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RLJ-1427 -- JANUARY 19, 2014

Moving Into Eternity
Part 8: The Final War


At the end of the millennium God will send an angel to release the Devil from the bottomless pit and bring him back to earth. The time in solitary confinement has not caused him to repent, and in a calculated move, he will direct his fallen angels to entice those who have been born during his absence to sin and make him their god. Unlike today, there has been no salvation for the people born during this thousand year reign of Christ. They will be just like the angels before the creation of mankind; those born during the millennium will only get one chance to accept Jesus as their Savior or follow Lucifer and be forever damned to the Lake of Fire. Sadly, the majority of the people who lived in this earthly paradise for a thousand years will believe the colorful lies of the Devil and launch a disastrous attack on Jesus at Jerusalem that ends in defeat, and finally Satan and his fallen angels are cast into the Lake of Fire, never to be heard from again. God gave extensive information about this war to the prophet Ezekiel because he wants future generations to know what they will have to face. Even so, many will still choose the losing side.

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