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RLJ-1432 -- FEBRUARY 23, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 3: The Modern Church vs. Jesus


Jesus said to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead and destroy the works of Satan but that doesn't sound anything like the modern church which is powerless when compared to the early church. If the church you're attending is ignoring the commands of Jesus, you need to decide who is more important. The church may seem to be successful but a close examination would reveal it is wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Jesus moved in and out of the spirit world and instructed His disciples to do the same, yet many Christians today are content to live and work in their own power, never imagining what it's like to operate in the supernatural. Sin is a spiritual disease that has infected mankind and it is the sole cause of sickness, strife, wars and every evil work. The only way to combat sin and the damage done to the human body is to move in the spirit world. Jesus is the key to entering the spirit realm but it is faith that unlocks the door. The words of our Savior should carry more weight than a church, and if your church is at odds with Jesus, who are you going to believe? A powerless modern church or the risen Savior? You have the option to operate in the full power of God. The choice is yours.

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