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RLJ-1425 -- JANUARY 5, 2014

Moving Into Eternity
Part 6: Jacob's Trouble


The Kabbalistic Jewish leadership has been working to restore Israel as it existed at the time of King Solomon since the 1500's. In each century, new men have given life to the old dream of taking back the land. Never mind the fact that their forefathers lost the land due to rebellion and their descendants continue in their footsteps with the rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. Christian Zionists mistakenly believe that the creation of Israel in 1948 through political and military power was a work of God but the prophets in Israel were never told by God to wrestle the land back through brute force. All the prophecies point to the truth that God will bring the descendants of Abraham back to the land of Canaan after the return of Jesus at the beginning of the thousand year kingdom. In order to understand the role the Jews will play in the end times, we must separate the issues of individual salvation and the restoration of the nation of Israel. These are two distinct issues. God has one salvation plan for mankind and a special plan for the land of Canaan and the city of Jerusalem. The Jews will have to face the Antichrist system just like everyone else and some will even choose to be on the side of the Antichrist.

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