a thousand year sentence where he won't be able to resist and destroy the works of God. The land of Canaan will be restored in the millennium to the surviving Israelites who did not take the Mark of the Beast. Not only that but believers in Christ will reign with Jesus during the thousand years kingdom until it ends and Jesus moves his people into the new creation. This is an exciting message of what we can expect in the future as believers in Christ.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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