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RLJ-1431 -- FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 2: Satan's Final Shots


Jesus had sinless blood flowing through his veins but he also had a physical body provided by Mary. That meant Jesus was both God and man at the same time, tempted in all ways like us, yet without sin. When Satan confronted Jesus in the wilderness and pushed his buttons, he was trying to get an emotional response that would result in the downfall of Jesus. God's angels and Satan's fallen angels were not permitted to take part in this spiritual battle but watched breathlessly as Jesus was tempted three times by the Devil and rebuffed him an equal number of times with the Word of God. Three years later Satan mustered all the power at his disposal and set out to kill Jesus. The Devil wasn't merely content to kill the Son of God; he wanted brutally beat, humiliate and crucify Him on a cross. It was a huge spiritual battle that we will one day see played out at the Great White Throne Judgment and I am sure we will cringe in agony when we realize just how much Jesus suffered to pay for our sins.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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