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RLJ-1428 -- JANUARY 26, 2014

Moving Into Eternity
Part 9: The Great White Throne Judgment


It is popular nowadays to preach on God's love because we live in a time of grace and compassion but that won't always be the case with the Great White Throne Judgment at the end of the millennium. On that day God's love and grace will be gone and it will be time for judgment in the twenty mile long Valley of Jehoshaphat that lies east of Jerusalem. Every person in hell will be resurrected with a body of shame and brought to this valley to receive their eternal punishment. Those who were saved at the end of the millennium will also be judged, but instead of punishment, they will receive rewards and join the ranks of the resurrected believers in Christ. When the last human being has been judged, God's angels will cast death and hell into the Lake of Fire. The unsaved will experience God's wrath while we who are saved can look forward to an eternity in heaven. Only those who truly understand what it means to experience the wrath of God in the Lake of Fire will be filled with an overwhelming desire to lead as many people to Christ as possible.

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