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RLJ-1426 -- JANUARY 12, 2014

Moving Into Eternity
Part 7: The Millennium


The Thousand Year Kingdom is not an allegory. It is real and comes into being with the Antichrist's failed bid to defend the earth against the second coming of Jesus. The devil is defeated once again at the battle of Armageddon and cast into the bottomless pit for the duration of the millennium. Then Jesus will restore the earth to the way it was before Adam and Eve sinned and set up His throne in Jerusalem. He will tear down the Antichrist's temple and build a new one where people can come and worship. Jesus will fulfill his promise to Abraham and seek out the surviving members of the twelve tribes of Israel and bring them back to the land of Canaan. Together with the resurrected believers in Christ, we will reign with Jesus over the different nations of the earth. Just like the Garden of Eden, the millennium will be a time where there is no sin, sorrow, fear, sickness or war. On the contrary, you will only experience love, peace and tranquility as Jesus reigns over the earth. The millennium is not a fantasy or an allegory but will be a wonderful time for believers in Christ.

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